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Tarot & You

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posted on Mar, 17 2013 @ 06:58 PM
do me

posted on Mar, 18 2013 @ 01:39 PM
Seeing the world stage set and plans nearing completion,
WW3 was the question, I am just looking for insight.

Mind you, my basic feeling is that things will fall apart for those at the top, that humanity will go through a rough patch as a whole, and that "good" will prevail in the end. The den of snakes double crossing each other, the idea that you get what you put out, and that the more you try and control a thing, the more chaos reigns... That is my basic insight of the subject, which also encompasses the "NW0" regime in my mind, and it's outcome.

Order out of chaos, problem reaction solution and all that.

Here is the reading...

posted on Mar, 18 2013 @ 03:14 PM


reply to post by jessemole



For your Significator I have chosen Arcana IV: the Emperor, since I do not know your gender, age, or hair color, none of the traditional Significators were applicable. Instead, based on your four questions:

1) What is the outcome of a court decision
2) What will become of you and a love
3) Will you keep your current job
4) Will your health be maintained

I deemed that the authoritarian energy, and domineering will of The Emperor was a suitable Significator for the nature of your questions.



Your Covering card is Arcana VIII: Strength

Strength is a card more of opposition, than personal accomplishment.

The woman who's crowned in Eternity represents Divine Law (or, at least, the highest law of the land). The lion who challenges her represents personal law, our own ethical, or moral code: an animal-element to humans which always wants to believe it is above reprisal and repercussions.

The brilliant yellow Sky, the fiery red of the Lion, and the solid green of the Earth imply that your personal thoughts (sky), and feelings (lion) are not in accordance with the Law of the Land (woman upon the earth).

The message of the card is that what is "right," and what you "want" will not necessarily be the same thing. As a Covering for your questions, I am afraid it means that a period of personal trial by ordeal is ahead for you. The things which you want, and which you are fighting for, may not be given to you easily, if it at all.



I am assigning each of your questions to one of the four remaining cards. Your first question was on the trial you are a defendant in.

The card in the Ascendant is the Six of Wands: the Lord of Victory.

The depiction of victory found through this card's imagery is of the Olympics, more-so than a moral or ethical victory. The winner is the one who can endure the longest, and present the most appealing case on the surface; not necessarily the true "champion."

The card is also from the suit of Wands. What this implies is that, though you have a better chance of winning, doing so will not necessarily bring peace. Wand cards imply movement and action. Which, again, means that even though you may win the case, there will be unrest over the decision, and you won't necessarily make friends, as much as earn acceptance through the Law.

Note: I do not normally cover court cases and legal trials. Especially since the intricacies of law are full of liars, thieves, and emotional testimonies which can sway a Jury even if the testimony given is not necessarily true. I have only included a card for the Querent's trial, because they provided other inquiries alongside. I will not deal for a trial on it's own.


External World

Your second question was on whether or not a long-lost love of yours would ever become something more.

The card dealt for the External World, which deals with friends, lovers, family, and co-workers, is Arcana V: The Hierophant.

This card features a divine teacher, seated on an earthly throne, giving the sign of benediction to two earthly acolytes. Between the two are set the Keys of St. Peter.

The implication here, to me, is quite clear.

The figure in this card is the Pope, the leader of the establishment of Marriage on Earth. He is blessing two separate acolytes, you and this love of yours. Between them, you have the two keys of St. Peter, known as the Keys to the Kingdom. This is a very symbolically potent card. The implication is that, though you and this other may feel drawn together, share something which you believe is true, real, and right: Divine Law (established in your Covering card: Strength) forbids it from becoming anything more than friendship.

As your Covering card implied, this is another moment where self-restraint, control, and will are necessary for advancement. Love is the hardest of emotions for us, as humans beings, to keep under command. That is, however, exactly what this card suggests: monogamy and fidelity to each individual marriage.

Note: with relationships, if there is ever any hint of abuse, I will absolutely not read for you. I will always, automatically, suggest involving the authorities, and doing the right thing: helping the abused party get out of a deadly situation.



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posted on Mar, 18 2013 @ 03:14 PM




For your third question you asked whether your current employment would last.

The card for your Root, your security and foundation, is the Knight of Wands.

