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Fantasy/Sci fi RPG Game, using Google Earth as World Map.

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posted on Dec, 6 2012 @ 06:06 PM
I have always had fun with Google Earth. Going around the world exploring places I have never been, and places that I have been. Google Earth has changed since I was using it, and now has 3d images and you can walk down a street when zoomed in totally, and see the ground via photographs.
And then I had this idea... Why not use Google Earth images, and the whole map system for a fantasy setting alternate universe scenerio.
All of the houses, and pictures are already taken. Next thing needed is just a little imagination! And a system that would fit into the maps.

This would work fairly simple as a TEXT based RPG, and just using Google Earth for maps, and ground locations set via cords. As the person setting the game up, would decide what area is being used. And just do some simple random generation for what stuff is inside the houses. How many people in that area. ect ect. Depending on where you want to go with this.

Here is my idea.. And if anyone would like to join in on this.. Please just make a reply in this thread, and that will show me you are interested in a forum based text RPG that uses Google Earth.

Zombies!--- I want to use Google maps, and make a game that is based around the end of days in a zombie outbreak. You will be given a start area cordinates. And will work around a Turn based system.
All things will run off Random number generators for Stat skills.
Attack and Defence numbers. Not sure If I want to make this Dungeon and dragons rule based or not yet.

I just may create a whole new system. It should serve as fairly simple. Most of the work will come in and generating the surrounding area.
Such as each house in an area could stand for 2-5 zombies per house hold.
Each house could have gear, supplies, ammo and or other usable things for the charaters.
That will be figured in a number roll and % rating, and by using Google Earth, we can take into consideration, low income areas VS high income areas. Zones totally overran by Zombies, or areas that would prove to be much safer than others. Such as low population areas where the players could try to reach.

So this is just in idea state right now.. Anyone else that wants to pipe in on this thought, please feel free to add your ideas and thoughts to this.
Now this idea can work for so many various things other than just zombies. Could do Alien invasion, Terroist invasions, the sky is the limit!! But I want to start my beta idea as a zombie outbreak so I can get the system worked on, and then after that, I will have a system put in place, and it could be used for any other idea type.

This is a work in progress... So just putting these ideas out here, so that I when I come back, I can read this and remember where I was going with this whole thing.

---PS- Mods.. Feel free to move this thread.. Not sure where I should put it at.. But this is based off a Fantasy or Sci Fi fictional story, that can be played as an RPG text based game using google earth for map reference.

posted on Dec, 6 2012 @ 07:07 PM
First here is the number Generator.
D6 This link will take you to the Dice 6 rolls.
Random Gen 1-999999 D? Can be used for the higher base rolls as this one goes 1 - highest number in system 999999.

Charater skill matrix.

Strenght 3d6 possible 3-18 Strenght denotes how strong you are physically. How much you can carry, and how hard you can hit. Also factors in what type of weapon you can use with ease.

Constitution 3d6 possible 3-18 - Constitution denotes how physically strong you are. Health and resistant to virus and other harmful illness. Con. factors into how many Hit points you have, and how well you resist posion and disease. Also factors into how much stamina one has.

Dexterity 3d6 possible 3-18- Dex denotes how fast a person is, how nimble and quick you are. Dex factors into what weapons you can use, how well you use them. Hand to hand. Factors into your movement speed. Factors into how silent you can move, and how well you can pick a lock.

Intelligence 3d6 possible 3-18 -Int denotes how fast a person can learn from their surroundings. How much knowledge can be gathered by books, and knowing about fixing machines/computers. Factors in on sertin types of saving throws.

Charsima 3d6 possible 3-18 Charsima determines how physically attractive a person is. And this is not just a skin deep affect. A high char. can denote leadership, and the higher the char. is. The more likely people feel safe around you, and like you. The lower the char. the less likely strangers are to trust you, and help you. Also factors into the size of party you can be around without any social issues.

Street Smarts- 1d6 possible 1-6 -- Street smarts is not about being book smart. But more about comman sense factors. A person with high street smarts knows where to look for supplies, and where not to look for supplies.
Street smarts is a factor of luck, and over all affects all other stats.

Shooting skill 1d6 possible 1-6-- Shooting skills is just as it says. How good are you with aiming and shooting to hit your target. This skill can be raised with training and with exp. And also, what types of Firearms you are able to use.

I think that about covers our base stats for this system I have working here..
The 3-18 scores will work as such.

3-6 Below average. These scores will infact give you -1 to all rolls.
7-11 Average. These scores give the player no advantage or disadvatage.
12-15 Above average, these scores Give the player +1 to all rolls.
16-17 exceptional scores, Give the player +2 to all rolls
18 Peak performance! Give the player +3 to all rolls.

Strenght chart-
3-Child like--- Weight carrly allowance- 35lbs Disable hand to hand fighting due to weakness
4-Child like-- Weight carrly allowance- 40lbs Disable hand to hand fighting due to weakness
4-6 Teenage like--Weight carrly allowance- 55bs Can use small based weapons, Hand to hand.

7-Adult like-- Weight carrly allowance- 85lbs Can use small, medium based Weapons. HtH
8 Adult like--Weight carrly allowance- 95lbs Can use small, medium based Weapons. HtH
9 Working Adult-- Weight carrly allowance- 130lbs Can use small, medium based Weapons. HtH
10-11 Working Adult--Weight carrly allowance- 155lbs Can use small, medium based Weapons. HtH

12-13 Novice athlete--Weight carrly allowance- 180lbs Use Small, medium, heavy Weapons HtH
14-15 Athlete --Weight carrly allowance- 210lbs Use Small, medium, heavy Weapons HtH

16 body builder--Weight carrly allowance 250lbs Use Small, medium, heavy Weapons HtH
17 body builder--Weight carrly allowance 300lbs Use Small, medium, heavy Weapons HtH

18- Peak human--Weight carrly allowance 400lbs Can use all HtH weapon, can duel weild 2 heavy HtH, Granted Dex is high enough to allow.

