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Tarot & You

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posted on Mar, 23 2013 @ 08:46 PM
If there is room for one more, I would love some insight on my business and financial future.

Please choose the deck you are most drawn to!
Thank you!

PS- I started a 3 question dowsing thread last week and it is 10 pages long already. You might find yourself very busy with this thread :-)

posted on Mar, 26 2013 @ 03:49 PM

Originally posted by Wandering Scribe
Thank you everybody for the continuing support and interest in my thread!

I'm going to take a couple of days off here to deal with some other things. When I come back, I'm going to finish the final reading for the original four, and then start working through the list of those who have requested afterward. I have decided to keep on reading as long as my schedule allows me to do so.

Thank you everybody, for the patience and support!

~ Wandering Scribe

I think thanks are due to you for your time and effort.

Look forward to my reading whenever your schedule permits.

posted on Mar, 29 2013 @ 04:09 PM


reply to post by notsosunny


For the significator of your reading, I have chosen Arcana X: The Wheel of Fortune. Through our U2U communication, you moved on from your initial inquiry about general atmosphere, and were now more curious about a decision you made, and it's value to you, your family, and the life you're trying to build with them. I deemed the association of fate which the wheel represents to be an adequate significator for this reading.

Your new question was whether or not moving your family to the Bahamas was a good idea; and what can be salvaged from the actions already taken.


Covering Card

The 4 of Pentacles is otherwise known as the Lord of Power, or the Lord of Security. This is a good card to have as a covering, because it denotes personal security, and that there is a foundation beneath your kingdom.

The card features a single figure, a King, the leader of his household. Above his head there is a pentacle, denoting that his decisions have higher reasoning, and an unseen, spiritual wealth. Beneath his feet are two more pentacles, on which he rests; these denote that the actions of the King are supportive and beneficent.

The uncertainty of this card arises from the middle pentacle, gripped tightly between his hands. This pentacle could be displayed either Point Up—implying benevolence, fortune, protection, and wealth—or Point Down, which would denote the opposite. It depends entirely on whether the King maintains his control over the situation. It is, metaphorically and physically, "in his hands."

Obviously the King in the card is representative of you, the querent. You are surrounded by truly good ideas, which have actual foundations. But, how you respond to the effects of these actions will determine their merit in your life. If you succumb to the heavy, moody, pessimistic side and let life drag you down, then you'll flip the entire kingdom on its head. If, however, you keep your head up, and strive for the goal you've set, step-by-step, you'll be able to lay the foundation you seek.


The Ascendant

The Ace of Wands is known as the Essence of Fire.

Fire, as an element, which I'm sure you're aware, is the Will behind our actions, and our ability to cause change within the world through collected focus. Magic, if you happen to accept its doctrines. From a spiritual perspective, this card implies that your future holds an unexpected, almost magical, twist. As an Ace, it also suggests to me that you are capable of setting this change in motion.

From just the two cards I see, I am getting the impression that you have a very big plan in mind. A move, or change, which you'd like to enact, but are uncertain of whether it's feasible, or within your power.

When the Ascendant is coupled with the Covering card, it becomes very apparent to me that the only way which you'll achieve your desired goal—of making this decision a beneficial one—is to take action now. Begin establishing the life you hoped would have come with moving your family. Whether you consciously know it, or not, there seems to be an avenue already open which you can use to stabilize the situation in the future.



posted on Mar, 29 2013 @ 04:09 PM



The External World

The 4 of Cups is known as the Lord of Luxury.

The card is very simplistic in design: a single figure sits beneath a tree, deeply contemplating 3 cups set before him, while the Essence of Water (or, the Universe) offers him another.

The first thing which I intuit in this card is a Buddhist element. The Buddha meditated beneath a fig tree, and learned to still his mind, find peace, and assess every situation for its true merit, instead of its apparent one. This is a very important lesson for everyone to learn.

You need to look at what is around you, in terms of entertainment, career possibilities, networking with other people, and community development. The pitfall of the 4 of Cups is that you, the querent, are susceptible to falling prey to the flash and glamour of life, while the true importance of certain things escapes from you.

