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My theory in a nut shell

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posted on Apr, 12 2013 @ 02:53 PM
Ok. If the idea that some of us are Star Seeds paced here before birth by an other worldly source. That we were placed here to help this world, Earth, to move up into a golden age. Then all of those who have realized that they may be Star Seeds, should stand together. Many of these people claim to have memories that should not be, some of which are designs for interstellar travel. Most of which don't know why or where they come from.

We have people all over the world who claim to have been contacted by other worldly beings in some way. Many that haven't had the experience, know someone who has. For some reason this has been going on for thousands of years. In archeology findings around the world, evidence is seen that there was a race here thousands of years ago and the thing is, the culmination of all this evidence is truly over whelming.

Think about it. There have been paintings, and stone carvings found everywhere. Toys that are representations of flying vehicles have been found in several different parts of the world. Statues of gods that look like people in space suits and space craft. Writings about people coming from the heavens in almost every culture and every corner of the world that seem to have been made thousands upon thousands of years ago. Yet today we laugh at the thought and many dismiss the ones of us as cooks, nuts, or even backward.

Today we have a sighting of a UFO are called in almost constantly now. Well here is where I differ from the rest.
My theory on where at least some of the beings came from is this. For thousands of years we have had a legend of a civilization that existed thousands of years in the past. We also have what seems to be artifacts and signs of an ancient civilization on Mars, as well as artifacts on the moon. So lets say that thousands of years ago we had already gotten maybe further along than we are now.

The possibility of this is staggering. Lets say that Thousands of years ago Atlantis was a vast space faring civilization that covered not only the globe but also had moved on and built settlements on the moon. They also either had settlements on Mars or it had its own civilization living there. Thousands of years ago either there was a war of some kind or something came through the solar system. Either way something happened to the solar system that almost completely wiped out all life everywhere.

Well any smart space fairing civilization would have had ships out beyond the destruction. Survivors so to speak. I believe the story of Atlantis gives the impression that there were several colonies sent out to get away from the destruction. Then these beings seeing how bad the destruction was helped everything get back started on Earth. Then they left for a while. Or they stayed in the shadows and are still here. These beings would have been the basis for all or most of the ancient gods of Greek and Egyptian beliefs.

They have been here for thousands of years watching us. But these beings were not gods. They were just Humans of the civilization before that had technology that we didn't understand. This is truly a scarier concept then the thought of aliens from elsewhere because if you think about it we realize that we know how humans are.
Just because they are more advanced in technology doesn't mean they are all morally advanced.

Now I do agree that some of the beings may be alien or elsewhere but I do see that some evidence may be pointing in this direction. There are at least two factions. One helping and one hurting us to there own ends. But they are only human beings with more tech and maybe more telepathic than we are. So I must believe that it is quite possible that the ancient texts and artifacts could truly be depictions of what people really saw. That reality is truly distorted from what most people believe. Some UFOs may actually be real sightings of craft belonging to humans but not like us completely.

I believe that this, by the evidence, makes more since than many of the theories about what happened back then and why there are structures all over our solar system. It seems more logical.

posted on Apr, 12 2013 @ 03:28 PM
reply to post by CaptNemo2012

I have thought this myself.
With their being human and highly intelligent, there is no reason why they could not gain positions of power and like a farmer weary of their stock, decide a trip to market is necessary to keep life easier and 'under control'.

You hear this from 'rangers' who cull the older deer in the park. We're doing it out of kindness so that they do not 'suffer'.

Could such people be looking at their park and with their high tech decide that we are an irritation.

Their tech must have been amazing, but their 'compassion' may be skewed like a 'ranger'.

posted on Apr, 12 2013 @ 03:41 PM
Another one of these delusional threads that actually promotes my belief that aliens are incredibly stupid.