That is Part 1.. Main charater Stat matrix-- And Strenght Chart.
Next will be the charts for the rest of the skills..

I am basing this system right now, off the old school D&D stat number system.. however you will see that with over time, there will be some major differences.
Still not sure how I want to work the Amor class and hitting system.. I know I want to stay away from Thaco.
So I am going to crunch some numbers here, and see what system I come up with that works best in this system I have working here.

posted on Dec, 6 2012 @ 07:10 PM
Have you seen Ingress?

A google map/gps/real world game where you need to capture portals (monuments or something in real life) and so on..

I can't play it as it's not available in Aus yet... but I could really get into this.

Not sure if it's the same as you were referring to, just pointing it out incase you go to all the trouble of starting it, only to find someone else has done similar and you'd go with that.

It's google, so maybe not..

good idea tho, bringing mmorpg to the real world. I can imagine it being a bit dangerous at times in real life, with freaks out there tho.. lol


posted on Dec, 6 2012 @ 07:23 PM

Originally posted by winofiend
Have you seen Ingress?

I have not seen that winofiend, but thanks for sharing the link with me.. I will check it out

Yeah this idea I have rolling around in my head has been here for about a year or so now. So I am almost 100% sure there are others out here with the same type of idea I have. I can not count the numbers of cool video games that have come out, and Ive always been like.. heh, I thought of something like that!!!

This is just a side hobby of mine, and hoping to save some time on all the maps I have to make when it comes game time. I have a group of about 7 people who play old school D&D with me like 1 time every month or so. Or when we all have time off work, or can find a good time to play.

I just see this idea here, will be able to take my table top, and put it into cyber space, and this way, my friends and I can game, and it will be under a new pretext. Just put them into this world.. As the maps are already there, and all I have to do, is come up with a good story line.. Generate all the stuff that would be in houses, and places. And it is all going to be done.. Via texting by taking turn base moves. Some turns will be longer.. But once you get into combat, it will go down to the single round type system.

As I said.. This is just a beta idea for me.. and I have all sorts of systems, I am going to put forth to this.

As with the game I have here, its more driven by the mind than being able to take your guy and run around the maps and shoot things.
The thing I have thinking here, is just using Google Earth as my maps, and allow the players the chance to turn on their Google earth, and play a text based game in real time.

Using cords as location placements.. And when the charater moves.. Its all done under the cords, and the story line can play out while they are making choices of where to go, and how to find supplies.. And kill zombies!

But this Zombie idea like I said, is just going to be beta... I know I can do much better than just zombies,, but zombies are always a fun start, and would work well with Google maps as a starting point to get this system down.

Your more than welcome to join in here.. If you would like to make a charater.. And have this charater be put into this new Earth..
I am looking for a group of 10 players to start.
Each player will start around the game starting location as others..
I just have to now work on Class types for this Zombie Text Google base.
Thinking standards.. Fighters, Theifs, -- But rename them something more up to date.. LIke the wizard or mage class could be Scientist. But no cleircs or preists, as magic does not work here on Earth.. Or in this setting..
But hell.. You could use Google Earth, and make it fantasy setting too.. I just do not want to get ahead of myself just yet, and start putting in magic.. that is a lot of work, and will put spells and stuff in later once the system is more set in stone.

Thanks for your reply

posted on Dec, 6 2012 @ 07:48 PM
Dex Chart.

3- disabled- Charater likely is very old, or is suffering from a disability, Can not climb, Can not swim, or Run. movement 4
4- Over weight- Charater is either very old, or suffers from to much weight. Can not climb, or Run. Movement 5
5-6- Slow poke- Is not known for their quick moves, but can climb, run and swim. Movement 6

7- Average- Can sprint up 20MPH, / Movement 10
8- Average 2- Can sprint up to 25MPH/ Movement 11
9 -Average 3- Can sprint up to 28MPH /Movement 12
10-11- Peak Average Can sprint up to 30MPH/Movement 14

12-13 Novice athlete-- Sprint up to 30-35MPH/Can use 2 small weapons one in each hand+Run+Climb+Swim/Movement 15
14-15 Athlete --Sprint up to 34-37 MPH/Can use 2 small weapons one in eachhand +Run+Climb+Swim /Movement 17

16 Pro Athlete--Sprint up to 38-39 MPH/Can use 2 medium weapons one in each hand+Run+Climb+Swim /Movement 18
17 Marathon Athlete--Sprint up to 39-40 MPH/Can use 2 medium weapons one in each hand+Run+Climb+Swim /Movement 20

18- Peak human--Sprint up to 40-45MPH. /Can use 2 heavy weapons one in each hand+Run+Climb+Swim /Movement 25

Con Chart--
3- disabled Suffers from very weak immune system, likely to already have cancer or another great illness. Can not defend from comman colds, and other virus.Sickly and unhealthy. / -3 to HP, -3 Save Vs. Poison, virus, diease.

4-5- Sickly and weak frame. Likely to just be very ill prone person. Suffers from some form of cronic disorder. Unhealthy. -2 HP -2 save VS poison, virus, diease.

6-7 Average health, Less likely to be prone to any form of illness. Has suffered many ups and downs. Has no known disorders, and is considered healthy person. No + nor any -.

8-10 Healthy Has a good health and life force is strong in these people. Does not get as sick as most people, and can offer blood transfusions. +1HP +1 Save Vs. Poison, Virus, diease.

11-13 Sturdy Health- Has above normal health, the body works with the mind to overcome many illness that some weaker people may fall vitcum too. You can spare up to 1 pint extra on blood donations. +2HP and +2 Save Vs P.V.D.

