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Are we Holographic beings in a Quantum Internet?

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posted on Mar, 23 2013 @ 02:34 AM

Originally posted by Panic2k11
reply to post by AQuestion

The holographic universe is more than a conjecture there are data points that seem to point to that possibility...

I note a flaw in your logic why in it is the "I" important ? To me the "I" is just as important as its function is. Now the question is not if the other "I"s are as important as "I" but what if the function of "I" and why do other "I" seem to exist...

As for selfishness etc that is only a human perspective and intrinsically flawed one. It becomes even hard to define selfishness if one understand "I" (himself), to have a good clue think outside of the human experience or without preconceived ideas to an age before human society started to create layers of abstraction and complexity, try then to identify your function in life what do you bring to the table that makes "I" important in relations to all other things, including the other "I"s.

Dear Panic2k11,

Yes, the death of ego, the death of self and the realization that one is all and all is one and we are all god. This is nothing new, this is old school gnosticism in a seemingly new package. I ask for proof and I get none because there is none. What if you could be the universe; but, it would not include those who wished to be them and interact with other thems?

posted on Mar, 24 2013 @ 04:28 AM
You exist in what we refer to as a vibrational level that is, as we have suggested so many times, a validation and a reflection of the beliefs that you hold, beliefs that you hold throughout various levels of your consciousness. The human consciousness belief systems, the societal belief systems, the individual belief systems, all combine, interact with each other to bring into your awareness in your awake and consciousness state this illusionary reality that appears to be so real. And it validates those belief systems and gives that spark of consciousness that you are the validation that it has indeed accomplished that which you desire. That you have indeed created the reality that you desire to experience, without exception.

It becomes a very difficult concept for many to grasp, that this reality that you’re involved in and experiencing in your day-to-day activities in your awake and consciousness state is a reality that you absolutely desire to experience, without exception. It’s easy to accept that particular type of reasoning if the reality that you’re experiencing is what you refer to as a desirable reality, if it’s a positive reality. However, if it’s not, if it’s a negative reality, if it’s what you refer to as a less than desirable reality, then it becomes a little bit more difficult to accept that belief that you are indeed creating without exception a reality that validates your belief systems and gives to you exactly that which you desire, without exception.

You see, the belief systems are held, once again, throughout various levels of your consciousness, belief systems that you choose to put in place. For you see, if it was someone else’s choice or some other entity’s choice, then it would be beyond your capacity to alter it, or to change it. If it was someone else’s choice, then you wouldn’t have what you refer to as free choice and yet each of you can accept that, to varying degrees at least, you have some level and ability to express free choice, without exception.

There are some areas [where] each of you understands that you can make a choice that will influence your reality that you’re experiencing, will influence your existence. If you can make a choice in one area then you can make a choice in all areas. You either have free choice or you don’t have free choice. It’s not a part-way type of belief system that you can hold. “Well, I can believe that I can control this area of my reality but this other area it’s much more difficult.” It’s not that you can’t hold that in your so-called awake and consciousness state, it’s just that the spark of consciousness that you are validates the beliefs that you have the capacity to control some areas of your reality and not others.

The spark of consciousness that you are creates the reality that validates the belief systems and so even [these] areas where you believe you’re not in control you create realities to validate that you’re not in control. You create the realities to validate, not some other entity. It’s your choice. You make the choice. At some level of your consciousness you make the choice for the belief systems that you hold, and for the realities that you experience, without exception. You make the choice.

Choices and decisions made at various levels of your consciousness have an impact upon the reality and the belief systems that you hold, again, without exception. Your reality is a reflection of your belief system. Your choices and decisions affect your belief systems and your choices and decisions are influenced by your thoughts and feelings, and it goes around and around. Your attitudes and beliefs influence your thoughts and feelings, which influence your choices and decisions, which influence your thoughts and feelings, which influence your belief systems and attitudes and so it just continues, all interacting, all responsible in the creation of your reality to give to you that which you desire.

