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Fantasy/Sci fi RPG Game, using Google Earth as World Map.

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posted on Dec, 11 2012 @ 03:51 PM
reply to post by zysin5

Nah if you look into the Races of Fearun they are listed there and in the DMG as well as player characters.

I do something different with HP though.

I don't subscribe to the whole -10 and your dead. I think that's stupid. I do half of total hit point pool. I still make you roll the save for half or more than half HP.

So if you're a 10th level fighter with 80 HP, you have to reach -40 for me to consider you dead.

If you want a good healer that can also dish out decent ammount of damage, Favored Soul.

They get divine casting and level as a fighter.

That or a Paladin, although you'd have to go Blackguard for that one to make sense.

Also something else to think about is to hire NPC's.

You can get 5th level warriors relatively cheap in any city and they do a good job of protecting the stuff and you for about 5 gold a week.

If you are starting at 10th level and above, here's an idea:

Give your character the Leadership feat. Free cohort and a bunch of little peons. I let my players cash in the lower level ones for higher level ones at a rate of 4 to 1.

So you can trade in 4 lvl 0's for 1 level 1 and so on.

Let me know if you want a few character builds, I can russle some up for you.

ETA: as for the evil campaign, and Im sure you know this.

It's VERY difficult. Cause everybody is trying to kill you. The challange ratings for stuff shoudl be at least +2 for evil campaigns and normally it's hard to make a campaign where all the players aren't trying to kill each other.

What I did is institute a thing where they were all working for the same boss who didn't put up with in fighting.

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posted on Dec, 11 2012 @ 10:08 PM
reply to post by tothetenthpower

Yeah most sertinly! When you have some time, russle me up a Blackguard lvl 1. If you could, also make a version of that charater as lvl 8, detailing what feats and powers will be used upon gaining a level. I am sure I will not take them beyond lvl 8 anytime soon. Version of Dungeons and Dragons 3.5.

What version are you normally playing with? Or is it a patch work of systems like I normally do when I DM.
The DM of this game this sunday is playing strichly under 3.5 D&D rules.
So 1 Blackguard/male, Female cleric/Fighter, A hybrid of your own making and choice, suprise me

That will be 3 NPC starting at level, with details of what feats to take upon leveling up to 8. When you have some time, No Big rush on that.. I have until sunday. Me personally I just started with Version 3.5. LIke I said most my DM games where homebrew, mish mash of a whole bunch of systems married together that worked for me at the time.
Thanks Tenth!!!

Now to take a little time to talk about the google Earth maps system.. I should have been more clear in my OP.
But it totally was out of my head when it should be been at the very top of the list.. heh.
But that is how most this stuff works, so much information, and work that goes into these things, that you end up missing HUGE parts missing out on the explaintion.

Are you familar with MUSH, or MUD?
MUSH-- Multi user Share Hallucination
Text based game that is played through players and staff, that is a changing world, and is directly affected by players and staff.

MUD -- Multi User Dungeon
Fixed Game module-- All preset, or varibles. Normally takes one staff member and works much like a Module would work. Prefixed rooms, and encounters. Nothing really changes in the grand scope, unless its part of the main story line.

I would like for this Google Earth map driven system work under MUSH, and MUD systems as they would play out online.
Really the only use for using Google Earth is simply for the map feature. Everything else in Google Earth would be a revamp, or MUD of the overworld.
There is just such a huge and beautiful world out there.. That with some thought and effort could be turned into an alternate universe of what our planet is.
I would try to call it for now on.. Parallel Earth.. instead of Google Earth.

Parallel Earth exists in a parallel universe. Travel between earths is possible by "slide"-ing through a wormhole referred to as an "Einstein-Rosen-Podolsky bridge."

Many of the worlds the Sliders encounter have alternate histories to that of Earth Prime. Allowing the group to explore what would have happened, for example, if America was conquered by the Soviet Union, if Britain had won the American War of Independence, if penicillin had not been invented, or if men were subservient to women.