14-16 Stought Health- Very Healthy person. Their natural ability to defend from illness is very high, No cancer or diease in family history. comes from strong genes. Can offer 2 pints extra on blood donations. +3HP and +3 Save VS P.V.D.

17- Vigerous Health- Almost peak human immunity to some posions in this world. Anything under deadly posion you can withstand and not die from. Offer 3 pints extra blood on donations. +4HP and +5 Posion, +4 V.D

18-Peak Health- Rarely do humans evolve into such immune creatures to poisons, and diease. They people are key, their blood is highly sought as comes an anti toxicns that can be given to the bitten, and will keep them from turning into zombies. Can offer 3 pints extra blood. +6HP, Immune to posion,Virus, and diease.
Peak humans can not be turned into zombies, they are immune to the virus that caused the outbreak.
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posted on Dec, 6 2012 @ 09:04 PM
Int chart.

3- Mentally retarded- Can not read or write, can not make complete sentence without explaining it 8-12 times in a row. Can comunicate, but only to those with low intelligence.

4-Childlike -Can read very simple 2-4 letter words, can write but very limited aswell. Views the world in a much different manner than those of high intelligence. Very naive, but can sometimes offer insight to something a greater mind would never think to look.

5-8 Adult- Fully grasps 1 language Can read and write, cominucate with other lang on a very limited basis. However is very bound to the system that they earned their knowledge at. While adult intelligence, this average score denotes they are more likely to be more sheeple mentality. 10% to gain any knowledge from books.

9-12 Scholar- 2 language, read and write in both. Com. with other lang on a hand sign based method. Not so bound, can see things in 2 sides to every story. Is very mechinaly able and understands basic computers, and Chemistry. 25% To gain knowledge from books.

13-15 Professor- 4 language, read and write in all. Com. with other language hand and body language. Has critical thinking skills. Advanced computers and chemistry. 75% Chance to Gain knowledge from books.

16-17 Scientist- 6 language, read and write in all. Speaks universal language of Math, hand & body lang. Critical thinking skills, Expert level Computers and chemistry. 100% Gain knowledge from books.

18- Illuminated One- Speak all known languages, and have hidden knowlegde that goes beyond the mortal realm and the 5 sense world. Their knowledge is unbound, and gives them great insight, as a Genius you can not only gain knowledge from books, but you also have a 45% chance to teach it to someone with 13+INT.
25%9-12. Your computer and chemistry skill are unmatched. With the right tools, and set up. You can do just about anything.

Charisma Chart.

3 Ugly duckling- Your feet stink, you have a bad case of bursitis that never goes away. Skin is very oily and really bad acnee, really bad skin complexion, and or where in a very bad accident when you where younger. Either way, you are almost as bad looking as some zomibes. People will be prone to pick on you, and your the ulimate loner. However you tend to always have just 1 friend you trust. -4 Reaction roll

4-5 Pugly- Less than average people when it comes to dashing good looks. Nothing to great to say about them, and sometimes they tend to come off in-secure and a little bit off, or a werid vibe you will get from these people.
-2 Reaction Roll

6-8 Average Joe- Your normal everyday looking type human being. Everything seems to be in the right place, not missing a bunch of teeth, and has no scars seems to give people a less than hostlie vibe right off the bat.
0 Reaction Roll

9-13 Friendly- These people do take care of themselves and it shows. They do not have social issues that makes them shy of new people, and are normally very out going. They normally lead small events, and are comunity leaders. +3 Reaction Roll

14-16 Mayor - These folks are the go to people in this breaking down world. They come across very stern and dicate natural authority. There is a good vibe people get when being around these folks. They are trust worthy types, or they can be very manipulative folks aswell. +6 Reaction Roll.

17- Governor - A natural born leader. These people are very physically attractive to the opposite and sometimes the same gendor. That these people have almost this magical ability to charm people into following their lead. These people are look up too, and also fear. +8 Reaction Roll. 1D6 people Charm per day.

18-Cult Leader The leaders of leaders. This is the most alluring and manipulative as it gets for the human race. A female in this place of power is said to be more dangerous than his male counter part. People will flock to your every last word. 1d6 people will instantly follow you per day if you travel. You gain an instant +12 Reaction roll. And each person you charmed, if under 8 INT. they have a 90% to charm anyone else with an INT 3-8 just being around them.

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posted on Dec, 6 2012 @ 11:19 PM
Here is a screen shot sample.

Charater basic information can be kept on the players PC, so that the player has the location of where they last stopped playing, and give the player a chance to check the map if their player has found a map, or access to such information.

Here is a screen shot of how players can mark and keep track of areas that are either over run, and or leave information. Same with what they found in houses, and are not able to transport stuff out due to weight issues.
Some of these encounters will be shown if you scout out the area's, and do recon. Or some of these encouters can sneak up on you. As the DM has their main google Earth going seperate of the others.. DM links the cords and information boxes when encountered and found.

And then there are places where you can loot and find things to surive and scavange.. These will be listed as little post marks until the players have found and gone through them.. Then they can add it to their list.
Kind of reminds me of how the system works with Fallout 3, and Skyrim Games.
We can use fast travle and the likes aswell I am thinking I will make a part of the system.
But like with all fast travle.. There is a % chance of getting caught up in an encounter.

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posted on Dec, 7 2012 @ 07:15 AM
Here is the scale out, all of this that I did only happens in maybe a 50 X50 mile little speck of the map here.
To do the entire world would take a team of dedicated people making up new places, and scences of death and or what ever your story might detail. IN this version I am doing zombies.

