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Ex-officer suspect in California cop killing

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posted on Feb, 21 2013 @ 02:35 PM
JW appears to have been identifed as a "Jason Young" Who Dorner met at a resturant in Las Vegas that Young Managed. Youngs home was alledgedly infiltrated by Swat, but is said to turn to authorites during the search for Dorner.

Shedding some light on Dorners mind


posted on Feb, 21 2013 @ 11:38 PM

--If Dorner's beef was with the LAPD, why didn't he begin his rampage in target -rich LA? Why were the first two dead victims only remotely linked to his target? How did he get their names and addresses? How did he manage to enter their 'highly secure' parking garage accessible only by key-card,

--Does an analysis of his time in the Navy describe the same whining crybaby as implied by his behavior in the LAPD? That of a bumbler who was held back one class at the LAPD academy after shooting himself in the hand? The one that admitted to assaulting one of his fellow cops in the back of the van? The one that started crying in front of his training officer? The one that announced on the first day of street training that he intended to sue the LAPD as soon as his probation period was over? The one who ratted out his superior officer for some minor incident?

--Why was a guy like this even allowed to become a policeman? Would not such a rookie officer have been shunned by his fellow officers? Oddly, out of all the things he complained about in his manifesto, he doesn't complain about being ostracized or mistreated by the other street cops.

--Why did Dorner wait almost five years after his dismissal from the LAPD to begin his revenge?

--Why would Dorner think he could escape the dragnet by fleeing to Mexico? Why has the 80 year old boat owner not been named? Why didn't Dorner simply walk over the border since he was not at this time officially a suspect?

--Why would Dorner write a manifesto that would apparently turn out to be the main clue to his involvement in the murders of Quan and Lawrence? Is it just coincidence that police were led to that manifesto by a call from the National City police that they had found his uniform with his name tag and his police badge in a dumpster--having been put there by Dorner himself?

--Why did the search warrant affidavit list Dorner's vehicle as a Blue 2006 Nissan Titan, Cal plate 7X03191, yet the LAPD Officers who exchanged fire with Dorner in Corona describe his vehicle as a dark gray Nissan Titan pickup truck with CA license 8D83997?

--Why was Dorner's wallet reported to have been found at three different locations throughout the course of the manhunt: near the San Diego International Airport, the San Ysidro Port of Entry at the U.S.-Mexico border, and the burning cabin?

--Why would Dorner continue to claim (by telling the hostages in the cabin) that he was only trying to 'clear his name'--after at that point having killed three people?

--Exactly how many weapons linked to Dorner were used/discovered in this case? Why did law enforcement say he could have up to 30 weapons at one point? Why aren't the weapons allegedly owned by Dorner and displayed by the San Bernardino Sheriff in any way scorched by fire? How many of those weapons were legally owned? And how did he obtain any others? How did Dorner get the CS grenades and 37mm rounds displayed by the Sheriff in San Bernardino?

--Where are all the interviews of Dorner's buddies from his Navy days? What kind of training did he receive and what operations was he on? Was he just a mediocre officer doing his time at a series of mediocre assignments until he was shoved out, or was he some kind of special forces type, possibly having been part of the elite UDTs plus possibly earning the coveted gold wings of a naval aviator, as some sources indicated? What is the significance of his beginning his rampage just two days after receiving his final discharge from the inactive reserves? Why would he have gone to the Naval base in San Diego around this same time?

--What exactly was he doing for the last three years, after having left active, uniformed service in the Navy? Did he have any job at all in this time period?

--Is it just coincidence that the fatal attack on police in Riverside happened in a county with a sheriff who was very outspoken in his support of the 2nd amendment, and had been scheduled to host a talk about gun control efforts that week to nearly all of California's 58 Sheriffs?

posted on Feb, 21 2013 @ 11:59 PM
reply to post by WonderLustKing

One man with so many weapons. This is utter nonsense unless that man intends to arm a whole platoon. One man can only use one weapon at a time.

Insisting on quantity of weapons in his arsenal is not taking this story anywhere. It is meaningless.

Unless, it is aimed at all those "survivalists" and "preppers" that are popping around like mushrooms after rain.

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