The card features a lone rider, who's steed is caught between moving, and being frightened. This implies a very hectic, chaotic type of activity right now. Everything is in motion, but the motion is not necessarily carrying you forward. In fact, the rider has turned back, is not going forward with his journey.

The meaning, I believe, is that your current job is unstable, and not helping you "be all you can be," so to speak. While it supports you (the rider is still upon his horse), you are stagnate, unable to expand and explore your talents to the best of your ability. There's no goal, or reward necessarily.

You may remain at your current place of employment, but it will come at great personal loss it seems to suggest.


Internal World

The final card explores you, as you are, right now. A snapshot if you will.

The card dealt is the Ace of Pentacles, the Root of the Powers of Earth.

This card is good! It implies financial and physical security, tenacity, straightforwardness, and the establishment of more permanent things.

Where the Covering card suggests you were entering a period of personal ordeals; this card suggests you will come out of them intact, and more sure of yourself.

Where the Ascendant suggested an "empty victory" in court; this card suggests that you are OK with that, because the ending of the trial brings you a much-needed peace.

Where the External World suggests you needed to put feelings for another in a bottle and throw it in the ocean; this card suggests that your own romantic life will bloom again, and be enough to support you.

And finally, where the Root suggests that your job may not be permanent, or fulfilling; this card suggests that it does not matter, because you have the will and resolve to dig roots anywhere necessary to support yourself.


Additional notes:

Wands. There are lots of wand cards present in your reading. This means that your world is currently experiencing a lot of change, upheaval, and growth. They are from the Root (your past), and extend into the Ascendant (your future). This suggests to me that things you did before (good or bad) are bubbling up to the surface finally, and you'll have no choice but to reap the just desserts of your actions.

Arcana. There are three Arcana present: the Emperor, the Hierophant, and Strength. This is where the ordeal element really comes into play. The Emperor is the State-elected leader, while the Hierophant is a religious leader. These two forces, as I'm sure you're aware, often clash. So, expect to have trouble with authority, and those who's opinions disagree with your own. Strength reinforces this conflict of interests.

The final note I would offer is this:

While the reading suggests a very difficult period is ahead for you, don't give in, and don't give up. If your cause is true, and your will is strong, you can withstand everything thrown your way. The Ace of Pentacles implies a calm which may be won through personal skill. Aim for that, and accept whatever comes in stride. There is absolutely nothing in this life which you cannot build yourself back up from, however destructive it may have been.


Thank you for your participation in this thread, Jessemole. I hope that the spread gives you insight, hope, and courage, and direction in your endeavors.

~ Wandering Scribe

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posted on Mar, 18 2013 @ 04:21 PM


reply to post by jcutler12888


I read the cards and obviously, I can't read my's "against the rules" to read your own cards

This is actually patently false. The real reason that most Tarot card readers do not do their own cards, is that their personal bias, or ego, often gets in the way of a proper reading. Most Tarot card readers are afraid to face bad news, and as such, will try to sway the interpretation they get to be more favorable.

I do plenty of self-readings though. The method I use is to draw the cards, one at a time, and then consult a manual (I use the Pictorial Key to the Tarot, the Book of Thoth, and Living the Qabalistic Tarot) for initial meanings. This forces me to accept the cards in both their positive, and negative light. Then, I try to see what the cards are really telling me, instead of what I wish they were telling me.

I will certainly do a reading for you when I get to your name in the list though.


reply to post by Infernalis


Spread 1: you have a predominance of Wand cards. This implies a massive amount of change, unrest, and activity. A great transition has just occurred in your life. The association of Prince and Knight implies a growth of character, position, opinion, and beliefs. You left because of a disagreement on how things operated and were run, and now, though starting small (Prince), have the potential to rise to greatness (Knight). Completion and Strength both apply directly to your mood and mindset, take them as challenges: rise to the task, complete your goal, be all you can be and such. Finally, Adjustment, suggests that the transition is still ongoing. My overall opinion of the spread: you're still in the middle of transitioning, keep on acting to the height of your ability, there's still much room for growth.

