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Gun Control Is a Perfect Idea for a Perfect Society, Which America Isn't.

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posted on May, 13 2013 @ 05:03 AM
reply to post by catswithbigpaws

I agree.

I´ve argued a lot on the matter. It is pointless.I have come to conclusion that US is already in a point of no return. The criminals already have too much guns on their hands. Getting a gun is too easy for anybody. It would take decades to get all the guns of the streets.

Europe started with it early on. There are guns, although most people in any country in Europe do not have guns, as they do not need them. Some people have these for shooting practice, some for hunting, but it is very uncommon to have gun for self-protection in most more advanced countries. In some countries even police officers do not carry weapons, as it is so unlikely for small-time criminals to have a firearm. Only mafia has them and 99% of people never come in contact with them in their everyday life. Having lived in several countries, while being active newsreader, to be honest, I have never heard about a death in home invasion /burglaryor even robbery.

Getting a gun for self-defense in pointless, as it is so unlikely my attacker would ever carry a firearm. It is hard to get one on the streets+ it costs way too much. Some people would have to put their yearly salary on getting a small glock on the streets=pointless.

Same does not apply to US, as most criminals have guns.

The cultures are simply too different. Nearly anybody here could get a gun permit, although people don´t. We are taught early on that guns are weapons. Anything can be used as a weapon, although firearms serve only one purpose in the end - Killing, whether animals/people/attackers, anybody. They can be used as entertainment, but again at the end after the "entertainment", the person is also more efficient killer... Guns are not worshipped. They are seen as very dangerous weapons by most people. That is the reason, why people do not get these and even if they get, they are held very safely and used with extreme caution. I understand many people US use these the same way, although many do not. There are many reasons for it. One of the reasons lies in the obligatory military service here, where everybody gets a thorough training. Other reason is no real requirements, when getting a weapon - no required training before on safety, no required specific lockers etc. It is way too easy to get hold of a weapon in US... Guns are part of the culture there.
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posted on May, 13 2013 @ 06:51 AM
Australian prime minister said something great on tv the other night. Something like.
" I'm proud of our compulsory voting system. We avoid situations like in the USA where motivated minorities such as pro guns groups can have an unbalanced influence on policy"

posted on May, 14 2013 @ 03:40 AM

Originally posted by PurpleDog UK

Originally posted by FreedomEntered
Ive said this so many times now........

In the UK we are not allowed to have guns. But deaths happen all the time , people are murdered here constantly, because fact is if someone wants to kill they can.
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In the UK (Eng & Wales only) during 2012 there were 511 murders, homicides, infanticides....

In the USA since DEC 14 (SandyHook shooting) there have been 3964 deaths by shooting or firearms

Has to be said that the availability of guns leads to more death and mayhem...


your logic is flawed. you are attempting to compare countries with wildly different population doesn't work.

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