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a possible reason for 911 ?

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posted on May, 10 2003 @ 06:28 AM
I was just thinking about how odd it is that, of all the days in the year, 9-11 happened on the day that is the emergency number - 911.

Could it have been to make americans hate levels unconsciously rise everytime they see this common number, thereby increasing the effectivness of the event (making it harder to forget, increasing anxiety, and forging hate) ??

I mean, if this was a conspiracy, it's the perfect date to do it.

it's easier to remember than 12/7

it's more like 11/22

posted on May, 10 2003 @ 06:52 AM
Well that could have been Bushes Idea, he is key on making photo opertunities, And as videos show he didnt get excited while reading to the school kids with a book that was upsidedown, Speaking of the book, do you think he was apprehensive about his planned attack, and thus did not pay attention to the book, thats why he had it upside down?

posted on May, 10 2003 @ 07:00 AM
Symbolism would be used to effect the mind. Many Satanists know the power of symbolism, that is why they control the masons.

Wolfpack: I never heard that the book was upside down. That just goes to show how dumb these corruptors really are. Men with evil minds are men with small minds.

posted on Jan, 7 2011 @ 05:28 AM
reply to post by quango

No.This wasn't a coincidence.9/11 or 9-1-1 was indeed picked for it's symbolism.The number speaks to our fears & anxieties.Our mind associates it with deathly danger & the need for state protection.Its psychological warfare (Psy-ops).

It proves 9/11 was an inside job.Here's why:
Muslim terrorists could easily think to attack us on 9-1-1 for this symbolic reason.But remember,the "terrorists" were only successful because NORAD was in disarray that day because they were running drills that mirrored the attacks.
Of course,the "terrorists" could have had an insider in the govt tell them what day the NORAD drill would be held so they could strike (Note:This alone is cause for a new investigation).
But the likelihood of them lucking up on that day being 9-1-1,the best date possible for psychological effect,is slim to none.
The "terrorists" could easily pick 9-1-1 as the date without having insider knowledge of the NORAD drills.This is unlikely because: 1)It's unlikely that they would just luck up and pick this perfect day,when NORAD was running this rare drill,to attack by coincidence.2)It's unlikely they could possibly succeed if these drills weren't taking place.Therefore,its unlikely they would attempt this without knowing about this window of opportunity.
They could have easily had a govt insider tell them about the drills,but the likelihood of that date happening to be 9-1-1 by sheer coincidence is slim to none.
Only the government could have planned the NORAD drills & the attacks to coincide on 9-1-1.

So unless you believe that the 9/11 & 9-1-1 thing and/or the NORAD drills goin on that day are just coincidence,you must assume that 9/11 was an inside job and that the person/s who scheduled the NORAD drills for 9-1-1 was in on it.The law of probability is against this being all coincidence.The odds of picking a date of such signifigance by accident is slim.1 in 365 (Dates in a year).The odds of picking a day when NORAD's running a drill that helps you succeed may be even slimmer.1 in 365 if this is annually.What if its not?Does anyone know how often they do this?I don't.Could've been the first time.Could be every 2 years,or 5,or 10,which would make the odds even slimmer.1 in 730 if they do it every 2.By themselves,those things are highly unlikely to happen by coincidence.Both of those coincidences coinciding with eachother?The odds are just slimmer & slimmer.Then factor in all the other coincidences (which are too many to name in this thread)...its astronomical.You've got a better chance of hittin the New York Lotto than the OV being true.

