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NYC asks: What happened to the 1,116 missing 9/11 victims?

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posted on May, 30 2013 @ 11:24 PM
reply to post by ANOK

And I was there the day after. No one went in there and took bodies out,without us knowing ,and I picked up lots of itty bitty pieces. Endless rubble .

I don't care who rejects what . Some fackaked scientist with a flow chart ,is no excuse for picking up ,what we picked up .
None of those people disappeared . They were all in the building that day .

All those people died ,that day .
I picked parts of them up ,and put them in bags.
Heads arms fingers feet shreds of idea .

Pieces are still being found .

Bush isn't as saavy as Obama. Bush really killed people . Obama just stages it to look that way .

posted on Jun, 16 2013 @ 12:32 PM

The bodies ,more than likely ,vaporized on impact of the weight of each floor dominoeing ,one on top of the other. No one was intact . We found HUNDREDS of body parts . Some the size of a finger ,some almost whole . People closer to the ground ,remained more intact . That being said ,this may have been orchestrated ,it may be a false flag. That is unimportant to me .

Pieces of people being found is different from 'vaporized'. Vaporized requires a whole 'nuther source of energy besides gravity. What is being discussed here is the people whose pieces were not found, not at all.

I can understand that many individuals were simply lost in the planes, the area of the plane crashes and the vicinity of the fires; but the later basement heat was another issue. The vast majority of people that low in the buildings would have gotten out in time so the idea that the missing bodies 'cooked' in the fire doesn't work. There would have been a large number of dead from the uppermost floors and they would/should have been on the top of the pile, upper floors if this was a gravity-fed, floor crushes floor collapse. You don't need much of a piece of someone to get a DNA ID on them; what the missing bodies question refers to, is people that not even a tiny piece was recovered. One individual *was* identified in 200 different pieces, however. I don't know who that was or what happened to him, but even a plane crash or fire seems to negate 200 separate body pieces.

Also, the firefighters lost in the building should have been identifiable even though crushed; they had uniforms and gear on including IDs; I can't imagine even in the heaviest debris field not finding more or less intact fire uniforms; were the dead fire personnel identified by recovered pieces and therefore not part of this 'missing' number, or were fully suited-up personnel among the 'vaporized' bodies? I'm not sure myself, I've never seen the issue addressed of where the missing people could have expected to be at the time of collapse, whether ascending the staircases or above the impact zone.

You also state that you don't care if this is a false flag or not. Given that you lost friends to this and saw the carnage up close, how can you say you don't care? That your own government could have been complicit, when you acknowledge that that same government killed with impunity half a world away?

Is 'not caring' the norm now? For EMT personnel?

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