That is why this can cross over into Sci Fi/ Fantasy driven game. Laser blasters, spaceships, swords, Armor, and Magic!

We could use many Earthly based Conspiracy theories as possible story lines, into different Parallel Earths! You could cross over from one Parallel Earth to another Parallel Earth. Such as one will be with dinosaurs evovled into the intelligent beings upon Earth.
Zombie Outbreak, Alien Invasion of many sorts! Demon Gates opening all over the world, Science mishap, and total break down of society making mutants, Fallout type post Nuked Earth. Religion take gets out of control, and bringing Angels and Demons to battle on Earth. There would be so many possible Parallel Earths.

And if you have ever played a MUSH, or MUD text based game.. You will clearly see how this could work and operate. The only thing is.. Do I make a whole new system from the ground up.. Or simply go with a premade system and just base my ideas around a structe already in use?
Such as with my friends, we are going with D&D 3.5. That was the vote of the group.. The will of the party has spoken. But we are just a private group of people playing for fun.

I however have great passionate dream, that I could create my own system, and my own world based in RPG story writer, designer, and artist for some RPG game that is make for others to play with their friends. Or better yet, even be turned into a video game, that is up to my standards for the game I would want to have released. I just am very aware, this path is very difficult lets say to either be totally original, some idea comes from another based idea. However corporations own video game company's. And they do not not make it for the love or the passion of these ideas. Only for the gain they put in their pocket.. Running out of room.. Next POST.. 2
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posted on Dec, 11 2012 @ 10:25 PM
These corporations that own the RPG realm, and the video game realm really rush most these games that they put out. Granted I say there are some really great, and beautiful RPG games out there. However many have been rushed titles, and they cut corners, and just flooded the market out with it, tried to make it mainstream. RPG fans are a core group of people who are mostly not of the mainstream.

When I was growing up in middle school. There where kids that where not allowed to hang out with me. And I was known in school as a Satan Whorshipper! LOL Haha, it was a craze if you brought D&D books to school, kids would ask their parents about it.. As we did it after school, there was a D&D club in our middle school and highschool..
Its strange at the time the reaction you got from that in those days.

If you are going to take a claymore and take off someones head.. You are clearly messed up in the head to start with. D&D or any other RPG system game has never forced anyone killing or hurting anything. Unless you are a LARPER, and accidents do happen, but I do not think foam swords prove fatal. LOL.
Most people just do it for the fun of it.. And the love of it.
I do it for the fun of it, and love and passion I have for the craft of a well put together RPG, MUSH, MUD, MMO ect.
Corporations however have the power, and total control over what is put out there, and what can make $$$$. Its like letting the Wizards do all the work. And they are enslaved by a society of Illithids'( These are the only Psionics NPC, Mobs, I will use in any system, and they are the only ones in the universe with these powers. That is what makes them so nasty when I use them in any of my games.) Comparing them to Corporations!

So as much as I would love to have my own brand, there is a lot of work that goes into that, and wording everything ever so correctly not to break copy right laws, or intel property. If it could be done, I would make a great member to any game making team looking to take a chance on a girl with some cool ideas, and is oldschool. Or just do the damn thing myself! Either way it will be enjoy'ed by some. But to share your idea with the world, and making that mark in the universe vibrates and lives on long past ones death.
I have done it with my Art, and my music. Now its time for me to complete this task.

posted on Dec, 12 2012 @ 11:55 AM
reply to post by zysin5

We play strict 3.5 unless it's Modern D20.

I'm happy to make that NPC for you.

I'm going to send you a PM shortly with the info and I can email a completed sheet to you.

As for the blackguard it is a prestige class that you can take at like 6th or 7th if you wanna use Core rules.

Otherwise, I can make a custom class for you starting at 1st.
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Or we can do it the tradional way, I'll build you a cleric of proper level up to the requirements for blackguard and provide the leveling scheme all the way to 15th for you including feats and gear.
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