These aliens make bio-engineered star babies. Sprinkle them all over the face of the Earth somehow with human parents. They leave these babies with no instructions, no plans, no structure, no support and no coordination, and then hope that this craziness goes according to plan. A plan that is evidently taking years and years to come to fruition.

Or the simpler more logical route of broadcasting a message to us.

Be honest, which is easier? Convoluted stupid plan with no effect so far or television broadcast. You make the call.

posted on Apr, 13 2013 @ 06:57 AM

Originally posted by Foundryman
Another one of these delusional threads that actually promotes my belief that aliens are incredibly stupid.

These aliens make bio-engineered star babies. Sprinkle them all over the face of the Earth somehow with human parents. They leave these babies with no instructions, no plans, no structure, no support and no coordination, and then hope that this craziness goes according to plan. A plan that is evidently taking years and years to come to fruition.

Or the simpler more logical route of broadcasting a message to us.

Be honest, which is easier? Convoluted stupid plan with no effect so far or television broadcast. You make the call.

Convoluted stupid plan. Sounds like the methods of the owls.

Its actually mocking us dude... not that the aliens are dumb or anything. but they are clearly saying WE are dumb. Sooooo dumb. We can have people who are abducted. THEN BRAINWASHED to thinking that OH these guys are here to help! cuz they told me the other greys are bad! And these ones are the good ones to help us. You know, to explain that random grey always in every abduction scenario.

Honestly dude. The pleiades are the illuminati. They are the feathered serpents. If you wanna get in touch with your lyra roots you might wanna start in Mexico with the mayan cultures fantastic blood red tree of faith Death and of course. Blood offerings.

I mean. Look at this thing. See the people coming out of the tree branches. then being ripped apart by the 2 pleiadians on each side. With ashtar in the middle.

Mhm, human looking aliens? Well its a deception. A false christ.

So bud if you want salvation. Renounce that tree. For your own sake. And for anyone else who sleeps under the same roof.

Its called demonic possession for a reason. Jehova is an alien to guys. So you are not just praying to nothing. Why not go for a you know... god that delivered the human race, the god of egypt?

Those gods are your ancestors you know. And people abandonded them. Its because these Little heithans i want to bash their brains out. So much injustice. they are trying so hard to strip reincarnation from our bones our blood our mind. This is why they create hybrids. When they die they do not reincarnate. Orion made them that way. When we were created with the essence of dark matter which is the 5th dimensional energy the 5th element. It allowed our spirit to contain within a vessle. being tied to the spirit realm and the physical. So when we die we reincarnate.

Jehova is a lion. just like the bible mentions. Google lion bible references. See i am saying.

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posted on Apr, 14 2013 @ 12:56 AM
reply to post by CaptNemo2012

I'm always astounded that "ancient alien theorists" ignore the fact that the stellar cult is not the only one which existed in the ancient world. Astrotheology, as well as Terrestrial Theology (the Mystery School) both existed side-by-side, not because of some Atlantean civilization, but because the ancient cultures of the world recognized the cycle of birth-life-death and reincarnation as an everlasting one. Anywhere that they noticed something which was born, grew in strength, decayed, then disappeared only to begin again, they idolized it, creating a deity.

The most prominent of these cyclical idols were the Sun, the Moon, the Earth, the five celestial spheres, and the crops. Which is why nearly every religion on the face of the planet has: a sun-deity, a moon-deity, a Morning Star, celestial figures, an Earth-mother, and a dying-and-rising resurrection deity.

Ancient man saw the sun rise in the East, travel to the center of the sky, then weaken as it descended below the horizon in the West. In other words, as sun-mythologies across the globe will support: the sun was born in the East, grew to peak strength (high noon), began to decay, and died. This happened every single day according to ancient man. Myths from Sumer, Mesopotamia, Anatolia, Egypt, the Celts, all support this. Basically, the sun emerged from the Underworld (located beneath the horizon/end of the world) to rule over the Earth, and then died, returning to the Underworld every night.