As an External World card, this greatly relates to your decision to move to the Bahamas. The islands are beautiful, appealing, I believe taxation is nearly non-existent there, and they offer surf, sun, and an atmosphere of freedom. These would all be the three cups which the figure contemplates in the card.

The fourth cup is what you're missing, and you need to try and refocus, to find it. And you need to do it for everyone. You, yourself, have found the Rosicrucian's, which offer you a spiritual base on which to center your life. The card is suggesting that you further explore those type of alternative avenues as a means of making your own life more ordered and sensible.

In turn, help your family begin their own journey as well. It is the best way to turn the seemingly bad idea of moving there, into a good one.


The Root

The 2 of Wands is known as The Lord of Dominion. The card features a single individual standing between two wands, holding a sphere of the earth, and gazing behind him into the world.

This card fits perfectly in the Root category. You are very worried about the decision to move, to change your kingdom, your Dominion. In turn, you're not sure if what you did was right, so now you're looking backward, into the past, to your previous home: longing, and wanting.

There's an old literary motif though, which states that the Hero can never truly go back home. Though he may return to his homeland, his home will never really be there again. This is a terribly hard lesson for anyone to learn; harder still to accept. But it is a necessary one. Regardless of how old we are, our lives are always a continuous journey. When we make a decision to leave someplace behind, we need to learn to actually pick up our roots and set them in our new home.

This card is suggesting just that. Regretting your decision can become a comfortable bubble. But it also serves as a window through which you'll see the world, but never truly get to be a part of it. You need to accept the decision you made, even though it seemed like a bad one, and turn your energy toward spinning the wheel around once more. Turn this new life into one you'll be happy with.


The Internal World

The 8 of Cups is known as the Lord of Indolence. This card has shown up in a reading before, so I'll cover the symbolism and meaning as I did there: a lone figure, the Querent, ignores a plethora of cups which are stacked upon each other, in favor of a river, which leads to the Moon (as well as to Arcana XVIII: The Moon).

The meaning is clear: you, as a person, are passing up opportunities to make yourself comfortable and content (the 8 cups), because you are under the illusion that this life is not the one you want, or need (represented by the Moon).

This is a type of mental sickness which can pollute the zest and joy one feels toward living their life. I would strongly recommend that you begin seeking out some kind of foundation within your community. Find friends, other family, causes which you can apply yourself to. You told me a little about your spiritual skills during the U2U's of your first reading, I recommend you further embrace them, and try to use them to clear the funk which you feel over the decision to move.



posted on Mar, 29 2013 @ 04:09 PM



Additional Notes:

First, I feel the need to make it known that this is the second reading I have done for Notsosunny. The primary reading, when I interpreted the cards, featured many things which I deemed too personal for inclusion on such a public thread. I contacted Notsosunny through U2U to discuss that reading. Afterward, because their reading would not be on the thread, I offered to do a second one. They asked if I would, and so I have. This is why a number of things about Notsosunny are already known to me. They came up during the primary reading, and were confirmed by the user.

Now then, onto the actual additional observances. Primarily, I see a plethora of Cups and Wands. In fact, this reading is perfectly balanced between these 2 suits. There are 2 Wand cards comprising the Ladder, and 2 Cup cards creating the Bridge:

The Bridge and the Ladder hint at a current obstacle to be overcome (Bridge), and the promotion which we can expect if we do so (Ladder).

The Ladder contains the 2 of Wands: Dominion, and the Ace of Wands: the Essence of Fire. These two cards, when read together, state that it is wholly possible for you to make your new home fruitful and supportive. Action can be taken to turn the seemingly bad decision into a good one.

To do this though, you must first cross the Bridge, which is made up of the 8 of Cups: Indolence, and the 4 of Cups: Luxury. These two cards, when read together, hint at an underlying problem: emotions. You are so emotionally weighed down by the prospect of your decision being a bad one that you're missing the opportunity to turn it into a good one.


