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What does your avatar represent? Describe here! :)

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posted on Nov, 27 2012 @ 05:18 AM
my favourite avatr is flower that descibes me

posted on Nov, 27 2012 @ 01:23 PM
You have to be familiar with the novels of Charles Dickens to recognise my chosen avatar. Abel Magwich is a charcter who appears in 'Great Expectations' which is set in the area of Kent where I grew up. (Always had a soft spot for ol' Abel!)

posted on Dec, 29 2012 @ 06:54 PM
What my Avatar represents - Part One.

My avatar and background who's creative process can be seen starting on page 15 of the BTS Avatar Creation Thread, re-presents The Bride of Christ referenced in the very last page of the Bible (which I'm sure some of you will be more than happy to close the book on lol).

The Earth Below represents the manifestation of the creation, which, given our rather cosmologically unique Earth-Moon-Sun relationship (which I believe that Jesus Christ the historical figure, utilized, in performing his Great Work, more on that in the thread linked in my signature) is, imo, a perfect demonstration of a high precision-engineered superintelligent design, intended for this very life we live; a design embedded straight into the original Creation from a First/Last cause in eternity (Alpha and Omega) who's final realization, as a cosmic evolutionary process, is man (the gestation period of whom does coincide, coincidentally..with a period of the lunar cycle), and where the apex of prototypical man is represented in the person of Jesus Christ as the ultimate man among all men, fully self realized and actualized and in perfect, harmonious relationship with God as the Absolute Godhead both made manifest, and as the hidden unseen one spirit of the universe ie: source and presence. "God is spirit and truth" (said Jesus to the woman at the well). Sorry for the run-on sentence structure..

The dawning sun represents the hope for the dawning of a new age of spirit and reason conjioned/comingled (Spirit and the Bride), and the star conjunction, that represents in more ways than one, the actual Star of Bethlehem which precedes the dawning sun (as our present moment, daily sun, hey every day's a new day) and as such also represents the dawning of a new age in the person of Jesus Christ as the manifestation by which the harmonious design and intentionality of the Absolute Godhead became transparent ie: communicated or made known, as the love of God personified or embodied in the fullness of time and history, even cosmic history.

It (the Star of Bethlehem) is comprised of the con-joining of an actual photograph of Jupiter and Venus in close conjunction taken late last year in 2012 (reorganized for this purpose and brought together to the point of contact ie: conjoined). Based on my research in regards to the real Star of Bethlehem, the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter is a fair and accurate rendering/representation of an actual historical occurance in spacetime which took place around 3BC (more in the Real Star of Bethlehem series in the thread linked in my sig).

The background starfield actually contains (somewhere in there) the Zodiac SIgn of Aquarius, which also represents the New Age to come, at least in terms of the repeating of the long precession of the Equinox, a 26000 year cycle soon to start all over again when Aquarius intersects the ecliptic arc of the rising winter solstice sun, which is to take place sometime within the next 40 years (I need to go research that). And you thought 2012 was bad just wait until we actually reach the real life "Age of Aquarius" LOL!

Next up, the scene taken from Leonardo da Vinci's Masterpiece "The Last Supper", why Jesus is wearing a Santa hat, why there's a full red moon on the horizon over Mary's shoulder (sometimes, as I have another background with no moon and another with rising moon), and why there's a purple star-rise hidden behind the white ball ball in Jesus' hat... continued in another post soon (this is getting tiring! lol).

Don't worry, it starts to get funny, if you look into it and take the inquiry all the way to it's logical if not ultra-rational conclusion, both very funny and very loving is the final "context and framing" by which I would like to have my avatar interpreted, gravely serious I might add, but also extremely humorous and infinitely loving, just like the actual occurrence in human history that it represents and signifies and attempts to communicate symbolically.

Everything was made by the father (first father of creation) for the son (child of God) because of love.

Deny Ignorance.

stay tuned for NewAgeMan's avatar explanation - Part Two..

[if you have any interest just give a single star..]

Happy New Age!


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posted on Dec, 29 2012 @ 07:50 PM
NAM's Avatar, Part Two

Actually I don't need a star lol, and "part two" is better left as a mystery to be solved, and can only be understood within the context of what da Vinci was really pointing to with the whole painting, where all around the section that I've taken for my avatar, there's pandemonium in the room..

So the pieces of the puzzle of the mystery to be solved can be found both here

Originally posted by NewAgeMan

Zoom+Scroll Leonardo da Vinci's Blasphemous Joke "The Last Supper" in High Res.

and in the thread linked in my signature, for those who will..

Let me know if in the process of following it to it's logical conclusion, you "got" the grave (and liberating) humor and the symbol of everlasting love and illumination that I intended to be decoded through this use of what I would call "exoteric esoterica".

And who doesn't want to solve the real da Vinci code..?

Best Regards,


P.S. Again, happy New Years, we'll start with 2013 and just take it one day at a time.

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