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The Puppeteer

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posted on Nov, 12 2012 @ 10:49 AM
The Puppeteer and The Power of Love

I'm still here, didn't get shot! Though it almost feels like I did. 

I've had to spend some time collecting my thoughts as what I found out a few days ago has left me feeling pretty bewildered, but I have managed to put some more of it together and here it is for you.

In my recent threads and posts I've been trying to put forward a way of looking at numbers as symbols, and have tried to show how these can be an avenue of communication between aspirational thinking and the power of 'the subconscious' that connects us to All.

I've been doing my best to unpick reality, from assessing the everyday things we overlook to revisiting my own past and have found some amazing things. This all came to a head the other day, as has happened before, so now I've come to realise it's probably just another step on the ladder. But here it is anyway for your consideration.

Basically, every memorable event in my life, everything I do, and everything I'm interested in is pre-ordained by the subconscious analysis of my environment and the subsequent emanation of conscious thought deemed as 'my own'. Not that my thoughts aren't my own, my thoughts are just as much mine as yours are yours, but, as I've drastically improved my conscious connection to the subconscious I have recognised exactly what it is that drives my thought and movement. We call it the subconscious* but I think that underestimates it a little... It would be more accurate to call it The Puppeteer. 
*Interestingly, in English Gematria 'subconscious' equals 960 which is 10x the number of degrees of arc I use to draw what I call Cupid's Bow (a magic symbol that helped to bring about an audience with The Divine Female).

Once you realise how the subconscious directs one's actions, it becomes evident that it's probably a good idea to try and understand how the symbols in our lives can in turn direct the subconscious, so as to have the best understanding of one's own actions as possible. Once you have begun your acquaintance with the various symbols, Logos and Numbers you will start to see how in your every waking minute, everything you decide to look at, or even just notice in passing, is by no means an accident. That's if you haven't already by this point - I've seen a lot of threads here talking about the 'coincidence' of number patterns. All it takes is a small leap of logic to see how we are prompted by our subconscious to look in these places at these particular times. The subconscious, I'm going to stop calling it that, The Puppeteer, knows the time of the day on every clock you've ever looked at, it knows the number, time and route of every bus on every timetable you've ever read, it constantly works it all out, even the written and spoken word, in Numbers. Quite fittingly then, The Global Subconscious communicates using the Universal Language of Numbers. Nice, simple, and brilliant - as all these things tend to be so far down the rabbit hole. So, basically speaking, The Puppeteer has the job of taking in everything we 'miss' and processing it all for us, before directing any actions we deem necessary, all without us even realising what's going on.

I will show you some more interesting finds in my wander into Gematria shortly, but first I'm going to show you what each of the letters equals, so you can begin to study your own environment should you feel the need. It's really easy, A = 6, B = 12, C = 18 and so on until Z = 156. 

To get you started, if you visit the site below (both links lead to the same tool) and scroll right to the bottom of the page there's a box that will return you the correct result in Numbers for whatever you've entered. It's an excellent resource where you can learn all about the duplicity that makes the English Language what it is. I simplify it all by thinking 'Six is the Number of A, Man.' So A = 6.

I believe our 'Subconscious', in understanding that Six is the Number of a Man, already does this working out for us and we just don't realise it. This is then used as a numerical method to encode our direct and indirect experiences into accessible memories, and that these can then be triggered in order to bring about particular thoughts and/or actions in us.

Now, you might not care what I believe and that'd be fair enough. But let me tell you something I do know. I know that by using this method of attributing The Number Six to the Letters of Alphabet, an awful lot of things start to make a bit more sense. 

If you cannot already see that English Gematria is the Gem in the Heart of the English Language, then don't worry, you soon will. Just the word itself, Gematria, GEM+ATRIA should tell you something.

If you were to begin your exploration of Gematria by inputting major brand names and slogans at the above link I am certain you would begin to see the power behind The Logos. 

