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I figured out what we can do about the powers that be and their plans

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posted on Dec, 27 2012 @ 12:22 PM
unfortunately this might not be what you are expecting...but hear me out.

while talking to a friend of mine about the hidden government and how they are shaping the world with certain events, and controlling the masses, he asked me..."at the end of the day what can you or me ever do about it?"..

and to be honest this has always been a very hard question to answer...why get caught up in all these conspiracies, and why would anyone want to know about all these things going on behind the scenes...if at the end of the day there's nothing we can do...

well there is something we can do.

you see i have traveled very far into the "rabbit hole" i have analyzed all things brought forth by many different people with many different theories and points of view. but for some reason at the end of the matter how hard i try to fight it, it all seems to boil down to good vs other words the emergence of the anti Christ...and the return of a prophet/alien/savior/ what ever else you want to call it/him.

it finally came to me...with the direction this world is headed...its all so clear now...its been in front of our face this whole time...think about it...all the DISTRACTIONS...people butchering themselves, the sex, technology,the drugs, the partying, the lack of empathy, the disconnection between humans and their creator. its ALL PART OF THEIR PLAN. they are working towards building a world where idolizing celebrities and sex,drugs,partying, and technology rule over all...our new gods, a world of materialism and distractions. you can already see this in the younger generation, and im only 24...

this is the part where we can DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT....its easy...just believe in a creator and find inner peace within yourself. and try, try, try as you might not to get caught up in the distractions, i know its in our nature as human species. but we must strive to walk the straight path. and always ask for forgiveness, its never too late, not only with god but with those closest to you.

the maya were happened...just like the 3 wise men read the stars and predicted the birth of the son of did the maya, except they predicted the birth of the anti christ. and the media played it off as a mass "doomsday" scenario to throw off the people. in fact something did happen on the day they predicted however we wont see it until several years from now i would say between 35 to 48 years from now. much suffering, persecution, and surveillance.

this is where we come in... the reason we are alive in this time right now is to warn our children, they will be the last of a dying breed, the last of the "believers" the last of the faithful. even if you dont have kids, spread the word to your friends and relatives tell them to believe in god and his son, and not to stray, they dont even need to go to church or read the bible, as long as they believe it in their hearts.

don't get distracted

and now many of you will see in this thread the perfect example of those who have gone stray , those who once believed and are now lost, but there is hope even for them.

he was born and soon he will walk amongst us. don't forget these words that i have spoken today.

take care
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posted on Dec, 27 2012 @ 12:38 PM
So it has to be your brand of Religion? not any Hindu gods etc? just your type and everything will be ok.

I bet if TPTB read your post they would laugh their heads off but post "Yes what a great idea".
The world has always been like it is it is human nature, I don't think it is getting any worse at all in fact it is getting better but the media only pick up on the bad stuff.
"Believe in Christ and you will be ok" Pfft right sure.

posted on Dec, 27 2012 @ 12:53 PM
reply to post by boymonkey74

as long as you BELIEVE that there is a creator and that justice will be brought to this sentient race.

and i would have to disagree with your opinion that times are indeed getting better, unless you have been living under a rock for the last 100 years all you have to do is stand in line outside a walmart on black Friday, and as i told you i am fairly young i graduated high school a couple of years ago and it is still freshly in my memories the things these kids were doing that my parents didn't even hear off in their times.

and we can fast forward to today's youth and the chaotic path they are spiraling towards is as clear as water.

i am not shoving any religion down your throat...nor do you have to go to any churches or even read any bibles.

when the time comes you will have to chose a side, unfortunately by then it would have been too late. so make your choice now..

find INNER piece, for some its Christ for some its Buddha for some its Allah, etc...

at the end of the day they are all one.

posted on Dec, 27 2012 @ 12:56 PM
reply to post by ooYODAoo

I don't know about the second point you make about the anti-Christ being born, or how you know that he has. But I agree with the first point, the revelation you had about society and how we're distracted by all these things and that it's intentional. I thought that was obvious. It's one reason I don't own a cell phone.

We probably wouldn't agree about who is behind this manipulation of the human race though.

posted on Dec, 27 2012 @ 01:00 PM
There is no such thing as the power that be or it should have been from start till the end.

Those people want to be looked as almighty and high.

That is why they invent such words to scare unstable people.

They are happy with the illusion though.

This is just my opinion on TPTB.

I propose that we invent a new word instead of the power that be , so that we can mock them.


posted on Dec, 27 2012 @ 01:10 PM
reply to post by mideast

you are right, in a way. however technically they ARE the powers that be.

given the fact that every decision they make world wide literally affects your way of life. unless you are living in the woods somewhere off the land and completely independent of any technology and food source whatsoever, then i would say they wouldn't be called the powers that be.

however this is where you are right, you see they might be the powers that be when it comes to chaos, materialism, and every other distraction, but they CANT have control of your soul and spirit, as long as you hold on to those things tight they will never be in full control of you, and this is the point that i am trying to bring across.

dont let them win you over with all these distractions that temp the human side of us, we and by we i mean our inner selves be it spirit or soul or what ever you want to call it, has to be in control.

posted on Dec, 27 2012 @ 02:00 PM

Originally posted by ooYODAoo
reply to post by boymonkey74

as long as you BELIEVE that there is a creator and that justice will be brought to this sentient race.