Spread 2: Wheel, Tower, and Adjustment imply a changing of the guard. The "Old Ways" come undone, and a new balance must be sought after, before the wheel will once more right itself. Truce and Futility imply an uneasy armistice. The opposing party begrudgingly accepts a ceasefire, although they continue to plot and undermine the ideas of the dominant party. Finally, completion again suggests that things have come full circle (see, the Wheel), and are beginning another round. This victory, however, is not permanent, as Wand cards always suggest change is on the horizon.

I don't necessarily have an opinion concerning a NWO or the PtB, but feel free to look at my quick associations above, and slot them in to your own, personal, interpretation.


If anybody has any other questions, feel free to ask them. I will try to do a response post between each thread to answer questions.

~ Wandering Scribe

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posted on Mar, 18 2013 @ 05:18 PM
reply to post by Wandering Scribe

I see. I guess I've always just believed that since my mother's side of the family has read the cards for many generations and we were just handed down the rules...don't buy your own cards because they won't work and your cards must be given as a gift and blessed, don't read your cards and don't ask any questions, etc. lots of rules given, but never any explanations as to why. I guess that's the gypsy way, especially regarding Roma tradition. I definitely believe that what you're saying is 100% true...that if you read your own cards, there would be a personal bias and hope for the best for oneself, and therefore a tendency to read the cards but interpret them saying what you want them to say instead of taking their true meaning. I'll really have to pick up some or all of the books you listed...I've heard much about them but never owned or used one because again, the Roma tradition relies heavily on the old ways and never asking questions and NEVER consulting outside sources, just using the gift and being guided by it.

I greatly appreciate you being willing to do a reading for me...I'm so, so grateful! I'm looking forward to the results, good or bad.

P.S. My issue has nothing to do with romance or my love life whatsoever. It's in regards to a horrible legal battle with my abusive ex-husband's family over my five-year-old daughter that started after he almost murdered me in 2010 and has dragged on for almost three years now and cost me nearly $100K and has severely and negatively impacted my life and my daughter's life and our overall quality of life. I need to know if it's going to end anytime soon...hopefully, this year. I just can't take it anymore, and my daughter certainly shouldn't have to take it.
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posted on Mar, 18 2013 @ 05:26 PM
I would love to mine read as well (when you deem possible!). My question is about my love life !
Where is it heading ? Thanks

posted on Mar, 18 2013 @ 05:38 PM

Originally posted by jcutler12888
I read the cards and obviously, I can't read my's "against the rules" to read your own I would greatly appreciate it if you would give me a reading if you choose to do more than the first four.

If your question involves a personal relationship, then yes, you can do a reading for yourself. I've been doing such readings for decades, and they've always been extremely accurate. In fact, just Saturday evening I tossed a spread that revealed a serious issue that my wife was having with how unduly focused I've been on recent research, to the detriment of my home-personal life. It was startlingly accurate, and helped her put her concerns into words with that spread serving as a visual aid. You certainly couldn't ask for more from a spread than that.

I depersonalize my own readings by using my Chaldean Numerology Name Number (42/6) as the significator card (2 of Cups) if it has to do with personal, nonprofessional issues. If it has to do with career or professional issues, I use my Numerological Birthpath Number (53/8) as the significator card (Knight of Swords). This small level of distinction - separating "me" from the reading that is examining the life trajectory that I am presently engaged in - seems to be just enough distinction to allow for accurate readings.

I never assume that "they" know what they are talking about. Most people hear something stated definitively by someone they admire, or fear at some level, and that's as deep as they ever look into what it is that's been so definitively stated. I've never known that to be a good way to learn. Hell, most people have no idea why it is that they believe what they believe, and it can be pretty eye opening to make someone get really specific and exact concerning why it is that they believe something that they'd go right to the mat over. Most of the time, you'll never actually learn why it is that they so solidly believe whatever it is that they've embraced, and sometimes it can be just as eye opening for them.

Bottom line is that the "rule" about not reading for yourself isn't a rule at all. It's just how some people think Tarot works. I've had great results reading for myself, but I have had to rethink how I identify myself as I do it. It may seem like an insignificant shift, but the confluence that gathers as a reader works with the cards is very specific and very subtle. It doesn't take much to radically alter that confluence.

posted on Mar, 18 2013 @ 05:57 PM
reply to post by Wandering Scribe

Thank You!

posted on Mar, 19 2013 @ 12:53 AM
reply to post by Wandering Scribe

Well now Wandering Scribe, I must say this was very enlighting, and rather spot on! If I were to be honest with
myself your reading gave me some comfort but at the same time a little bit more insight of what is yet to be done.
In order to for me to proceed in my endeavors will require of me to reflect back to this reading in order to keep me on the positive side of life dispite the burden of it all.