And so, the key to understanding this reality and this creation process is to get a grasp on the belief system that you’re holding that’s responsible for the reality that you’re experiencing, whether it’s a positive or negative reality. Once again, the spark of consciousness that you are does not judge whether this is right or wrong, whether it’s positive or negative reality that you’re experiencing, absolutely not. That’s an awake human consciousness concept, if you wish. Right or wrong, good or bad [is an] awake human consciousness perception of the reality that you’re experiencing. The spark of consciousness that you are holds no such judgment. It gives to you that which you desire without exception and without judgment as to whether it’s right or wrong. It validates your belief system. -Joshiah

posted on Mar, 24 2013 @ 06:36 AM
reply to post by ExquisitExamplE


This mechanism operates whether you believe it operates, or not...because, there are doubts in lamina of belief (connected to sub, and unconscious dynamic interplay - chiefly of the cultural and group systems mentioned)...that produce the results commensurate with the 'chosen' belief, or 'doubt' system (doubt, then operating as a belief - with all associated results)...


posted on Mar, 24 2013 @ 10:30 AM

Originally posted by anonentity
reply to post by Unity_99

So whatever matter is made of ..its not made of matter states quantum....They might have a problem with quantum computers as the moment they are observed they change there minds.

I can see the energy waves quite often, nothing is solid state. Imagine ocean, and a rock is just denser ocean than a cloud. We have energy recognition centers that erect our reality in our brains.

Perception - The reality beyond matter

The Matrix - What is Real extended clip

These 2 are 2 of my favorite posts on what is out there and this is like. Also could read a little Dolores Cannon too to understand, the universe is a school, simulated interactive holographic reality. And filled with play stations (eutopias resting/learning areas) and work stations (testing ground and where you pass your tests to move on to the next grade!).

posted on Mar, 24 2013 @ 11:00 AM
the Quantum Internet should make for some good porn, probably still wont understand women though

posted on Mar, 24 2013 @ 11:02 AM
Frankly, I think this thread has gone WAY off topic with all the political overtones and people telling us, definitely, the way reality is, and what we ought to be thinking. Fergetaboutitall and realize you really have no idea how reality is put together and neither do I. But the OP poses the question: Are we holographic beings and is a powerful computer the cause of it? Let's just drop the ones and zeroes and the tyrannical government rants for a moment and consider this one issue. Perhaps another way to say the idea is,

Are we avatars in a giant MMORPG? Are we programmed to have the illusion that we have free will? Are we controlled/played by an "oversoul" on a giant Holodeck? Whether there is really a quantum computer behind it all is probably irrelevant at this point because it doesn't make a difference. The real question here is, how serious is the game? Are we someone else's entertainment, someone with the 30th century version of an Alienware box with an NVidia card with an infinite amount of memory? Or is this thing more serious than that with serious goals and a point to it all?

On the one hand, seeing all the suffering in the world, it angers me that this all might be entertainment. I'm sorry, but it hurts, and I don't see any point to it if that's the way it is. I'm loathe to believe that 7 billion of us have a main purpose that is to endure a less than fulfilling life. I can't see that poverty, hunger, and disease are "teaching" us anything worthwhile. If there is a purpose to that, it's mighty obscure.

On the other hand, if it's all serious, the same rule applies. I don't buy off on "The purpose of life is to love your fellow man" BS. It's like putting some rats and snakes in a cardboard box and admonishing them all to "play nice" with each other. It's not teaching me a damn thing except resentment that it's set up this way. I don't like the rules.

So either way I'm one pissed off avatar and if there is a Programmer, he's a real bastard.

posted on Mar, 24 2013 @ 12:37 PM
reply to post by schuyler

I have never liked the RPG analogy (with some pock-faced teenage god holding the controller)...but, it is useful to a point...

The 'hardness or softness' of the material world, and us, is real...'relatively'...
A staged drama of sorts (or video game, if you like) is being played...ultimately by a 'controller', but, more specifically (since we are the 'controller',) by us...

The concept of individual feelings is not an illusion (this is another story) use the simulation/holographic game analogy...we, the controllers (individually and collectively)...controllers of a non-physical nature, agree to take part in a real-life RPG - and insert ourselves into a hard copy game...but the 'effects' are so 'special' (as in special effects) that we forget we are playing a game, and it feels 'for real'...and there is a forgetting that occurs for most people of the nature of the game...

The game analogy is apt, in that, there are 'level-ups' of sorts...'respawning' - re-incarnation...where we reinsert ourselves into the realer-than-real game...

It is, of course, far more complicated than this...

But no, we are not on some holodeck - what is happening is real (to a point)...


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