Similarly, ancient man saw the Full Moon, watched it wane, disappear, wax, and become full again. Just as the sun demonstrated birth, growth, decay, and death, so did the moon. Since the sun provided light and protection, just as men did, it was only natural that the moon, which provided only visibility, and not protection, must be feminine. This is why the lunar cycle also became associated with pregnancy, the Feminine, and the year, because the Moon was the Sun's Bride and the Earth's daughter/mother.

Even the earth demonstrated this same process, only seasonally. Showing signs of birth in the Spring; growing and peaking in the Summer, decaying during Autumn, and dying in the Winter. Since the Earth produced the crops and animals, it was seen as a mother, usually of both the Sun, and Moon, and occasionally of everything else as well.

The child of the Earth, who was the Dying-and-Rising god (Dumuzi, Osiris, Persephone, Attis, Adonis) all represented the similar cycle of the crops. The first harvest of Spring (birth), the bounty of the Summer (growth), the final harvest of Autumn (decay), and the period of loss during Winter (death) before being reborn (resurrected) come the new Spring.

And the reason that stellar cults were so prominent is because no where else was the appearance of movement, and motion, so common as among the stars. Constellations rotate along the equatorial band, if you're northerly enough then an Aurora Borealis causes ephemeral spectral phenomena, the planets move in pre-ordained patterns through the night sky, and things like eclipses happen with regular enough frequency that all of these aforementioned elements were deified. Why? Because only living, breathing, sentient things showed signs of mobility and motion.

It had nothing to do with aliens, star seeds, abductees, or any of that junk. Mythology is based on humanity's limited understanding of why the crops grew, why the sun and moon moved and had cycles, why the Earth experienced seasons, and why stars and constellations seemed to be intelligent enough to move about among the "heavens," or skies.

Sorry to burst your bubble. If you want aliens, you won't find them in ancient mythology. You'll find them in modern science-fiction, and slowly showing up as bacteria and microbes in modern astronomy and astrochemistry. They are not, and were not mistaken for, deities among ancient cultures.

~ Wandering Scribe

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posted on Apr, 15 2013 @ 06:37 AM
reply to post by CaptNemo2012

So, let me guess here. You think that you might be a "star seed", right?

This "being special" is basically the common baseline of all the new age movement. Some call it enlightenment, higher consiousness, indigo children, light warriors or whatever they will come up next.

The basic premise is that you the reader (yes, you!) could be very special indeed, and you probably are if you just buy these books and learn how to find out.

Do not get me wrong, I would love me some supernatural helpers here. But ALL the people in the past with similar claims have failed miserably.

I do not think that "some" of us are star seeds. I think we are all just humans, and that in itself is more than amazing enough for me.

posted on Apr, 16 2013 @ 10:55 PM
I'm sorry, I'm a total science nerd. It's not that i'm opposed, I just like to provoke some thought with a bit of counterargument
I guess I don't completely understand, but are you saying that there were humans on earth before, so we just evolved again out of monkeys? And then I guess I'm having trouble figuring out where the other humans would live. There are many scientists that specialize in studying the atmospheres of other planets, and have found almost no promising evidence of livable planets anywhere near us. I guess if other humans lived so close that they could actively observe us, then we would have already discovered where they were living.

So does this mean that they are simply using the people planted here that they have contacted as vessels to observe what is happening here? Perhaps they have such knowledge of the nervous system that they are actually able to send the signals back to wherever they are. Maybe it would upset them if all the star seeds gathered, because they wanted an even view of everything that is happening in the world.

I also don't understand the post saying that dark matter is present in the universe means that your soul is bound also in another world. Dark matter isn't understood by most people, just because it does involve a very wide understanding of physics. But the fact is that dark matter is just as understandable as fire is, just much more complex. I'm sure that it was once thought that the presence of fire meant something celestial to any religion at the time, but just because you don't understand something doesn't mean you can make it the saving grace on your theories.

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