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We are at a pinnacle point in species evolution, the choice we make will dictate the next chapter in

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posted on Feb, 3 2013 @ 11:35 AM
reply to post by RobbyMcGill

There is much within your text that finds agreement with me, and judging by the other responses here, also finds agreement with many others. And i thank you for having written it and shared your thoughts so eloquently. My response may seem a little off tangent, but i'd like to adopt a slightly less direct approach to all that you had to say, and come at the essence of it all from a different angle.

There are times in our collective History when unique Heroes, Thinkers, and Spiritually gifted people are born, individuals whose emotional, and mental capabilities far exceed those of the majority, whose capacity to formulate, implement and bring forth a vision of a possible future paves the way for the evolution of our species. Such people are enlightened and blessed with great foresight, fortitude and courage, and all have the utter determination to propel humankind along a new path towards a utopian dream. These people are not persuaded from their path by the attainment of illusionary wealth or power, but exist within the environment of the common man. They have no desire to protect and defend their individual fifedoms from another's deluded arrogance, or misplaced/misdirected competitive nature, or even from those compelled forwards by an insiduous propensity for power. Such supreme individuals exist purely as conduits of absolute Truth, Reason and Logic, their only attachment to our current way of being is in their physical prescence; they walk amongst as Messangers, here only to express the potential totality of all of us; to make manifest in the collective consciousness the ideas that will eventually permit mankind to escape from beneath the veil of indoctrinated thinking that has only ever given rise to death and destruction, to power lust, ignorance, arrogance, greed and the attainment of personal gratification so common place throughout the history of us all. Theirs is a Faith in the advancement of Thought, of Unity amongst us, of Harmony, and of the need to establish common denominators between all races, creeds, and people's of the World.

What differentiates theses individuals are their unique philosophies, their ideas, and their perception of a very different world to that which we have lived by and naively sustained since time immorial. Evolution requires change on every level imaginable. Yet even for our children, the education they receive does not teach them anything but merely conveys contemporary thought and the transmission of current values, morals, ethics and beliefs. These innocents are only truly being indoctrinated with the combined values of the past and the present, and there is no attempt to made to suggest at the future. Is it really not obvious that if we only teach our children about 'what is' and 'what was' that history will always continue to repeat itself? The diseased thinking that is endemic amongst those that 'lead' the world has always been passed on to our children within their respective and largely secular societies, for the simple reason that it is those in power who dictate the curriculum that underpins the teaching of them...and who ultimately benifits from such teaching other than those who hold tightly onto the reigns of extreme power and wealth anyway? And so the cycle continues unabated. So, surely Evolution is not so much about the final destination as predetermined by the elite, but more about the introduction and establishment of new mechanisms and methods needing to be adopted in getting there. And that can only happen when the collective consciousness of a World in pain is changed from the grass-roots up.

If the drive towards Humankind leaving this ball of rock to venture out into the Cosmos signifies our arrival at a point in our evolution when 'we' feel we are ready, when it is perhaps necessary to once again reach to a pint beyond that which we can currently grasp, how will we ever be able to accept the differences we find out there amongst the stars when as a species we still cannot accept the fundemental differences between ourselves?

posted on Feb, 5 2013 @ 02:30 AM
reply to post by rabzdguy

I was hoping this would be brought up! I think the over whelming occurrence would be a linked to such an event. If these UFOs have been visiting us as claimed by thousands, encouraging our evolution, teaching us and leading us, they would be here during this time. Watching the action, just as we all recently watched the superbowl.

However, I don't think they would or could directly help us reach the next step, I think the next step would be so important and monumental for a species, that all other species that have already evolved would understand the importance of it, and how significant it is.

Here's the way I see it, all species that evolve thought and understanding, will evolve to understand how the physical world around them works. So they will discover the powers to travel the stars (traveling the stars is not what's important, it's the technology required to do it) This power is what can destroy an entire race.
I think any species that are watching us make this transition, will have to make sure we can come together and make right decisions for an entire species.

But no doubt I think they're there!

posted on Feb, 5 2013 @ 03:50 AM
reply to post by daskakik

I guess the sense of urgency came from this sudden realization, again, I only had this thought a few days ago, that on top of how it seems like everything in this country is leading towards all hell. It's getting harder for people, and if you're unaffected by it, then I count you lucky. My family is not middle class, we're barely even upper lower class, however, we are the most loving caring people, and everyone of us, across this country are struggling.

So we have a shotty economic situation, that's not too bad...unless we go ahead and tag that up with ever escalating conflicts with countries all around the globe. So it's definitely seems to building to a boiling point.

Now, if my theory is correct, then we need to come up with a solution, you're right, I didn't present one, nor do I claim to have one, but I hope to open this discussion for some options:

Here's my theory:
All species must come to a defining moment during its evolution where it must put aside destructive tendencies and take responsibilities for the knowledge that its learned, or destroy itself and have to relearn all the secrets all over again.

I came to this theory while deducting that during the course of its evolution, the evolving species will learn the physics of nature, which contains all the knowledge needed to not only destroy itself but explore the depths of space.
Now, in the timeline of our entire galaxy (14 billion years if I that catchy intro tune for the big bang is accurate) well then I say that the mere 6000 years it took for humans to evolve from a cuneiform form of handwriting, to tablet computers in nearly every home! This is quite a feat, but the grand scheme of things, no time at all...
In between that time, we've had tribes form cities, and states and civilizations and empires, and lines drawn...but we were still learning, and the things we learned we kept them to ourselves (our cities, or our tribes or our states) because we're afraid that that knowledge could be used against us, the big stuff got out it always does!
So everyone gets their hands on bows and arrows, and then gun power, then machine guns, then goes on.

Here's where I think my theory is important, the next phase in knowledge has more destructive capabilities than any other shown so far, and if a species is allowed to evolve then their destructive capabilities are evolved as well.

So I think a major overhaul is needed in our society, an overhaul that will not happen overnight, and the idea needs to be presented, and it needs to be accepted, and it needs to be revolutionary.

There is urgency, the urgency is that this needs to happen soon, I would love to discuss what people would think an evolved society would look like, cause that's what it will need to be, a society better than capitalist america, What I will claim, that in its prime, it was the most evolved society. The better society needs make that america look like the dark ages!

I'm sorry this took so long to reply back, again, this is a fresh idea that I have, and I wanted to think about it some more. I still feel it's inevitable that this moment is experienced by all species, I don't know if I'm getting my full thoughts on the matter across or not, but I feel that eventually all evolving species will discover nuclear powers, and during the discoveries, there will be conflicts as the species's chiefs attempt to gain control over the resources and land, and these conflicts will lead to weaponizing the powers discovered. So before the weapons are used, I think the species need to come up with a solution, or start from the beginning.

posted on Feb, 5 2013 @ 04:01 AM
reply to post by RobbyMcGill

you are very much spot on. I am just posting so I can look over this thread later and see how it progresses. You did an excellent job with your OP.

Glad to have you around.
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