Thank you for your participation in this thread, Notsosunny. I look forward to hearing more about how you handle the lot you've been given in life, and hope that the spread gives you some wisdom on how to turn it around for the better.

~ Wandering Scribe

posted on Mar, 30 2013 @ 11:22 AM
May you please do a reading for me?
I would like to know how a boy feels about me (I probably could use it for a better question but I'm really curious)

posted on Mar, 30 2013 @ 05:53 PM
Thank you so much, Wandering Scribe.
I've read an reread your reading and its really eye opening.

You are so right, the feeling of regret is weighing me down and making me blind for the good things all around me.

I've been thinking and talking with my family all day long.

I"m going to prove my decision was the right one by making it the right one.

When I'm back on track - and that will e soon - I'll let you know.

Thank you once more.

posted on Apr, 1 2013 @ 11:55 AM
reply to post by Wandering Scribe

I was just checking back with this thread, and thanks for continuing the readings after a short break. I look forward to mine in the coming weeks!

posted on Apr, 6 2013 @ 05:27 PM
Thanks again for the patience everybody!

It's been a pretty long week here. Spring finally came, so I've been out with the family spring-cleaning and trying to get our yard ready for the season.

I haven't had too much time to dedicate to this thread, but I'll be back in the saddle at the end of the weekend, and will keep on moving down the list.

I can't really say what the wait-time will be for the next batch of people, but I'll be moving through the readings as often as I can, until I've reached the end of the list.

Expect a U2U from me asking if your inquiry is still the same, and which deck you would like me to use, before I cast your spread.

~ Wandering Scribe

posted on Apr, 6 2013 @ 05:56 PM
Thanks for getting back to the thread Scribe, time is aways precious, thank you for persevering.

posted on Apr, 9 2013 @ 04:26 AM


reply to post by Kram09


The Significator

I'd like to take a moment here to address a common misconception concerning the Tarot. That being, the biased interpretation which the general public holds concerning this infamous card. Luckily, it just so happens that the lesson which card XIII: Death teaches us, corresponds very well with your two inquiries.

First, you asked me to read for two different, but related inquiries:

1) Whether or not a friendship you once shared can be mended
2) If your own current path will offer you a relationship

Now, let me first get this out of the way: Arcana XIII: Death does not foretell bodily death, nor does it suggest injury, disease, or frailty of any kind. Such impermanent afflictions are covered under a variety of cards which can be drawn from the Pips.

Arcana XIII actually encourages us to look at our lives as a holistic system of overlapping cycles; a collection of interlinking events which move in periods: rising, cresting, collapsing, and repeating. This theme is found frequently throughout psychology, mythology, and spirituality, and is an extremely important aspect of life which needs to be acknowledged, but is often ignored.

Since the first half of your inquiry asked about an event which had already reached, and passed, its high-point, and your second inquiry concerns an event which may only now be rising, I felt that Arcana XIII was a suitable significator to identify where you currently stand in the "Wheel of Life," to borrow the Buddhist connotation.


Covering Card

This seems to be an exceptionally poignant card for this thread. You're the third individual for whom I have drawn The Sun as a card in the reading.

The imagery of the card features a brilliant sun rising in the background. Its rays reach in every conceivable direction, causing the Earth to bloom and grow before it. The foreground features a naked youth upon a prancing white horse, and carrying a blood-red standard. The imagery here suggests Dawn, sunrise, new light, and innocence. The theme is youthfulness, the beginning of things, and the coming of new possibilities.

In regards to your inquiries the card suggests that time, and space, have separated you from the friend who you seek to make amends with. Simultaneously, the card infers that a new, fresh, fruitful path is, or will be, opening before you soon enough: one filled with many possibilities.


The Ascendant

The symbolism of this card, called the Lord of Love, features a plethora of occult symbolism, with very interesting histories. I'll do my best to not let this get too weighty.

The apex of the card features a winged lion's face and mane, mounted upon a Caduceus. This prop descends, ending between two golden cups, being passed in a clockwise manner between a man and a woman crowned with laurel wreaths.