For instance, 'Kelloggs' equals 528*. They make cereal. 'Killer Cereal' equals 666. These are just mental gymnastics that we perform everyday without even knowing it, all I'm doing is showing you that you have forgotten more than you remember. Walmart is another 528er. As is Vittel.
*528hz is the Fifth note of the Solfeggio Scale, representing Love.

Take any brand name and have a go. If you understand the symbols that Numbers really are and have followed my last couple of threads, you're going to have some fun. That's if you haven't already worked it all out.

Of course, this has to be as personal to you as it is to me, so don't forget to look at your name, date of birth, and other personal details to see what they all check out at. If you're worried about inputting your details while online (as I was at one time) don't worry, the calculator still works when you disconnect from the Internet.

I promise you, if you dive straight in you'll soon start to see the story of your life being played back to you through highly symbolic numbers, and you'll get hooked. I'll link two very good sites here that will hopefully help you with learning The Universal Language of Numbers, just as they did with me.

The trick to seeing what lies behind personal thoughts is to try and write them as you would say them - if you were really feeling it, speaking from the Heart, as it were. When it starts checking out first time, every time, you know you're in The Zone. You'll also realise what the songs you listen to are actually talking about, and what all the nursery rhymes and stories symbolise, as well as having a new and infectious understanding of pretty much everything you always wondered about. And of course, there'll be a few big surprises along the way...

This is the recognition of The Puppeteer.

If/when the Inter'Net' is pulled in (as it could be if this knowledge ever went viral) I think we would soon see people start to disappear. Obviously there's the people who make a living online, but there are so many others who rely so heavily on Facebook and other similar websites that I can imagine mass-suicides if it ever did come to pass. Then I wonder to myself, if there is anything to this 'Christian Rapture' theory, what might lots of people going on their way to Heaven look like to those who are there to observe? It would certainly be a strange happening.

Righto, that's plenty enough scene-setting for one thread, let's get to it.

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posted on Nov, 12 2012 @ 10:50 AM
Your Father is both God and The Devil (Scapegoat/Azazel). Your Mother isn't just your Mother either, she is Mother Nature, Three, The Divine Female, Everything. And yes I do mean your actual physical parents. If you are a Man, you are the same as your Father, and you will always be at war inside yourself until you realise this. If you are a Woman, you are the same as your Mother, and you will never find peace until you learn to accept this or change to a male stance. That's as blunt as I can put it.

Heaven is here already and you do not see it. Hell is just a frame of mind.

Christendom is an anagram of Christ Demon. It is also an anagram of Christ Monde, as in French for World.

Now, we all know what happened to Japan last year. This was necessary for part of the World (You who are now reading, following and understanding) to see that Koshinto is the Ancient Way of The Gods. I was contacted early 2011 (following a completely unrelated post...) by a fellow ATSer who explained to me a dream in which the Devil had told her; 'beginneth March Eleventh', or something similar to that. I was shocked by the synchronicity as I'd had an almost identical dream not long before, just without any date being mentioned. Needless to say on March 11th we were both pretty shocked by what happened.

Here is the message:

RE: a simple question 
reply forward save delete 
from: iamahumandoing 
sent: 20-1-2011 at 06:36 PM 
Hi- I dont u to u often- but while reading the 11-11-11 thread your post made me feel as though you may somehow help. 
I had a dream awhile back - it was like nothing Ive ever experienced. It was a nap during the day and it was (in the dream) the devil - and there was a paved road and a sidewalk. My family was calling me to the sidewalk but the devil was urging me his way. I cant remember precisely but the last thing the devil said- the only thing I heard before I woke up was "Biggeth March 11th" (all creepy sounding). When I awoke my room was spinning around me and I watched- awkae- in amazement as it slowly shook back into place. 
I have no idea why i felt compelled to ask you what you think of this but its racked my brain for years. Biggeth isnt even a word. 
Any thoughts? 
Thank you for your time in reading this! 

And as if this wasn't strange enough, just about a month before the event, this happened:

I've experienced some strange synchronicity between recent conversations and events in my life that point towards something big going down on March 11th... 
When I opened the diary that was gifted to me last month, the bookmark was on March 11th also.