No, not at all actually. The only justice that can and should be served, would be by US and no one else.

posted on Dec, 27 2012 @ 02:25 PM
Faith, in a edited version or religion or just spirituality, Faith in Love and Goodness, the Good Spirit, the Spirit of Peace and Love (weed out all the smiting and instructions to murder in the religions and anything sexist, for all of that is dark side, only LOVE: forgiveness, healing, helping, teamwork, gentleness, intelligence, compassion, sharing, equality, freedom, non-retaliation, peace, etc. Because if you turn the dial on that up to far beyond human understanding, that is the Higher Ups and God if you believe in One Spirit of Goodness.

Faith is very good. And reporting for duty each day.

Knowing that the PTB only are empowered by the flaws in us, so look in the mirror, and ask for help to dislodge and overcome our weaknesses.

Gifts of Kindness to others, be patient and try to lend a helping hand, don't judge anyone, walk in their shoes instead.

Now if people were truly awake, (so more and more awareness campaigns are needed), they wouldn't need to be fierce. I don't believe in any violent overthrow. They would use the power of positivity. They would forgive and pray for the leaders and black ops, but expect changes, accountability, remorse, unconditional forgiveness true, but still wanting them to grow up, not co-dependency and propping up their psychopathic control.

OK, aside from positivity, and thinking really positive thoughts, working out small win/win and positive goals daily, turning all negatives around. Watch a bad movie or hear their fear based news, it released an emotional charge, and therefore had co-creational abilities. Well denounce them, sit down and work out what it caused you to feel or think, and then rewrite those into positive statements of the opposite, and state them over and over, affirmations, and then say AMEN and turn into prayers, not just "I'm God I can create magic" affirmations. Because they are positive, but truly the Good Family isn't into thrones and worship.. They're very humble of heart, and focus on working and helping others, Love works to hep. Team work.

After that, think more awake people and simply writing in some really aware, peg the stuff on them, kind of letters and tell them the only world you support, some thing akin to a higher clean technology Venus Project without them, no standing under anyone, empowered citizens. Or whatever....dream your best dreams and be Loving in them, and tell them you don't support them in their plans.

If over half the people were writing in twice a month long letters that their aids have to scan for threats, they would be shocked out of their trees.

Never be fooled by the distractions and never believe official stories, because even if the odd one was true, they don't deserve to be believed, so it would be their fault they weren't. Don't prop this up anymore.

I vividly picture people getting together locally, forming networks across the nations, passing the hat and setting up eco farms for the homeless, various ones, some for the mentally ill that got kicked out of their homes, the others for families, shining ABUNDANCE. Abundance in for someone, should mean Abundance out for others. We should be using our gifts to help others, that is why we came to begin with with our health, energy and talents.

And, I picture the leaders having no support, not being bellieved, people refusing to obey unlawful laws, and being vocal, letting them continually know, that they're out, and we're running our own people next time and forever, no matter how many murders these others think they can pull off. It is for sure over, and we want the clean high tech out too.

And then I see vividly, the leaders and corps, apologizing, tears running down their faces, ratting each other out and disclosing, guilt showing, donning robes and serving everyone. The Lion/Wolf lies down with the lamb!

posted on Dec, 27 2012 @ 04:11 PM
There are many versions and ways to view why we're here, and Sleeper says, prison/school/reform school, almost like a boot camp, to overcome bloodlust and greed and become useful cosmic citizens in. So without trying to go ego in this, but I like to have as many possible ideas in the mix, because it could be basically the same for everyone, or a mixture of different reasons for each person, the more ideas the better.

This is one way I look at it. If in a dreamscape, school, a kind of virtual compterized reality, a dark side, darth vader, nazi type system got up and running, bullying whole planet for a long time, and this planet had a history of bullies all along, from sumar/annanuki, Ets, to Rome, just ugly patriarchal, macho, dog eat dog, rank and file, gangster type inequality and abuses and wars, for ages.

Ok from a higher levels, students might enter the story. The story already exists, each snapshot forever. The story could be like a movie that like the game Spore, generated out of AI even, we don't know.

So, its possible we enter in, to an already existing outline story, random generation out of AI, and rather dark side, to play out roles and try to recreate them with free will, try to nudge our family who we love very much, who got overpowered by negativity and nazi's in the story, (there is no time, so we knew this) and came in to help, but also fine tune ourselves, and the try to shine light stuff, try to be good in a nazi world, try to overcome the valley of darkness. Yes faith helps but also connecting with our Higher Self, and having faith in Love within everyone and ourselves as well. Striving to improve our communication skills, fine tuning, etc.

posted on Dec, 28 2012 @ 09:29 AM
reply to post by ooYODAoo

I have been long monitoring their actions and decisions.

They like to be shown as the one purpose of every change , but they are not.

They have many screens and speakers , they just talk much.

It is me and you that is giving them much credit.

Although they have advertised materialism , but they have not invented it.Materialism has been around for thousands of years. So they are just advertising it. They are professional advertiser.

They are making beautiful packages and selling the bad old leis.

Try what I say , or think about it.

Stop listening to their music , watching their movies and buying their ads . Then you will see there are powerful people who are fighting those people who want a ptb.

+ You said that they can affect my life. And I think it's true. But they advertise like they are controlling my life , that I disagree with.

I walk my own path , I choose in every aspect of thinking and action , as much as I can.

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