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Symbol of PI and restless people

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posted on Nov, 19 2012 @ 05:45 AM
Saw a somewhat strange continously changing dream last night.

In first scene i was among other people in our house, these people were relatives and friends of my hubby`s aunt´s husband ( they live in Germany ) and this was wake of his. My hubby were talking with these people and noticed 3 cars ( those were like white hearses with bright green stripes on the sides ) approaching on the road. In the left side of our house ( when seen from inside ) was a graveyard. Hubby went out and opened the graveyard`s gate so these cars were able to drive to there, these people in these cars were embalmers to embalm the body and they came from Germany.

Now i jump to second scene, I have a black hair very short. I wear a dark blue vest and top under it, my shoulders are naked and have tattoos on them. On the right shoulder i have galaxy spiral and star on it, on my left shoulder i have a cross and clouds, i also have tattoo on back of my neck but can´t really see it. I have face jewellery on my cheeks tiny little silver stars which makes the symbol of PI.
I sit in cafeteria and meet a friend of mine ( never met her in my life ), then we were shopping, she wanted to buy coffee beans and showed to me the flavours there is, i browsed through but didn´t want any of those so i bought two chocolate bars. While we were at the queue her boyfriend showed up ( never met him either ) i had the feeling he is mentally unstable and erratic, he had this mental glow in his eyes ( don´t know how else to describe it ) so he bought some candies and told he is food critic and need to test some candies.

Then i jump again back to cafeteria, now i meet my first boyfriend whom i left once because his use of alcohol, his face were all sweatty and greyish in color and was having a day of the snakes ( hangover ) he was shaking and told that he is going to work. On the parking lot he jumped on the drivers seat of the truck, there were people there who were looking at him and was going to call police. So i told him to get out of truck and give me the keys and i drive.

Now i jump again. Im at the apartment of my girlfriend, she is lying on the bed and watching tv, she is waiting her boyfriend to come home. He comes, he pukes and spits around and he thinks its funny play. Me and my girlfriend decide to go out for a walk. Now we are at the street and its a night time, we see a gay nightclub and two couples in queue, first in line are lesbian couple who waits peacefully in their mini red romper dresses and second is a gay couple ( top naked ) who are arguing each other, while we approach and this arguing couple noticed us, one of them comes to me and ask me if i know anything about gay relationships, i told him " I don´t know but people are teaching me everyday"

I don´t usually jump like this in dreams and i find this dream somewhat unusual as its contains so much restlesl behaviour. So in this dream almost every male person had behaved somewhat unstable and irrational (excluding my hubby) and have severe symptoms of not being well emotionally or physically. While females are peaceful and stable. I wonder the symbolism regarding my tattoo´s and face jewellery which made the symbol of PI. Potassium iodide ?

Any thoughts?


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