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Egyptian Christians allege torture at hands of Libyan Islamists

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posted on Mar, 8 2013 @ 06:00 AM

Originally posted by RizeorDie
The OP moans and cries yet overlooks the fact that her own government is supporting these terrorists ..

You didn't read my posts .. did you? Nope. I wasn't 'moaning or crying'. Not even close I was posting the facts. Those facts are that radical muslims are now able to do their dirty work in Libya against Christians, whereas previously, under Gaddafi, they couldn't. And I was clear about the local muslims also being afraid of the terrorists.

There was no christian prosecution in Libya before the western coup,

Which is what I was saying. I don't remember Christians getting nailed by extremists while Gaddafi was in charge. Of course, Gaddafi did his fair share of tossing people in prison and torturing .. but that was across the board and it wasn't like he singled out the Christians. Under Gaddafi, the extremists didn't have free run of things like they have now.

there was no death and suffering in Syria before the western attempted coup,

Not true.
Bashar al-Assad
There was plenty of death and suffering going on at the hands of the Syrian secret police. It wasn't death and suffering like we are seeing now in Libya at the hands of extremists ... but it wasn't a peaceful utopia either. And I'd call the taking away of freedom of speech and freedom of the press and freedom of internet to be a kind of suffering. At the very least, a kind of totalitarian control.

there is no death in Iran now. but the zionsist will bring it,

That's flat out wrong. Irans prisons are notorious. And being a homosexual in Iran is very dangerous.

the OP is delusional to blame the Muslims when it is the west meddling and supporting terrorists

What EXACTLY is delusional about blaming the extremists for their own behavior? Answer ... NOTHING. The radical muslims are guilty of torturing Christians simply because they are Christian. They own that behavior. The USA isn't forcing those Muslims to torture and/or kill peaceful Copts ... the Jews aren't forcing it ... the radicals themselves are doing it. THEY OWN IT.

posted on Mar, 9 2013 @ 09:52 AM
reply to post by FlyersFan

That's why I was saying that I don't remember these problems under Gaddafi.
Sure .. there were other problems with him ...
But Christians weren't being persecuted at the hands of extremists.
And the local muslim population wasn't afraid of the extremists.
At least, i don't remember any of that happening while he was in charge.

Yes - things were all hunky dory under Gaddafiduck - no problem that the Libyans were oppressed and terrified of him - so long as Christians weren't being hurt.

The local moderate Muslim population wasn't afraid of the extremists - because sometimes it takes a brutal dictatorship to keep everyone in line

good times...

I've been trying to read up on this - seems only conservative news sites are putting out this story - outside of the recent attack on a mosque (which was carried by mostly everyone) - it comes with a variety of different details - all alleging torture. Alleging...

FrontPage (with it's infamous Jihad Watch) has the story of course, along with a variety of Christian papers, some Jewish papers, a few Egyptian papers, and of course - Fox News (which is just so very fond of Jihad Spotting it's own self)

Now - I know how this sounds - so just allow me a moment before you leap on the liberal MSM (and me) and cry foul

It just may be that the story is true - but unverifiable. Most good news people wait until they can confirm something before it becomes a real story - it just might start turning up in a few days everywhere. If it is a real story - and not propaganda - then, good for Fox - what a scoop! :-)

Whether it does make the mainstream news or not - I have to wonder why you are so upset that nobody seems to care as much about this as you think they should. Why do you assume they don't? It's just barely a story outside of ATS

I would be interested to know what you wanted to hear?

Having said all that Flyers - I personally only have one response to (the things alleged in) this story:

I don't doubt for one moment that it's true. If there's one thing we can expect from religious or ideological extremists - it is exactly this sort of thing

And so it goes...

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posted on Mar, 9 2013 @ 05:31 PM
reply to post by FlyersFan

Because that's exactly what is happening.
When Muslims are treated wrong .. everyone gets upset. (and rightly so)
When Christians are treated wrong ... *crickets* ...
That's just the way it is. And I am allowed to make that observation.

I wanted to think about this for a while

I live in the same country as you - and I'm not Christian, but as you can imagine - I've had family, friends coworkers and many other acquaintances that are

Do you have any idea how many anti-Muslim emails or links to hate websites I've personally received since 9/11? Many if not most of them from Christians

Even looking at the number of threads here at ATS specifically against Muslims - it's astonishing

I've had Muslim friends that were victims of real persecution. Good people - who are citizens for crying out loud

I've never received a single hate-filled anti Christian message from anybody - or any links to anti-Christian websites...

Are you actually saying that in the real world nobody speaks up for the Christians?

I'm curious - when you say everyone and no one - do you specifically mean non-Christians?

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