I think for a solo side hobby here, I will keep it down to a smaller area, and just go from there. This is taking place in a part of the USSR. A run down, and what looks to be very low income area.
There could be like country campaigns. This one is starting in the USSR.
And I will have a NY one. Tampa FL one. LA one.. The sky is the limit, as I already have all the maps for the whole world, so there is no running out of ideas, or making everything from the ground up.

Small 25X25 mile bit of land here.. Where the charater would start off. Different Charaters have different starting placements and methods. STill working on that.

But so far as it stands.. When a player discovers a new place, or a new area.. I just send them the link cords, and they will be able to upload what I have on my map. Such as the Death Bridge.. Custom write ups, and Pictures that go with each new stop that you find.. IF you have played Fallout 3 or Skyrim.. You will know what I am talking about with finding locations on the map.

As their maps would start off blank, and just what normal Google Earth offers.
This way, when charaters scout a bit before taking any big trips or find themselves trapped in over run regions. Or the charater could just do a blind run, and hope for the best. Not all charater skill sets will allow for expert scouting and the likes. And or save time, to do a quick travle, and run the chance of random encouters.. But its much less indepth when fast traveling, than scouting a new area, or just snooping around in a place you have not been yet.

When you find shops, and or places still not looted or burned down.. You can access this type of information from your story teller, when you have searched a place.
You will have to consider, how much you can carry, and how you are going to carry it. You will have to decide what serves you best at the time. Unless you have access to a truck, or other wagon type veichle.

So a bunch of work still yet to come.. I just wanted to post a couple screen shots, so there is at least an idea of where this is heading, and a basic understanding of how this system I am working on will work.

As I said.. This would be great for live action RPG, or game.. But that is just not possible with 1 person working on this project. With just me, and maybe a couple others.. I can get this into a working. Turn based, word text as you go play. With me being the overall story teller. And the players making choices of going North, or South, ect ect. When compared to where they are via Google Earth.

Google Earth gone to HELL!!! Will be the campaing name for this project.

Any other ideas, or input is welcomed here! I know I am not the only RPG nut on this website.. lol
There has got to be some other gamers out here, who remember what its like to play RPG games, and use your mind more over insane graphics, and in your face action.. button mashing..
This is an oldschool approach to using Google maps as a reference point, and to make for some fun adventures in a world already known, but changed by the minds of the story tellers.

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posted on Dec, 8 2012 @ 02:02 AM
In this next post.. I will get into Skill sets, and What skills are based off which stats.
Such as the Skill Climbing, is a DEX based skill. And must have a min. Score to be able to unlock the skill, or gain higher skill value depending on your stat number.

Some Skills are set standard skills that anyone can learn. Most skills are based under INT. But also many skills use up to 3-4 different Stat numbers that will detail the skill set you have.

Skills will be ranked in measures of 6 being the max. And 1 being the lowest. But even with 1 point in a skill still allows the use of that skill. The higher the INT, and the higher the street smarts are dicates how many skills you will gain per level, and starting.
1- Basic knowledge of skill.. 1=Novice standing in said skill
2-Basic knowledge of skill, and has some exp when working with said skill 2=Green horn
3-Advanced knowldge of skill, has much exp with said skill. 3=Manager/Director/
4-Advanced knowledge of skill, not only has Exp with Said skill, but can teach this skill to other players provided INT is high enough to obtain. 35% chance of teaching skill 4=Trades man/woman
5-Artiasn knowledge of skill. Has been a lifelong skill, many years of learning, and is able to teach other players, even if their INT is not up to par. 8% chance of teaching skill, -10 chance for each point of INT lacking. 6= Master of skill.
6-Skill mastery of the knowledge of said skill. Unmatched by any in this skills use. Has a 99% chance of sucess rate. Can do most skills in half the time as Advanced skills. Can teach others said skill 100%. Can teach others with lesser INT -10% for each INT point lacked. 5=Grand Master

For example. A person with a 6/6 cooking skill, is a Grand Master Chef. All food made will increase Stam, HP, and will allow a full belly for up to 3 days with one well cooked meal. Given the right tools, and right setting GrandMasters own that skill.. And with time taken, can each other players how to cook.. Depending on their INT.
Cooking is a basic skill, that anyone can learn, as it only has an INT requirement of 4, for 1/6
For each upgrade the INT requirement moves up to a +1. So to be able to become a Grandmaster Chef. the min. INT for this would 10 Intelligence. Ect ect.. other basic skills will work under this same system.

So there are-- Basic Skills/ Trade skills/ Professional Trade skills/ Gathering, Farming skills/ Combat skills
Science and Tech. Skills/ knowledge skills/ movement skills/ Social skills/ Looking for more input about more skills and types of skills.. In a later post I will lay out all the skills that fall under each tree.

Int Skill chart--
3- You start with no skills. You may be able to learn some skills if you are able to pick them up. However most skills are far beyond your grasp. However even the dumbest, can earn 1 skill every 5 levels, but must be taught. Can never just gain a skill.

4- Start with 1 skill. And only 1 basic Trade skill. You also may be able to learn some skills if you can find someone who is willing to teach you, and is willing to take the time needed. Can learn 1 Basic skill every 3 levels.

5-8-Start with 2 skills 1 basic and one trade or other, if INT allows it. Can learn 1 basic skill every 2 levels 1 Trade skill every 5 levels.

9-12- Start with 2 basic skills 1 trade. Can learn 1 basic skill every 2 levels 1 trade skill every 3 levels

13-15- Start with 3 basic skills 2 Trade. Can learn 1 basic skill each level. 1 Trade skill every 2 levels

16-17 Start with 4 Basic skills 2 Trade. Can learn 2 Basic skill each level 1 Trade skill each level

18- Start with 5 basic skills 4 Trade skills, Can learn 3 Basic skill each level , 2 Trade skill each level

Also. I am looking for up to 5-15 people who would be interested in Beta testing this with me, as players.
I also am looking for 2-4 Story tellers. The types of people who would rather be a story teller and help with campaign ideas, and mapping.
As it stands, There is just me 1 story teller, And I have 2 beta players from social media who have shown interest.
So there are many slots left open.
If you are one of the few to offer me a hand in this.. Your name will be on the credits, and will recive specail items and gear. + to stats, and a wide range of perks!