Link to actual post:

Hopefully by now you've worked out why I've come here to share this... If you haven't, I'll tell you simply. It's all part of my destiny. You should know as I do, I couldn't have done anything else.

Now, I laughed when I saw this; Koshinto is an anagram of no #, ok.ō

And of course, Koshinto comes to 666 in English Gematria. Just to shake things up a little for you beginners

Don't worry, here's a partial breakdown of Rev 13:18 to show you not is all as it first seems. The numbers in brackets denote the value of the words in the sentence according to the rule; A = 6, B = 12, etc. as explained earlier.

Rev 13:18 
Here is wisdom (882)
Let him that has understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is six hundred three score and six. (7770)


Now, I've always wondered where I come from, I've been asking all my life, and had answers of sorts, but the immediate and most obvious answer has always been right there, right here. My family. Jesus tells us of 'The Living Father', now I can say I truly understand what We meant by that.

I knew my intellect was inherited from my Dad, my Father. I know God exists, I always have and I always will, but I could never come to understand why my Father called himself an Atheist, until now. You see, Atheist is a very special word. If you know what the Tau is, and what the letter 't' represents (crossed sticks) then this will be easy for you to see. Atheist is an anagram of 'The t is a'. So it's not a huge mental leap to see that 'The t is a Cross'. Sharp minds may also notice that there are Two occurrences of the letter 't' in the word Atheist, indicating a double-cross. So, next time you come across an Atheist, before judging, first ask yourself is it possible this person may be trying to lead you to the realisation of who you actually are.

The below quote is a recent exchange between me and my Father by text. This may help you to understand how this Number science completely transcends 'coincidence', at least by any mainstream understanding of the word. Whether or not he was a witting, conscious participant in this conversation in the way I saw it is yet to be established, but I know for sure that someone, somewhere, certainly was saying something.

Any Numbers you see in round brackets () are the direct results from the Gematria calculator. The Numbers in square brackets [] will give you an idea of how I personally view the results.

d. Hey bud just wondering, you an atheist because the t is a cross? X (3828) [3, 288]

D. We all have one to bear mate x (1482)

d. Ha 27 years it took me to see!x (1638)

D. You could see soon after you were born mate (2748)* - I remember! (528) x (3420) 

d. So you do know about the gem at the heart of the English language. I knew it x (4266)

D. English only has the status it has because it is the most duplicitous language in the world x (5640)

d. As are it's masters (1122) [222]

D. Few people these days have any mastery of English (2886) [888]

d. It's because they don't speak from the heart. X (2568) [6, 528]

D. Ha ha - it's also because it's not been taught properly since 1968 x (3408)

d. Still sharp at forty six (1746)

D. I wish I was forty six son! x (1968)**

d. Ha very clever! (864)

D. Love you son x. Got to pick up Paul from work now. Speak soon x (4200)

d. Love you too Dad, laters bud x (1800)

D. XXX (432)

d. Take care x (528)

D. And you x (624) 

* (2748) My age is 27, the number of the house I lived at as a youngster was 48. 

** (1968) Next door to where I lived was, of course, Number 46. It's not a residential address though, it's a well-known company. It just so happens that (name of company) ' ***** Forty Six ********* ' (name of road) comes to... 1968!

posted on Nov, 12 2012 @ 10:50 AM
You might be thinking, 'So what?' but please ask yourself why I'm doing this and exposing the subliminal trickery we are subjected to on a daily basis. Why do I defy those who think we're far too stupid to know? What might I know that you don't? Well, I'll tell you straight - it's nothing extraordinary.

I just know I don't have a choice.

I'm going to include an answer to an old question here...

How long have You been a Sailor?

All my bloomin' life.
Me mother was a mermaid.
Me father was King Neptune.
I was born on the crest of a wave
And rock the cradle of the deep.
Seaweed and barnacles are me clothes,
The hair on me head is hemp,
Every bone in me body's a spar,
And when I spit, I spit tar.
I'se hard, I is, I am, I are.

