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Man Who Sawed Arms in Home Depot Still Critical

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posted on Apr, 11 2013 @ 04:34 PM
I was just thinking this morning how some of these news accounts have happened in waves. The banging metalic sky noises, naked crazy people attacking strangers at random, mass gun killings and then the metorites/ fireballs. So what is the next media wave, People doing horrendous things to themselves publicly?

It's like they have each had their spotlight and then they cease only to be replaced by some other newsworthy event. The word that comes to mind is "staged". I may be way off base here but something just doesn't seem to add up.
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posted on Apr, 12 2013 @ 04:16 AM
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Give me a break. How many hundreds of millions of people are in the US? Do you really expect every single last one of them to be sane 24/7/365? Reality doesn't work that way, we're peppered with all levels of crazy in this country. Be it crazy from a drug, or just CRAZY crazy, people go nuts for whatever reason on a daily basis. Some just take that nutcase bar and set it WAY higher than others.

If the guy wasn't on drugs, I'd bet schizo. They can have some really wild delusions and do some awful, awful stuff not just to others, but themselves.

posted on Apr, 12 2013 @ 10:15 AM

Originally posted by doesntmakesense
Really, SAWS?!?... like those are something people even use nowadays.

Seriously though, does anybody (outside of the realm of career-trained construction workers and carpenters, and other professionals) even use hack saws these days?? Even the word sounds scary, hack, like it's intended to hack off somebody's own arm.

Some people truly have psychotic problems to the point where they will do terrible acts like the one this man committed today, far too many in this day-and-age. And the cold, sobering reality of it is every single one of these crazed and deranged individuals who live among us every day have access to the place to get them at.

Here's something silly, our society has become so twisted that we leave these essential weapons of war in the open for any of the enemies of the state to come take and saw off their own arms with, WITHOUT EVEN PAYING FOR IT YET. Ask yourself this question any and all rational and mindful readers, how many times must we as a society, as a nation, deal with madmen sawing their own arms off before we decide enough is enough, and ban these assault saws outright alltogether?

We must do something comrades and we must do something fast, before a plague of saw wielding arm cutters infects our country- our schools, malls, everywhere we are they are, and they have saws. Read this clearly folks, this man will by no standard be the last to commit such debauchery as this, because arm cutting is a real sickness, and once someone bears witness to such a sight, they will forever be filled with the mental imagery and emotional injury caused by this sight, and it will twist if they allow it to, and soon enough these individuals are the one who are cutting off arms and it'll be happening everywhere at once.

This will happen unless we immediately, not only as an ATS community but a community of peers in a nation of opposition, to pass meaningful legislation against the possession of assault saws. We must do it, our children are counting on you! You must be bold, you must be courageous, and you must set the standard for the rest of the world. We are a country of people who enjoy their freedoms, but when it comes to the point where these freedoms are taking away from us the lives of our beautiful children, then we must think about changing the law immediately for that. Ban Assault Saws. Ban Assault Saws! Save the Children! Save America!

Way to turn a horribly bizarre tragedy into a unwarranted Political satire bravo! To add insult to injury taking your conservative views to lampoon child safety instead of having some compassion or understanding to underlying mental illness or possibly drug abuse that is the root cause of many tragedies these days! I hope you never have to deal with this in your family!

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