Not looking to just kill everyone off.. I would like to make a fair system, that is both fun to play.. And is enjoyable RPG type game that brings out the "geek" in all of us.

Since I have not been able to play any D&D here the last couple months, I am really wanting to get something going, and I thought ATS/BTS would be a good place to start to look for other RPG fans like me!
I have a couple of my girlfriends who like to play D&D too.. They bring their boyfriends, as I know they have always loved the game.. So its not just a "guy" thing.
Nor is this the typical stuff you think of, a bunch of nerds rolling dice, and drinking soda pop.

No the games I remember, where Dice, beer, some music.. A couple outside breaks.. *wink* puff puff. Come back inside, sit around the table, drink a few more beers, and just have a good time with a group of friends.
Most the time to be honest, it kept us out of trouble.. LOL.. is why I always have to laugh when people see RPG games as the work of the devil..

So I hope to hear from some of you guys! And always looking for further input into all this.

Thanks Guys and Gals.
Jenna.aka Sin5
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posted on Dec, 8 2012 @ 02:21 PM
Basic skills.

Cooking- Cooking skill denotes how well you work with food. And how much food you can get out of the stock you are working with. The higher the cooking skill, the more tastey and fullfilling the food meals will be. Also at a higher rate, you can use less supplies and yeild the best results with limited supplies.

First Aid- How well you can dress a wound, and keep people from dying of things people would otherwise not die of. The higher the First Aid skill, the better use you can make of medical supplies. First aid is required for some other trade skills. First aid can be used outside of combat only. And can not heal a person, but rather keep them from getting worse. Max first aid can lead to other trade skills. See Charts for further information.

Fishing- Teach a man to fish, and he can eat for the rest of his life! Fishing takes some skill to know how to use a rig properly, and where to fish. Yet still fishing can come down to dumb luck. Yet the higher the skill, the better chance you have of finding a good fishing spot!

Hunting- Hunting is a skill that goes hand in hand with shooting, and many other skills. One can Hand to Hand hunt if you have a high hunting skill. As when the cities are over run, and there is no where to find food.. The best bet is to go find your own food, and live off the land.

Basic survival- Knowing what wild plants can and can not be eaten. Knowing basic survival knowledge that can help you save on supplies. knowing what to do when stuck out in the woods or bush for longer than 3 days.
basic knowledge on how to find water, and how to make water drinkable. High basic survival skill is needed for advanced survival skills, and other skills.. see chart later for further information.

Basic Driving- This skill denotes how well you can operate a motor vehicle. This skill can lead to other advanced skills. a high basic driving skill will offer your charater the ability to be a much better driver at higher speeds, and also know how to take tight turns, drifts, and over all operation of any 4 wheel vehicle. Need this skill for Advanced driving, and basic motor cycle.

Basic Combat- This skill tells how much you know about Hand to hand combat. This skill is needed to unlock and open other advanced skills. Basic Combat is needed if you plan on getting into any up close and personal battles. (further information about all skills to come.)

Basic Crafting- This skill is needed if you plan on unlocking and opening other advanced skills under the Crafting skill tree. This covers, leather working, Sewing, and metal working. This skill denotes that the charater is skilled at making all sorts of things with material found, but does not specialize in any one craft. This allows for fixing ripped clothes, broken armor, broken weapons. But can not forge all new things with this skill alone.

Basic computers/electronics- This gives basic understanding of how to work and operate still functioning computers. This also gives basic understand on electronics and how to identify what parts are needed to fix said item. This basic skill is also needed for more advanced skills under this tree set.

Jury Rig- This basic skill, can allow the charater to have the know how to fix things half ass. This skill can work under all trees, and will be able to make something work when needed to work. A good jury rig skill based person always carries a roll or two of duct tape. "if you can duct it, F#@k it!"

Basic Chemistry- This Basic skill can lead a charater to know how to make gunpowder, and other simple chemical make ups. This skill is needed for more advanced skill sets under this tree type. Basic chemistry can be helpful to identify medications that are not labeled, and helpful to identify misc. Chemicals.

Basic Tracking- This base skill can lead to other advanced skills under the hunting and survial tree set.. Basic tracking can be useful when looking for clues, or tracking a person, or people. Also is a needed skill for investigation Tree skill sets.

Basic knowledge- This skill denotes how much knowledge the charater has to offer, from reading books, to reading online news. The higher this skill is, the more knowledge base these people have. This skill is needed for more advanced knowledge. Basic knowledge is normaly a given skill to start with. As this covers everything from why storms and lighting happen, to all things that fall under basic knowledge.

Basic Writing- Basic writing skill gives the charater the ability to create and write things down.. They are normally journal entries, and other personal information about ones life. Basic writing is needed when teaching other people skills via your writings and you can unlock writing books to help others learn more skills.

Basic Teaching- This skills gives bonus to teaching other charaters basic skills And is needed for more advanced versions of this tree skill.

Runing out of be con.

posted on Dec, 8 2012 @ 02:23 PM
Please be careful how you do this.

WOTC might end up sending you a cease and desist if you use too much D&D stuff as I see you have..

Just a note, I've dealt with them before, they are not pleasant.

PS> I"ve playede D&D every week since AD&D was out

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posted on Dec, 8 2012 @ 03:05 PM
reply to post by tothetenthpower

Thanks for the heads up Tenth! I will try to keep this system as custom as possible. As not to cross any bounds. This is why I am not using the Armor class system, and stil working on a system that is close, but also is a totally custom system that does not break any rules.