The winged-lion is called a Kerubim, and it originates in Babylon. From there it was adapted into Judeo-Christian spirituality as the Cherubim, a class of angels. During the Renaissance the Cherubim were often painted as naked babies, winged-cupids, who inspired love and passion among human beings. Although the Kerubim-Cherubim connection has been misconstrued with time, the meaning is still present: an inspired, passionate love.

The Caduceus is another ancient symbol of medicinal and spiritual purpose. The serpents represent the twin forces of Light and Dark; life and death; love and hate; positive and negative. They are coiled around the Pole Star, or the Maypole, the "center of the self." The message here being that the inspired passion of the Kerubim is both pleasant and painful to be had.

The man and woman holding cups, obviously, represent the recipients of the inspired love. They pass their cups clockwise, because it is the direction of growth, activity, and solidarity. The passion of the Kerubim, with its dualistic nature, as seen in the Caduceus, is calmed and contained by continual motion between the two lovers.

There, see, that wasn't so bad... I hope.

In regards to your readings, this card is in the Ascendant. As such, it suggests that a very passionate relationship is headed toward you. It may not necessarily be an "easy catch," though. There will be work involved. You, and possibly the other, will need to work together if there's going to be hope of keeping the relationship from petering out in a brilliant, but temporary, flash of desire.



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posted on Apr, 9 2013 @ 04:26 AM



External World

This card features a very straight-forward arrangement of images. You have the Angel of Annunciation who is sounding the Horn of Judgment. All those who await an answer for their actions in life rise from their graves and reach to the Heavens, awaiting judgment.

This card, I fear, presents a very harsh lesson for you.

Being in the External World, this card relates to your primary inquiry: whether or not you can amend the harsh words you said to end a distant friendship. The answer is this:

Every human being must own up to, and take responsibility for, his or her actions; even if the eyes of those who judge us may not be as forgiving as we wish. Being able to bare ourselves, flaws and all, before them is an ultimately purifying process though.

You have a duty to yourself, and to your friend, to take the letter you've written and send it. To let the effects of time work their magic. Whether your friend accepts the apology, or not, is ultimately unimportant in the grand scheme of things. Admitting to your fault, and letting them know that their peace of mind is ultimately more important than any ego between you and them: that is what is important.


The Root

This card, known as the Lord of Rest, Respite, or Recuperation, is a rather straight-forward one.

The background features a stained-glass window displaying a scene wherein a child sits before his/her elder, who explains one of life's lessons to them.

The middle-ground features three down-turned swords (reminiscent of the 3 of Swords: Lord of Sorrow) enclosed in stone.

The foreground features a single figure, laid out in a sleeping posture upon a bed/tomb. A single sword is imprinted on the base, and a powerful golden light emanates from him.

The lesson of this card comes from the combination of all three images: a troubling experience in your past has caused you much hurt in your recent life. However, finding peace and calm is the best way to cope with this sorrowful state of being.

When you take into account my interpretation of Judgment (the External World), this card makes a lot of sense: the only way to achieve closure, concerning your past, is to put yourself front-and-center, and let the spotlight shine on you until all of your "sins," or "crimes," have been cleansed away.


Internal World

This card is known as the Lord of Indolence, and it has also showed up more than once in this thread.

The card features a lone wanderer, who is following a mountain stream toward the Moon. Behind him are stacked 8 golden cups. Ahead of him is a dark, foreign, disastrous landscape. Indolence, as a term, relates to our work ethic. Generally, the term implies laziness, or a lack of motivation.

Now, I'm not trying to offend, or insult, with this comment, but, the card would suggest that you do not always take action when something beneficial is placed before you. Similarly, you do not always move on the "right thing," even when you know what it is. Instead of "seeking the cups"—making amends, or pursuing a love interest—you let yourself ponder over it for far too long. Mulling is not moving: quite the opposite. It gives us the impression that we're taking charge, and making decisions, when really we're just rationalizing our own fear to stand up and be noticed.

The message of the card is a personal one for you: it's time to take action.