I really appreciate your time you have put into this reading for me.
I trust your passion for what you do will help others as you have help me!
I look forwards to reading your proceeding threads!
Good work my friend.

posted on Mar, 20 2013 @ 04:14 PM


reply to post by feelingconnected


You approached me for this reading with a handful of questions in mind:

1) Education & Career goals
2) Marriage possibilities
3) Financial security

Again, as with the primary reading, I did not know enough physical qualities to utilize the traditional Significator options. In this instance, I have selected The Chariot to represent you. This card implies questing, taking journeys, and advancing through life in a practical sense. I deemed inquiries about careers, education, and marriage to all be applicable to this card's interpretation.


The Covering Card

Indolence, as a word, implies a lack of effort, or interest. The messages of Indolence, then, is "ignored potential," usually due to a lack of self-confidence.

The imagery of the card demonstrates this very well: the cups represent your opportunities, financial well-being, education, marriage. The figure represents you, right now, as you are. The figure is moving, but the motion is not to cross the shore and accept the cups. As a covering card, this implies that you are thinking, and wanting to act, but have not taken the first steps required yet to achieve your dreams.

As a cup card, it also relies heavily on your personal feelings toward the situation. This card, to me, suggests less of a laziness, and more of an uncertainty. The lethargy has less to do with how you pursue these options, and more to do with whether or not you think you'll succeed at them right now.


The Ascendant

The Sun is one of the most beneficial, and benevolent cards which can be drawn during a spread. In Tarot, nudity symbolizes purity and honesty; youthfulness, likewise, represents innocence and ability. The primary figure of The Sun is a naked child, which embodies all of those qualities. The message of the sun is that of new beginnings, and abundant opportunities.

As an Ascendant, this card implies a rapid expansion, and very fortunate growth in your immediate future. In order to hone in on where to expect this growth, we need only look at the traditional associations of the Sun in mythology and religion:

The Sun is the central luminary in our solar system, through which all of the faculties of Mars (courage and strength); Jupiter (fortune and leadership); Venus (passion and growth); and Mercury (wisdom and intelligence) are siphoned. What The Sun card suggests then, is to draw those qualities in parentheses into yourself, and combine them to achieve your goals. For example:

Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter meet through the Sun. This means that it is a good idea to pursue wisdom and intelligence to any end which inspires you, such as going back to school.

Venus and Mercury also meet, which suggests that you have a very beneficial vantage point from which to study marriage and relationships. Use this to analyze your own.

The overall implication of The Sun is that your goals are within reach, all you need to do is move to collect them. There is also the implication of pregnancy and birth in The Sun, represented by the infant upon the white horse. I cannot be sure if this applies to you at all, but, as a Tarot card reader, I felt it was necessary to point it out.


The External World

This is very interesting. Both you, and Jessemole, had questions concerning marriage. And for both of you, the External World card, which related to family, friends, and co-workers, is the same.

The Hierophant is a discourse on earthly law, earthly wisdom, and earthly ethics. The figure seated upon the throne is the Pope, and since this deck of Tarot is very heavily based on Christian symbolism, you can bet that the Pope is considered the authority over marriage, since Christians consider marriage an act which God ordains. I don't know whether you are Christian or not, but, the deck symbolism definitely implies such an interpretation.

Now, combined with The Sun, this card becomes very beneficial. It indicates a good, strong marriage, with a healthy amount of affection, but not an overbearing attraction. I do not know if you are married, or not (although, judging by the cards right now, I would guess that you are), so I must present the following information both ways:

There is/can be love, but it is not/will not escalate into obsession, a risk which is only all too common these days.

If you are married, expect much happiness, and joy, between you and your family for a long time yet. If you are not married, then keep your eyes on the horizon, because somebody worthwhile is on their way.



posted on Mar, 20 2013 @ 04:15 PM



The Root

Interesting, once again we have the same card as the previous reading.