Plus right now as it stands.. This is just for me and a few friends to do online. I feel this could be turned into a video game with the right funding, and rights to all that legal stuff.. And the right people working on this project.. Chances are, it would be seen and stolen, and revamped to serve their systems..
I have been burned in the past, with making video game ideas, only to see my own ideas taken, and tweaked, and used for their systems.. It was so frustrating I just gave up, and would not SHARE anything I thought of.. But I am at the point now, where I do not care if people take my ideas.. I have pretty much taken stuff from other systems I enjoy, and just "revamping".

Pretty much that is what has held me back from so many ideas.

As it stands right now.. This will just be an online RPG text based game. That can be played thro a webforum like this. Each post would put out the scene.. And each player would be able to post 1 reply for their action, and or movement.. I still have yet to work out the respond system. And how this would work, on the web.

So if you have any ideas, Or would like to help me keep this from crossing any lines 10th.. I would be honored to have your thoughts and ideas to put forth to this whole project.

As you being a D&D and AD&D player.. Your thoughts and ideas would be very much welcomed here

Also, I invite you to either take part in the beta Test of this in a couple months once I have the system worked out.
Or even better, if you want to be a story teller, (DM) here.. There are still slots open for that!

Again thanks for your reply! And looking out for me here!


PS-- 10th.. Are you a player? Or DM?
You strike me as the type of person who could be either or.
Me personally, I have always loved being DM. I have always been the one person out of my group to have more fun coming up with the story lines, and making the campaigns than playing the game itself.

It was not until a couple years ago, that I got to play as a player. But going from DM to player was hard.. As my charater had no idea what I know as a person.. So I found myself Micro playing.. is that what its called, when using my own knowledge of the game? When my charater would clearly have no idea..

So yeah.. also.. Feel free to point out what parts I am getting to close to the D&D system.. As you are well versed, and can tell I am taking most my rolls and placement from the D&D systems, but tweaked..
Maybe I should change the whole Stat matrix system.. the 3-18 is very D&D.
Or maybe I could get away with this.. As putting this out here as a homebrew .
Just using google Earth for maps and what not..
As I said in the OP.. this could be used on so many levels.

Even with a legal game of D&D, homebrew game.. A DM could plunge their party group thro a portal and have them end up on Planet Earth, in this day and age.
I had always wanted to try a campaign like that.. But did not have Google Earth back then. Only Atlas maps.. And I had plenty of D&D maps of all realms. But Google Earth, really puts some depth into all this.. And I just thought it would be a great time saver, to have maps already out there.
And just to generate, what is in houses, and who is there.. ECT ECT..

One could open a portal to this world.. And have other portals open up.. And it could be a Hell on Google Earth!
D&D charaters, Riffs, Shadowrun, all those great oldschool games, could meld into one system..
Where the Earth is being overun by demons, or Aliens.. And the party members find themselfs in a strange land, that almost glows with magical lights!

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posted on Dec, 8 2012 @ 03:13 PM
reply to post by zysin5

Have you ever played ModernD20?

If not, here's the link:

This is entirely SRD, which means free and not under copywright, so perhaps pulling from there.

As for AC< they do something called Class Bonus, so each class provides a +1 as you level to add to AC overall.

There are many modern classes already build and all the skills/equipment available too.

I'll gladly DM for you when the beta is up.

I'm currently DM'ing two games.

Fallout D20
Starjammer 3.5

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posted on Dec, 8 2012 @ 03:38 PM
reply to post by tothetenthpower

Excellent! I will do some study and take an in depth look into those links you provided for me! Thanks 10th!
And its good to know there are free to use sytems out there.. I just may end up using many of these sytems for this RPG idea. It would serve to help me from getting sued, or messed with..
These people are all biz, and I will take your word for it.. I am sure they are ruthless when protecting their bread and butter systems with their Demon and or cavman lawyers. heh.

Great, yeah having you as a DM would be a wonderful for this. You are the kind of person I was hoping would find their way into this thread
I will keep you posted when things are getting ready to roll!

Also-- There are Fallout D20 RPG table top versions out there? Fallout is one of my favorit video game systems for post nuked world. Can get very detailed, and Love all the perks, and system they use!
Ive not heard of the other one you posted.. but will be sure to check it out for sure.. Thanks 10th

Sounds like something I would be interested in taking part in on my off time.
IF its cool, I will send you a private U2, and I can cordinate with you there, and maybe join some of the games you are currently playing around with. I am working on building up my playing skills.. I have been a DM since I was 10 years old. I am 37 years old now.. So I have that part down.. And I have been hoping to find some others who are as skilled in story telling, (DM) that would keep me coming back!

A good DM is key for any good game.. You could have the best of the best systems, and have someone who is not geared to DM, and it becomes very dry, And would end up having more fun playing a RPG video game.
But for me.. Nothing beats the old fashion dice, paper and pencile type games, where you use your imagination. Over getting into a video game, that does not leave much to the imagination.
Don't get me wrong.. I love the video games RPG's. But I am just oldschool, and have this nostalgic feeling I get when playing table top games.. Or TEXT based RPG online.

I love using my imagination, and its a gift that you have to keep sharp, or it can dull over time. Hell some kids today, if its not a video game or on a TV screen.. They get bored to easy.. LOL
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posted on Dec, 8 2012 @ 03:49 PM
reply to post by zysin5

Yeah I've played and DM'ed for like 30 years now almost and I love either or.

The thing with me though, is that I"m a core player. I don't believe in using ANY source books outside of the following:

Players Handbook I & II
Complete Arcana
Monster Manual I, II, III

THat's it, no psionics, no lords of madness, NOTHING. They just ruin the game by trying to add more powerful things.