Below are some of my thoughts and their resulting Numbers that may help you to understand a little more. 


Reset the world and dream your own dreams! Take control of your world, your heaven. You lovers, you pure of heart. ***** some ********* before bed and follow the green path through despair and into dawning. Stop the bedtime ritual when you are ready and control your own dreams. You never know where you might wake up. (19200) [192]

The corporations, media and every sign or logo you see controls your subconscious into believing that you have to abide by many laws. When there is no room even for the laws of physics, how can there be any other law at all, when Love stands as the Golden Rule (15342) [12345]

God is One to Nine. (990) [99]


One Billion Two Hundred and Thirty Four Million Five Hundred and Sixty Seven Thousand Eight Hundred and Ninety (6780) [Ascending Numbers]

I thought to myself, in what order would the Numbers have first been created?


One Billion Nine Hundred and Sixty Two Million Three Hundred and Eighty Seven Thousand Four Hundred and Fifty (6540) [Descending Numbers]

First being last and last being first, I got:


I thought 01962 387450 could be a telephone number So I checked out where it came from, thinking it would be in the UK due to the area code, it was actually a place called Winchester, in The USA.

The closest place on the map to where it said the telephone number came from was the Shenandoah Apple Blossom.

One Billion Nine Hundred and Sixty Two Million Three Hundred and Eighty Seven Thousand Four Hundred and Fifty, Shenandoah Apple Blossom, Winchester (8688)

By this point the Numbers were so symbolic something just had to happen when I rang it... So I did.

One Billion Nine Hundred and Sixty Two Million Three Hundred and Eighty Seven Thousand Four Hundred and Fifty, Shenandoah Apple Blossom, Winchester, Nine Beeps (9222)

Now, I didn't get transported down the telephone wire, as I have to say I was kind of half-hoping for
but what did occur at that point was the dawning realisation that I already was 'In The Matrix'.

X (144)

X marks the spot (1134) [144]

ATS Deny Ignorance (1044) [144]

Please see my last thread detailing the importance of The Number 144 and it's symbol as The Rescueship. For those who don't have time, it's just an easy avenue into viewing Numbers as symbols. You draw a Number One on its side, with a couple of Fours sticking up, and you have a boat. Believe me, it will take you to distant shores.

ATS (240)

David (240) no wonder I keep coming back here!

Earth is Heaven (810)
Circle Squared (810)
Earth is Heaven, Hell is only in your mind (2448)
The misunderstanding of evil leads to monsters that scare you (3888)

Atheist (492)
Atheist Cross (936)
The T is a, Cross (936)

When God looks in the mirror he sees The Devil (2646) [666]
When The Devil looks in the mirror he sees God (2646) [666]
When I look in the mirror I just see myself (2682) [288]
So who do you see? (1134) [234]

A picture says a thousand words. Therefore I am a picture of myself between two facing mirrors (5628) [6, 528]
I am a picture of myself between two facing mirrors! All I needed was the right angle to be able to see forever (5772) [777]

Only All is True and All is Only You 2292 [9, 222]
You are True! You are All 1554 [555]

When you learned to Love All, you began to remember yourself (3654) [3456]

Sex (288)
Sex or Make Love (990)
The Penis is The Wall (1230)
Every time you Make Love you do it to yourself! (3192)

A woman's penis is in her mind! A man's vagina is in his mind! (3000)
I have more than one vagina in my mind so I must have more than just one penis! (4446)
I have two vaginas in my mind so I must have two penises! (3444)
I am a snake (444)
I am the mongoose and the snake (1566) [666]

If you learn to love All (1440)
Don't forget yourself (1470)
Because you are All within yourself (2220)

If you already love yourself you are wrong! You have to fall out of love with the image you have made for yourself, learn to love everything else, and when you realise it's all within you, then you can be permitted to truly love (14028) [528]

Japan (252)
Ja and Pan, Japan (618)
Koshinto (666)
English Jesus (888)
Japanese Christ (888)
Fukushima radiation evolution of man (2292)
Fukushima radiation evolution of mankind (2520) [Precession of Equinoxes 25920...]
Mankind (396)
Kind man (396)
Joomla (396)

