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The NWO - how it is so appealing, how it is managed, how it maintains

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posted on Dec, 19 2012 @ 02:03 PM
I would like to throw some ideas out for discussion (argue these, ask questions or bring your own thoughts)

The NWO thus far is not complete, therefore the 'promise of' must be enough to lure those who are brought into the circle to entrust their children and children's children into the fold (of safe, secure survival). This would include allowing the brains behind this ingenious plan to give those 'in the loop, but not quite yet secured' to be given notice if something occurs. This is why the illuminati gestures (symbols) of others are given in public order that those who are part or contributing TO the group know to ignore or bypass the logic of it all, because it's purpose is not of their purpose but of the 'whole'. Thus, why ele would musicians/movie stars etc even care? considering they have millions and millions, isn't that enough to satisfy them? Obviously not, since they have been told that money isn't they key--money in their hands via the hearts and minds they have distracted, through the hard earned money they took from people who could have otherwise done something more productive, money is the reward for changing a person's mood (up or down) or perhaps even luring their soul's toward a demonic state of being.

some key points of the beginning and then the final inclusion (livelihood) of them (including daily life, occupation,economy (free trade system), Medicine/Health, commodities and most importantly how the Law will work (Justice, freedom, sexuality, birth/death):

firstly, to those of us not included (and to those that actually survive) will be as the mercy (none will be given unless intense petition is done on behalf of such person by a member) of those that 'own' us. This will be done on a first serve/monetary/stock/power/attention basis. Those that have created wealth (and we know what wealth is, it is merely accumulation of 'something' on the premise of taking time/energy/creativity from others. We all know this is what $$ means. It is the most apt who have the most, by the ability to *destroy yet another generation by building it up. (* to be continued another time).

The Life:

Life will be spacious. Families will have acerages beyond belief, spread throughout the world (chosen locations) but mostly on a time-share basis. No peoples will actually have a 'homeland' so to speak of, since they will move on a sched. for designated tasks. No actual home base (in premise to keep up creativity and a cleverly timed evolutionary process *planned*).

Occupation: No one would have one specialty. Different skills are available in every person therefore they are shifted to remove any instinctual habit forming or stagnancy. One could be a doctor one day, a fisherman the next (who needs a vacation after that??). It is similar to the Scientology (that we are all familair with, but just using S as an example) method. You go where you are needed and necessary and move on to elsewhere just as necessary. It could be examplified by being in the military and having 3 choice locations, fav. occupations but if life calls those are variated--so be it. But the three would be highly recommended to keep one happy.

Economy: No money, a point system of sorts instead. Each area of the planet is obviously prone to be productive in each of the many means of sustanance (food, water, mining, etc). Those areas will be the basis of the rest of us being in existence (slavery). Each occupation may have a point system according to energy spent (physical or mental) but in general most occupations are happily done, if not enjoyed incredibly (especially since one is not done for so long that it becomes dull or monotonous).

Medicine: Will be closer to the holistic method again. Actual technology will be used when necessary but less likely to occur because of the cleaner environment, water and ability to aid in genetic regeneration/restoration techniques. Each location has free medical and doctors on-site or within proxmimity in case of emergency. The cures that have been hidden (cancer etc) soon will not be needed because cells become healthier because of the gene-cleaning due to the lack of toxins and carcinoens.

Law: Law within these boundaries and peoples is simple, based upon the 10 Commandments (lie, steal, cheat, etc) but akin to a tribe-structure in which everyone knows your business...they KNOW your business. All 'crimes' are televised (even petty theft) similarly as Judge Judy and this sort of ideal is enough to prevent anyone from committing a crime (since the family, even friends are also mentioned or shown). Guild or innocence is easily discovered or 'judged', even perhaps by phone vote (American Idol style), all is calculated and the person (his family) is fined points (which they also achieve by being better citizens, not just by the work they do). Worse case scenerio--your loved one is so much trouble that they become slave-material or encouraged to death by suicide (for the family's benefit). Families that have been the victim of said crimes will weigh heavily and also be represented (perhaps in person) to aid in the punishment process, if any. Victims (or family) may also be given choice to allow to choose the fate of the guilty party (even if it is expulsion from that 'area' for a lifetime or prison or death--perhaps even servitude to the victim's family). *reminds me of the Seinfeld 'butler' episode lol.