Write your letter, seek amends, but know that it is more important to clear the air than to be forgiven. Then, go find someone who piques your curiosity, and ask if they'd like to get a cup of coffee. Try to see if you can begin exchanging ideas, thoughts, philosophies, and hobbies in a clockwise motion, building a collective energy between the two of you, one which might become something greater.



posted on Apr, 9 2013 @ 04:26 AM



Additional Notes

This particular reading does not feature any relevancy in the Bridge, or the Ladder which has not been thoroughly covered in the actual interpretation of the spread. At the same time, it does not have an abundance of a single suit, nor does it contain a perfect balance of two, or a solid foundation of all four. There's not any involvement from court cards, and the majority of the Major Arcana present are not necessarily influencing-cards.

Basically, I don't have any intuitive points to make concerning this reading, sorry! I hope that the interpretation above has been sufficient to get the message of the cards across.


Thank you for sticking around to have your reading given, Kram09. I hope that you'll take the words of the cards to heart, and seek amends, as well as personal happiness with another very soon.

~ Wandering Scribe

posted on May, 11 2013 @ 05:15 PM

Line 2

posted on May, 13 2013 @ 02:25 PM
reply to post by Charismagic

Thanks for the bump, Charismagic. I am going to come back to this thread again. I've come down with a nasty infection though, and it severely limits my ability to focus for long periods of time. So, rather than only give a small percentage of myself to each reading, I am trying to overcome it, and get back on my feet to devote myself again full time to the thread.

Thanks again, everybody, for the patience.

~ Wandering Scribe

posted on May, 31 2013 @ 01:11 PM
reply to post by Wandering Scribe

I've really enjoyed reading all of your posts so far. Your readings are so thorough. I know they take up so much time, so just as a suggestion, maybe you could do some mini readings to save time. Just a suggestion, of course! I hope you are feeling better.

posted on May, 31 2013 @ 01:13 PM
reply to post by fictitious

Thanks for the reply, Fictitious. I'm actually waiting right now on a response from the next person in the list, which is why I haven't posted anything yet. Once I have word what they would like me to read for, then the line will continue to move again.

I wouldn't feel right doing a mini-reading for anyone, after I've been giving everyone the full reading so far. But the line will move, just a minor snag right now it seems.

~ Scribe

posted on May, 31 2013 @ 02:24 PM
reply to post by Wandering Scribe

Yes, I see what you mean. I just didn't know how time consuming it was. I'm very interested in tarot readings lately, and maybe one of these days I can get a deck and learn more about it.

posted on Jun, 1 2013 @ 12:39 PM
Woah. I think out of anyone doing this, you would be the one I would trust the most to get an accurate reading. [Accurate as in, most helpful]
I have no request. I am just curious, and feeling a bit lost.
I am torn between which deck though. Celtic or Necronomicon....
Necronomicon. It looks really cool and I really like the dark style associated with it, so I will choose that deck.

I am very very patient. Your reading is worth waiting for.
[You're so helpful to so many people Scribe!]

posted on Jun, 1 2013 @ 03:49 PM
Thanks for the patience everybody. I'm going to give the current member 24 more hours to reply, before I assume they have forgotten the thread, or do not want a reading done.

On Monday I will move forward with the list and continue doing readings.

Just to reiterate, you are allowed to pose a new question, and you are allowed to pick a new deck when I message you, as I do not expect everyone's original question/deck choice to still be relevant this far from when they posed it.

For rules on what I will, or will not read, see the opening post. The available decks, once more, are:

The Traditional Rider-Waite Tarot Deck, designed by A.E. Waite
The Golden Dawn Tarot Deck, designed by Israel Regardie
The Thoth Tarot Deck, designed by Aleister Crowley
The Necronomicon Tarot Deck, designed by Donald Tyson
The Celtic Tarot Deck, designed by Helena Paterson
The Qabalistic/Tree of Life Tarot Deck, designed by Apolonia van Leeuwen

Thanks for the patience, and the dedication to this thread.

~ Scribe

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