The Knight of Wands is an active card. The rider upon his horse is caught between movement, and being startled. This often happens when we emerge from our bubble of comfort. In this case, the Root represents just that bubble, and the Knight of Wands implies a very real restlessness with where you're at. You need to get out, spread your wings, and explore all of the possibilities surrounding you.

The answer to most of your questions comes from this card:

1) Go back to school, or, go to school if you hadn't done so before

2) Do something special for your husband, or
Go on a date if you're single, and give someone a chance

3) Start exploring what you're good at, whether it's artistic, or not
The possibilities for a career are opening up all around you

Use this moment as forward momentum, and break out of the lethargy which Indolence (the Covering card) has you trapped within. There's nothing standing between you and your goals, but yourself.


The Internal World

This is one of my personal favorite cards. An alternate name for this card (and one used by other Tarot decks) is The Art. The card is very plain, featuring only a single angelic figure who is mixing water between two cups, while standing equally on land, and in the sea. On a path to the left is a trail leading to the rising Sun. Nature blooms all about.

The message here is something called Spiritual Alchemy. That is, the mixing of elements of the self, as a means of changing from one type of person, into another. The basic components of human beings are: Will (fire), Emotion (water), Thought (air), and Musing (earth). What Temperance is saying, is that now is the perfect time for you to begin working with those elements.

Find something which you feel inspired to create.
Push to change your way of thinking about an idea.
Take your stray thoughts, and turn them into ideas.

You have a fertile imagination right now. And, since The Sun is in the background of this card, it is clear, in my mind, that you can take that imagination and put it towards expanding your skills, and helping find personal happiness.


Additional Notes:

The Ladder

The Ladder is a Tarot symbol which I was taught, one that is specifically associated with the spread I use. It combines the Root, the Cover, and the Ascendant in order to uncover a life-promotion which the Querent might be in store for, should they pursue it.

The cards present for this Ladder are: the Knight of Wands; the 8 of Cups: Indolence; and Arcana XIX: The Sun. If I had to say, in only one sentence, the meaning of this Ladder, it would be:

It is time for you to move (Knight of Wands) out of your zone of comfort (8 Cups: Indolence) and explore all the world has to offer (Arcana XIX: The Sun).

Arcana. There is an abundance of Arcana cards in your spread: Temperance, The Sun, The Hierophant, the Chariot. There are those schools of thought in Tarot which believe that Arcana cards represent Higher Will, or the activities of God/Gods in our lives. If you are one such person, then many of your goals right now are destined to succeed.

As long as you get the ball rolling, then your God, Gods, Guide, or Guardian Angel will be there to help you overcome the things which get in your way.


Thank you for your participation in this thread, Feelingconnected. I hope that the spread gives you insight, hope, and courage, and direction in your endeavors.

~ Wandering Scribe

posted on Mar, 21 2013 @ 02:47 AM
Thank you very much for the reading, a lot of what the cards say resonated with me greatly. I've been feeling a little unmotivated and stagnate if you will for quiet a while. Stuck due to circumstance maybe.

In saying that I have felt I'm on th cusp of change. I enjoy being a mum greatly and in a yr or so they will be off to school and I guess I've decided I don't want to go back to old employment ( and I'm 100% there is no baby for me anyway lol) .

My question on education to further or improve careers was something I thought I'd never be interested in until a few weeks ago. I've always been the goto person for family/friends problems, I like to think I offer an un judgemental ear with a far bit of empathy thrown in.

Although I don't seek it out I seem to be a magnet. It was sort of a light bulb moment, "I could get paid for this" such a shallow way of putting it probably, but hay doing something your good at and getting paid for its gotta be good .

So I'm actually looking at counciling of sorts, I believe my community actually lacks. I really do need a push though, full of great ideas but very rarely follow through with them.

Thank you again very much for what I feel is an accurate read, you obviously really enjoy what you do, looking forward to following this thread.


P:s I read you reading this morning, but took a while to process what you'd read in your cards before my reply

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posted on Mar, 21 2013 @ 03:14 AM
Dear Wanderiing... How nice of you to offer this
Should you find time for my request I will go with The traditional Rider-Waite.

What is in the cards for my career? Do you see me staying with what I am doing for a long time? Any chance for further advancement?
I am married, but my heart has always been somewhere else. What do you see here?