Education: Education will be essential, strict yet creative. Slaves will not be educated, their memories wiped clean of any ideals of a 'constitution' or rights from their parents or other. Education that has been hidden from the masses will now be taught (including the esoteric). Whichever branch of education a person seeks to be interesting and enjoyed will be encouraged but not exclusive or necessary. If one does well in for example 'medicine' they are encouraged but no extra points are deserving because of that, no more than those of a creative (artist) nature and visa versa.

Occupation: All areas (farming, cooking, nursing, even prison (slave) guard/medical, technology are given rotation (to those that qualify or request). Every occupation is done for the good of all. Even musicians and artists (actors) they 'sing for their supper' again. No more divas, no more movie is merely a job. A job as important and equal to the gardener (because he is also an artist who enjoys his work).

Economy: All rations are traded. Merely putting in a chit and it arrives. Once given they cannot be traded or bartered for other rations but returned or kept (if parishable). Accumulation of goods is frowned upon (for it upsets the very system). You get what you need, living well is not difficult, you will have the best of everything.

Slaves: Simpletons. Uneducated, unspoken to, doutbful to even be able to speak at all (perhaps grown up learning the symbols to know their trade ONLY). Castrated chemically or physically. Those that are not are separated from the opposite sex to avoid the trouble of offpring protection mode therefore disruption. Unable to speak (voicebox disabled *planet of the apes style) or hearing disabled is a given. This avoids the possibility of even translating 'the nwo' language even if they did understand it, they wouldn't be able to speak to teach it to others. Slaves are also used for medical advancements and/or sexual favours/pets.

So, the PROMISE: Clean air, clean food, freedom (from cities,garbage, stress etc).

Wouldn't or would YOU keep a secret and want to rid of others that you deem to be 'wasted space/resource sucking parasites' if this is the life of your grandchildren? What other promises do you think they are given to make them want so badly to rid of millions??

*more to follow

*also, would like to add that the future generations of these people will be happily indocrinated by this system, especially if there is a 'historic view' via old movies of us (we watch or hear of our own ancestors and how silly and primitive they seemed to us). Imagine how children 40 years from now will look at old videos of people knocking eachother over for an ipad, or shooting someone else because of the color of their skin. Even imagine the time and resources put into the stupidity of killing millions of trees just for wrapping paper? Imagine anything, and it seems ridiculous when you think of how we live.

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posted on Dec, 19 2012 @ 02:14 PM

The NWO - how it is so appealing...

One word: LIE...

ALL of it.

This is WHY everything we "know" and believe is a lie.

This is ALSO the biggest clue as to WHO is behind all of it.

AKA: The father of ALL lies...

posted on Dec, 19 2012 @ 02:22 PM
reply to post by Murgatroid

If this is a lie, I would like to ask would 'Satan' go about ridding of the NWO generation?

My thoughts? Those people being confonted and told how and why they are alive and what their grandparents had to do to achieve this. It would be even more guilt and persicution than any German (even today) citizen had to deal with after WWII, just for surviving and not stopping it.

Is this when finally he (Lucifer) gets his way? Because those that contributed to the end of the world are the ones who he laughs in the face of?

Is this how we begin again at day one? People (escaped slaves) who have no language continuing on to learn --the same mistakes?

posted on Dec, 19 2012 @ 02:23 PM
"The bigger the lie, the more it will be believed." - Joseph Goebbels

Its happens to be true..

posted on Dec, 19 2012 @ 02:24 PM
Lucifer will only "get his way" for 7 years.

posted on Dec, 19 2012 @ 02:29 PM
reply to post by dollukka

Dollukka, does this mean you believe the NWO (does not exist) is a lie or the ideals I presented that are the promises of?

posted on Dec, 19 2012 @ 03:17 PM

Originally posted by dianashay
If this is a lie...

Is this how we begin again at day one?

There is no IF...

Last year I began to research OWS because I wanted to find out WHO was really behind it.

To make a long story short I DID find out after hundreds of hours of reading.

Some nights I stayed up til 5AM day after day because I finally found the TRUTH...

It left me in a state of shock because I came to realize that:

“Nothing is as it appears to be.” ~ Robert Booth Nichols

"We will know that we have succeeded when everything the public believes is false" ~ William J. Casey

THIS is where you need to start.

By coming to terms with the FACT that we have been DECEIVED massively.

These people are not only out for blood, they are after eternal SOULS.

NEVER forget this.

posted on Dec, 21 2012 @ 01:42 PM
reply to post by Murgatroid

Well, aside from likely being given a 'heads up' to move to safer ground when a natural or unnatural (man made, mass hysterial or deaths), what else will this civilization be (even refer to the Guidestones if you must) in detail?

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