I remember the good old days where players did not have the internet and therefoer ANYTHING new I brought up was a surprise to them. Now everybody has access to everything and it's hard to make up new stuf.

Which is why SpellJammer is so awesome. D&D in space lol

If you'd like the Fallout universe here's the link:

I'm always happy to DM a game over skype


posted on Dec, 8 2012 @ 08:32 PM

Originally posted by tothetenthpower
reply to post by zysin5

The thing with me though, is that I"m a core player. I don't believe in using ANY source books outside of the following:
Players Handbook I & II
Complete Arcana
Monster Manual I, II, III
THat's it, no psionics, no lords of madness, NOTHING. They just ruin the game by trying to add more powerful things.
I remember the good old days where players did not have the internet and therefoer ANYTHING new I brought up was a surprise to them. Now everybody has access to everything and it's hard to make up new stuf.
Which is why SpellJammer is so awesome. D&D in space lol
I'm always happy to DM a game over skype


Yep a total core player! That is cool.. I am much the same. Back when I started playing, there was no internet. I still have all my old Gary Gygax Monster manules. heh. All the old school stuff.
Yeah I feel you on the psionics, I really have not used much on that side of things. And tend to like to play my D&D based around core rules, and nothing to crazy over powered. Powerful for some of my campaigns are like lvl 10 players, who have played their charaters for 3 years +.

Granted I have done some campaigns that are just based in higher numbers, and higher levels.. That way It made my players feel like they got to play some very extreamly powerful Charaters.
But that was just a side stuff for fun, outside our regular games. Much of what I did was homebrew, but still followed the core set rules.

After that group of people, many of them moved.. Some got married, had kids ect ect.. So I am always finding new players, and finding the internet as a good place to find new players and what not.
Via Skype would be very cool.
My Skype Screen name is leahmooneyes Feel free to add me on there.. I would be interested in doing some gaming with you

SpellJammer.. Some cool stuff right there! I really did have a lot of fun with Spell Jammer type campaigns, and making them a big part of many of my games. As I did like the whole idea of spaceships that run off magic, not science.. And being able to explore not only worlds, but new worlds, and various solar systems. Which at one time, and I still have all my old maps, and paper work.. I was working on a full Galaxy.. But being a DM.. You know how much work that would detail.. LOL.. I got about 75 different solar systems written up. Each with 2-4 different worlds in each solar system. To where I just started to generate stuff at random.. So much work, and most the time my players would end up doing something totally different than what I had in mind.. LOL.

Now there where a couple games where I went way outside the source.. But it was all just for testing and for a bit of fun for my players. I allowed them to reach levels higher than 10. Once a charater hit level 10 they where on the level of Lords and Kings. level 15-20 Was the path to being Immortals. If my players made it thro all the tests and puzzles, and dungeons I would put them thro.

They would advance to a lvl 1 immortal. And start in a new plane. Then the immortals would get to level 30, and have the chance to take the trials of the Gods.
If they passed all that.. Then they would become level 1 Gods. And that level cap was at level 60. Such as Cronos would be considered a level 60 God. But as I said, it was all for fun, and just testing something new out. Was based around D&D rules.. I just raised the number system.

Such as a level 1 fighter would start with 12 HP at max for level 1. An immortal would start with 1,200 HP at level 1. Same numbers, just raised to give the illusion of higher power stuff. But that never did work out to well.. As most my players egos got to big, and they thought all DM's where going to just hand out such power.. I only did this to reward those who had played with me for over 5 years. And they still had their main Charaters.. Which I have a couple of my core group left.

But we move onto different Games and had just recently started playing Magic the card game.. A Game I vowed never to play, as I thought it was like a kids pokemon type card game.. Turns out.. iTs a pretty cool game, and is not based around kids. Adults I know that play, have such crazy decks and what not.. LOL But its not my main passion.

Thanks for all the replies again 10th! I will catch up with you at some point here in the next couple weeks, and see if you have any room for me to jump in!
I like the types of games where players are not given straight out over powered stuff.. I always enjoy the games where you start with a handful of copper.. And a rusty broken sword, and wooden buckler.
Sure its nice to get better stuff.. And I am guility of sometimes running games that allow to much over powered stuff.. But as I said, it was more for fun..

posted on Dec, 8 2012 @ 08:39 PM
reply to post by tothetenthpower

Next.. Ran out of Characters in last post. heh.

But yeah over all, I do enjoy the core type games. And I like to watch player reactions to many different scenes I would put them in. Many of them did learn early on. Not to fight over treasure while still in a dungeon. They get jumped by some wandering Orcs, who end up ambushing them, as they agrue over who gets the +1 shiny sword, that the whole time is a cursed weapon. heh.. Always like to give the players a little something extra than just hack and slash type of adventures..
Anyway, I could go on and on and on for hours about all this stuff here.. I will end this post here, as I have some more stuff and skills to add to this thread..

Just keep informed if I cross anylines, or break any ATS rules with this.. I fully comply with all the rules, and have a great love for ATS, and respect all rules, and words of advice from the mods, and my friends.

posted on Dec, 11 2012 @ 11:42 AM
Making some due changes to the charater matrix system. Going to rename the stats.

Strenght will now be known as Power
Con. is now know as Stamina
Dex. will now be know as Agility
Intelligence is now IQ
Charisma is now Personality

Street smarts will stay as is.
Shooting skills is renamed Firearms

So we will have 200 Basic skills. and 120 Advanced skills, and 50 Expert Skills, 10 Master skills.
I just need to write them out.. I had a start on the basic skills.

Stats will now be rolled on a random number generator 3-18.. I will take out the 3D6 roll factor, and just generate between 3-18. This way its not to cross any copy right laws on the D&D system.
Movement will remain the same, And encumbrance will be know as, Carry weight.