Anything that will help with/encourage my growth?

Do you see me moving anytime soon? If yes how soon?

Thank you so much

posted on Mar, 21 2013 @ 06:03 PM


reply to post by cody599


For your Significator I have chosen Arcana I: The Magician. Depending on which Tarot theory you accept, this is either the first or second card in the pack, based on whether you accept The Fool as 0, instead of an empty-set ( Ø ). When the card is drawn in a reading, it has a plethora of spiritual implications; on a purely physical plane, though, the Magician is someone who is attempting to make sense of, and master all of the avenues available to them, in life. You posited a handful of inquiries for this reading:

1) The successfulness of your chosen career
2) The contentment of your marriage
3) The hold particular vices have over you
4) General life assessment

I felt that the Magician was a suitable Significator, as it relates to the desire to better oneself (#3), as well as gaining insight and knowledge concerning life-choices (#1 and #2).


Covering Card

The 6 of Cups is known as the Lord of Pleasure, and it corresponds to growing emotional satisfaction in your life.

On the surface this is a good card.

The two children present relate, as I explained with The Sun in the previous reading, to innocence, youth, and child-like wonder. There clothing is also predominantly red and blue, two colors which correspond to the elements of Fire and Water. Fire and Water, in turn, translate into our ability to lay claim on our desires and emotions. All 6 of the cups, as well, have rich, flowering life blooming from them. The two figures are sharing one of the cups even.

The main themes of this card are the reaping of what you sew, and the importance of sharing your skills, ideas, and love with those around you. Whether this is family, or co-workers, it is important that you continue to appreciate and respect them, on the condition that it is reciprocal.

One of the lesser-known qualities of all the 6's in a Tarot deck is the desire for self-sacrifice. Often, when we're situated in a 6, we have the desire to give, and give, and give, in the hope of receiving. Unfortunately, such a philanthropic mentality can become addictive. Addiction, no matter to what, is always just a hair away from obsession. And obsession destroys everything it touches.

Reassess your situation. Examine how much you give, against how much you receive. Dial it back, or amp it up, depending on which side of the balance it overweighed.


The Ascendant

The 7 of Cups is also known as the Lord of Debauchery, and it is the natural follow-up to the 6 of Cups.

Unfortunately, this card tells me much about your relationship with particular vices. The figure in the card is silhouetted, empty, just a vessel. He is filling himself up with the pleasures of the world, attempting to attain some kind of happiness. It is a false happiness though, as every cup offers a kind of poison which pleases as it kills.

As an Ascendant, this card tells me two things:

1) You won't easily break the hold particular vices have over you
2) You may be offered a position of power soon

As the Magician, and the 6 of Cups imply, this new power needs to be properly handled if it will benefit, instead of poison you. It could be a promotion at work, or a clear open door to walk out. Whichever it is, you'll need to consider more than just yourself in the equation. There is a whole world, however small you may think it is, which depends on your actions.

Be sure that you carefully think through every major decision in your life for the next several weeks. Among the truly good, will be snakes in the garden.



posted on Mar, 21 2013 @ 06:04 PM



External World

The Queen of Wands is a powerful emotional force. Her input in a reading can often sway the decisions of the Querent. As the card falls in the realm of the External World, it would indicate a wife, or girlfriend, or, possibly, an over-bearing mother-figure. I am more inclined to believe it is your wife though, since marriage was one of the inquiries you posed.

The Queen of Wands, as with all of the Wand court cards, is a force of control. Control, however, is an issue which arises from a variety of different psychological catalysts. It also can be demonstrated in a variety of ways, not all of which come out as domineering.

In this particular rendition of the Queen of Wands, she is looking toward the future. To me, this means that there is something very important on the horizon. An issue which, perhaps, you haven't sat down to discuss yet, or may be completely unaware of. Communication is extremely important in any relationship, or marriage. Take this card as a sign that it is time to sit down with your significant other, and let words, ideas, and commentary openly flow.

What you learn may be very surprising.


The Root

A second court card, interesting.

The Knight of Cups, like the Knight of Wands from previous readings, signifies change, movement, and growth. Again, it appears in the realm of the Root, which ties us to our past.