Also,it's worth noting that the New York City Mayoral primary elections were taking place that morning,but were postponed due to the days events.This is key because it saved many lives (Keep in mind,the objective wasn't to kill as many people as possible.The objective was to instill the images of those towers being hit by planes & collapsing into the American mind,so the public would support the highly profitable War On Terror).This also gave anybody with advanced knowledge an excuse to be away from the office when the sh!t hit the fan.But more importantly,it helped insure Republican rule of NYC (And it's funds) after 9/11.Keep in mind,New Yorkers are mostly Democrats.Its a mystery (to some at least) how Rudy Guiliani,a Republican,even became mayor.Just weeks before the election,Michael Bloomberg,switched parties from Democrat to Republican,because he was highly unlikely to win a Democrat primary.It was doubtful he could even win the Republican primary.And he was highly unlikely still to beat the Democratic forerunner,even if he'd won the Republican primary.But after 9/11,the endorsements of Rudy Guiliani (Now America's favorite mayor),helped Bloomberg become mayor.Thus,keeping New York City,it's investigative agencies & new found relief money,under Neo-Con family control.If this election had taken place before 9/11,Bloomberg would most likely have lost the Republican primaries,and somebody who may not've been trustworthy to the Neo-Con crime family may have gotten into the office of mayor & really tried to investigate Ground Zero.And of course,many more people would've died,resulting in much more lawsuits by more victim's families with more questions & lawyer money,and more suspicions why said person (with foreknowledge) 'happened' not to be at work at the time.If the elections would've been afterwards,Bloomberg would probably win with Guiliani's help,but they'd still have the problem of the more deaths.The election & attacks had to coincide.

So we've got:
2)NORAD drills
3)Election Tuesday
All these elements were key to the 9/11 lie & might be helpful in figuring out how long this was planned ahead of time.If 9-1-1 wasn't the date of the attacks,they wouldn't be >AS< traumatic.We wouldn't be reminded of them everytime we called for help or just saw the number on side of a cop car or whatever.If our emergency code hadn't been 9-1-1 & had been say 933,it'd been impossible to plan an attack on a date with such psychological signifigance (Note:9-1-1 was picked as the number around the same time David Rockefeller suggested building the World Trade Center [Its speculated that 9-1-1 was picked because 9 & 1 are furthest digits away from eachother on a phone pad,so the number would be least likely to be dialed by accident.So this could mean nothing]).If the NORAD drills weren't goin on,the govt would have alot of explaining to do on how this could've happened.They'd look like they couldn't protect us at their best,thus were useless.This way,it could be written off as dumb luck.I've already explained the signifigance of the elections of the elections taking place so I won't repeat that.However,I will point out that it was the perfect election year to do it in,because we had a new Republican president (Remember,the Neo-Cons were mostly responsible for this) & a Mayoral Election in New York City.Follow me.Prior to 9/11/01 the last 2 9/11's to fall on a Tuesday were in 1990 & 1984.These years wouldn't have been good years to do this because the Presidential terms were almost up & the Republican Presidents who were in office were highly already highly unfavored.This happening midway or towards the end of their term would most likely guarantee a Democratic victory in the next Prez race & give them less time to milk their position of power & make goo gobs of money in arms sells.Plus,the defence sector hadn't become so privatized by then.And in 1984,they still had the Cold War to scare defense spending outta congress & the Iron Contra/crack epidemic on the horizon to make their money off of.No need for a War on Terror back then.Plus passing the Patriot Act in the Orwellian "1984" would've probably freaked the country out,especially since people weren't as distracted & dumbed down by cable,internet,cell phones,etc.And they may not have had the technology to pull it off by 1984 or 1990.The next 9/11s after 2001 are in 2007 & 2012.Same problem as before.Presidential terms almost up in those years.2001 was the perfect year.Republican had just cheated his way into the White House & had almost a full term in office to milk the War on Terror for tax money & possibly a 2nd term if he could pull off another election rigging.9/11 was falling on a Tuesday.NYC was due for a new mayor.It was perfect.

Here's my questions:
Who scheduled the NORAD drills to take place on 9-1-1?
Who scheduled the Mayoral race to take place on 9-1-1?

posted on Jan, 7 2011 @ 05:47 AM
reply to post by quango

The original date for the plot was set for April/May - the ring leader, Atta, told Bin Laden was not ready
and needed more time to prepare.

So how does that work if day was say May 11?

People promoting this nonsense are off their meds.....

posted on Jan, 7 2011 @ 05:50 AM

Originally posted by Wolfpack 51
And as videos show he didnt get excited while reading to the school kids with a book that was upsidedown, Speaking of the book, do you think he was apprehensive about his planned attack, and thus did not pay attention to the book, thats why he had it upside down?

Typical truther lie, the book was NOT upside down nor was there any video of it.... but we all know how truthers avoid the truth!
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posted on Jan, 7 2011 @ 06:17 AM

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posted on Jan, 7 2011 @ 06:40 AM

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