I am using the slot system + weight system that goes hand in hand.

Lets say you have a regular back pack. Black- that would equal a 4 slot bag. Holds 4 slots worth of items, and can hold up to Each slot can equal 10lbs worth of small things packed in tightly.
An Army Sea bag, the large green packs would be a 8 slot Bag, and could hold up to 120lbs worth of supplies and stuff.
You can exceed bag limits, but run a chance of ripping, or ruining said bag, and without the proper skills, you would have to find new bags.. Or repair them, if you have the supplies to do so.

There will be a skill that can compress, and package things better in your bags, so you can carry more within said bags.

The charaters will find having a Truck or some other form of keeping supplies and what not, so one does not have to carry everything when going out. Hide outs, and safe houses will also be a good place to keep supplies.

If anyone else has any ideas for name changes, or small little changes, feel free to post in here your ideas..

I already have all my story teller slots filled.. And I have 6 player slots left open.
As for a max of 15 players to start off with.

Ive gotten a few private U2 that have shown interest in helping me do a beta test of this.

It will be done via online, and we wont need to be face to face on this.
As the Story teller, you would have to trust to do all random rolls. Players will not be allowed to make their own rolls.. Unless I can personally see the rolls done via webcam.

I will have my webcam turned on, we will be using skype as our platform to connect. If you do not have a webcam.. Your rolls will be done by story teller.
However if you do have a webcam.. and your own dice.. I will allow you to make your own rolls.. But they have to be able to be verified.. You know, cheating and stuff can and does happen within these types of games, And when rolling the dice.. A player could say.. I rolled 3 18s on my stat matrix!!! We will keep that from happening, and as a story teller.. You have to put a level of trust in your story teller to make sure they will and would infact make honest rolls. As that is what this game is based around.. Friends, RPG under a new platform, and trusting your STory teller to give you a fair game. Sure chance of 15 players all staying alive is slim to non.. But to those who can work together, and keep a level head, will find they can make it in a world overrun by zombies.

This break out will be on a world wide infection. And small pockets of the living are left. There are also small outposts, towns, and military bases. Some over run.. Some are still holding.
You can either set out to find these places.. Or bulid your own safe zone.
Time that passes will be Game time. Which will be starting at day 1 of the outbreak. Times and passage of time can vary depending on what is going on. Some cases, time will pass parralle to other players. Not all players will start in the same spot. You will be able to make time pass faster if you and your party decide to rest for a given amount of time.. However random rolls will be made for random encounters. And if any noise is made by clumsy charaters. Or charaters, who do not have high IQ or street smarts could by chance, not on purpouse get Zombies attentions..
People will have to know their strenghts, and weakness. As not to put the whole group at risk.
Player VS player will be an option if one or more of the players start to lose their minds, or are feared.
Some players may decide its best to put another player down if they become a risk to the group as a whole.

More to come....

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posted on Dec, 11 2012 @ 12:24 PM
reply to post by zysin5

Let me give you an example of my most recent character build.

Playng an evil campaign and all my PC's decided to forgo healing. After re-rolling 2 characters in one session due there being no way to heal ( and I don''t pull punches) I made this NPC:

Lv - ECL 9 - Class Lv 7
Race: Satyr;
Class: Cleric of Hextor:

Stat Bock:

Str - 16
Dex 14
Con 15
WIS 20
INT 12

Power Attack
Improved Initiative
Augmented Summoning;
Alertners ( racial feat)
Improved Turning


+2 Flail Of Viciousness ( +2D6 on the dmg role, 1D6 back at you but I have DR 5 so I have to roll max to hit 1 HP lol)

+2 Darkwood Breasplate ( removes the armor check penalty)
+1 Large Darkwood Shield ( same reason)

Some other nik nacks items for his god and stuff.


posted on Dec, 11 2012 @ 03:32 PM

Originally posted by tothetenthpower
reply to post by zysin5

Let me give you an example of my most recent character build.

Playng an evil campaign and all my PC's decided to forgo healing. After re-rolling 2 characters in one session due there being no way to heal ( and I don''t pull punches) I made this NPC:

Lv - ECL 9 - Class Lv 7
Race: Satyr;
Class: Cleric of Hextor:

Cool sounding Charater Tenth! I have never personally played as a Satyr, but I could see them being a good Ranger type class, and cleric class

Is that a homebrew NPC?

I just spoke with my friend Steven a little while ago. This sunday, his wife and some other people are getting together at his house, we are going to start a new campaign this sunday.
We are finally breaking free of that Good guy campaign games.. Everyone is either Netural, or evil based class.
This should prove interesting, as groups of evil charaters is always fun, and most the time the DM has to be prepared for things normally outside the box when dealing with a group of "evil" based Charaters.

We are lacking a preist, and have 2 wizards in the group so far.. I might pick up cleric class, or something focus on melee to protect those glass cannons. heh.

One of the main charaters in game owns a magic shop.. So we will get half prices, on healing potions, and healing staves, wands ect. But I can not underplay the great need for clerics in any party.

Such as a Tank or fighter class.. Sometimes some classes just make life much easier to play in a campaign.
Running around with an all magic casters would prove to be troublesome. Sure the damage would be very high..
But hit them 1 or 2 times, and they are toast.

I played a Wizard class last game.. And we came across some Hill gaints.
Hill gaint rolled a 20 on me. With a huge tree truck club. I had 30 HP. I took 47 HP damage in one hit. I was damaged beyond repair, my skull crushed, and spine took so much damage that I could not be resed.

Normally I could get away from stupid hill gaints, but I lost initative roll, and the dice just where not on my side..!
LOL my dice where litterally trying to kill me! hehe

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