The Knight of Cups is adorned in medieval armor, indicating a chivalrous nature. He also wears the winged-helmet, similar to the sandals of Hermes, the Greek psychopomp, who served as messenger between the Gods. His horse is calm, content, and moving at a stable trot. The entire card is positioned facing right, indicating movement forward. However, the Knight himself is holding on to an empty cup, and using that to steer himself, instead of focusing solely on the future, and letting himself be his guide.

Often in life we hold on to things which have happened before as a way of reminding ourselves of the dimensions we possess within. Past tragedies help us conjure up proper emotions during times of sorrow and loss. Past joy can be used to bolster current happiness. This robs the current event of its full potency though. Letting go often opens us up to brand new facets of experience which we miss when our emotions are overfilled.

No matter how permanent we may think old wounds and loves are, they are only shadows of what we once experienced: an empty cup with a brilliant sheen. We look in, trying to see what once occupied that space, and believing dim reflections to be the real thing.

There are many things from your past which it is clearly time to release, and leave behind. Move forward with life, and let the weight of new experiences fill your cup up once again.


Internal World

The 10 of Wands is also known as the Lord of Oppression, and it signifies exactly that: an inconceivably difficult obstacle placed in the way of progress.

The card features a lone figure, who is struggling (hopelessly) in his attempt to carry 10 wands. While he moves forward, it is an empty movement, as he cannot see where he is going, or what he is doing.

The implication, to me, is one of self-imposed chains. The world seems to be moving in opposition to your goals. Inside, you give up a little bit more each time something goes wrong. You cannot let this happen though. As the Covering card, and the Ascendant point out, there is a time of happiness and opportunity comes for you. It is time for you to put down the weight you carry, and embrace the future.



posted on Mar, 21 2013 @ 06:04 PM



Additional notes:

Wands and Cups equally fill your reading. This, while usually good, actually causes an impasse in your life right now. The Knight is caught up in the past, while the Queen looks forward. The 7 of Cups is prone to making bad choices, while the 10 of Wands piles more and more weight on your back. You need to work, very hard, to reverse this trend. Free yourself from the past, sit down and explore the future, and make more careful choices so you can free yourself from the regret of your past.

The Ladder & the Bridge

Your ladder features three Cup cards: the Knight, through Happiness, reaches Debauchery. This implies a dependency on emotions. You make many of your decisions on instinct, instead of rationalizing and reasoning them out. This can be a very unhealthy process. But, it is not helpless. Personal control can always be enacted, and you can slow your roll at any time to check out the landscape in favor of more stable terrain.

The Bridge, like the Ladder, implies an obstacle which must be overcome before the Ladder can be climbed. In this spread, it is worked out by looking at the Internal and External cards. For you, this would be Oppression and the Queen of Wands. What this suggests, again, is letting go of things which tie you to the past, and embracing a new, more expressive future. Until you do this though, you'll fall back on old habits, which often get you into trouble.

I wish you luck with getting back on a path which takes you forward.


Thank you for participating in this thread, Cody599. I hope that this spread inspires you to keep moving forward with your life, and to rearrange your priorities, so life takes on a more orderly form for you.

~ Wandering Scribe

posted on Mar, 22 2013 @ 11:55 AM
As I said in my u2u this morning
It would have been remiss of me to answer in a hurry,

You captured my personality 100 % correct

My emotional contentment is just that I am very content and it continues to grow

On you advice I sat down and had a heart to heart, nothing new came out but we may adopt a child in the future or become foster parents. More discussion is needed on this obviously and my vices need to be curbed so thanks for your advice.

I am not aware of changes coming in my direction but will be careful about decisions I make.

I praise your professionalism and a heartfelt thank you for your time.


posted on Mar, 23 2013 @ 04:35 PM
I am someone who practices the tarot myself. I hardly have done any for my self and I am curious on what my current life position may hold for me. I would be delighted if you could do the pleasure of giving me a reading!

much love

posted on Mar, 23 2013 @ 07:49 PM
Thank you everybody for the continuing support and interest in my thread!

I'm going to take a couple of days off here to deal with some other things. When I come back, I'm going to finish the final reading for the original four, and then start working through the list of those who have requested afterward. I have decided to keep on reading as long as my schedule allows me to do so.

Thank you everybody, for the patience and support!

~ Wandering Scribe

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