A Splinter is what you see when you split a piece of wood (3528)
I was born in the year of the Ox, but the specific date made me a Rat (3336)
Splinter the Rat (1110)
The Fused (528)
The Fuses (618)
David Jones (618)
Joining Fuses (888)
David Is The Fused (936)

All Deities are One SuperGod. They pull us in different directions until we understand we are Fused, not confused (6666)

All Deities are One SuperGod. They pull us in different directions until we understand (5208) [528]

Underdog (528)

Under God (528)

Not many people truly understand the English Language (3372)


posted on Nov, 12 2012 @ 11:11 AM
So, that's pretty much where I'm at.

If anyone has any questions ask away, but please try to be nice with it - it doesn't cost anything

posted on Nov, 12 2012 @ 11:25 AM
Here are links to some of my previous threads with relevance to this topic.

A Tribute to The One Who Is 
The Song is The Gnosis (Master Thread) 
Seven Lamps and My Song of 144,000

David's Inches Code  
Sheds Da Vinci Code
Code 911

The Master Plan of The Lord 1530

Threads of The Lord

Beware the Ides of March. Foreboding Feelings, Experiences and Sensible Preparation.

posted on Nov, 12 2012 @ 11:46 AM

Earth is Heaven (810)

I should have mentioned its probably not the only Heaven, as I understand it.

posted on Nov, 12 2012 @ 02:24 PM
Here is the fixed link from the second post, if you hadn't already found it by typing the missing 'o' in the address bar on Wikipedia.

posted on Nov, 13 2012 @ 04:02 AM
reply to post by iamahumandoing

If you know what the Tau is, and what the letter 't' represents (crossed sticks) then this will be easy for you to see. Atheist is an anagram of 'The t is a'. So it's not a huge mental leap to see that 'The t is a Cross'.

very interesting. my believe is, that these "codes" are perceived individually in different ways. i experienced similar things, but with a different "code". for example, for me 1 is solitary, 2 is being in company, 3 is family, 4 is activity and so on.

posted on Nov, 14 2012 @ 10:12 AM

Originally posted by icepack
reply to post by iamahumandoing

If you know what the Tau is, and what the letter 't' represents (crossed sticks) then this will be easy for you to see. Atheist is an anagram of 'The t is a'. So it's not a huge mental leap to see that 'The t is a Cross'.

very interesting. my believe is, that these "codes" are perceived individually in different ways. i experienced similar things, but with a different "code". for example, for me 1 is solitary, 2 is being in company, 3 is family, 4 is activity and so on.

Funny you should say that, my current perceptions stemmed from a very similar understanding to what you just began to describe. As you say, it's the individual perception that makes it meaningful to the beholder and I agree, I really don't think there is a right or wrong here.

In my own experience, after deciding that this avenue of communication was of the utmost significance, I began to climb the 'ladder of enlightenment' much more quickly than ever before. As I expanded my understanding and began to receive symbolic Numbers through my writing I was compelled to research their significance to different peoples throughout the ages, so as to be able to look through as many eyes as possible and hence find easily accessible definitions that anyone can appreciate due to their inherent links to the subconscious mind. I found myself following a certain evolution of thought (more like being swept along by a tidal wave) which changed and enhanced my perception as my experience and interaction with the Numbers blossomed.

Anyway, thank you! I can't tell you how nice it is to have an intelligent response to my thread. Your comment alone has made writing this a worthwhile exercise. And for what its worth, it sounds to me like you've climbed a lot of steps unaided and are now bouncing on the diving board, so to speak

posted on Nov, 14 2012 @ 12:34 PM
reply to post by iamahumandoing

i am happy, i found someone with similar experiences.

what you call "the puppeteer", i call "they".

I'm still here, didn't get shot! Though it almost feels like I did.

what happened ? did this "puppeteer" endanger you ?
i know from my experiences, that "they" try to fool me sometimes.

posted on Nov, 15 2012 @ 09:20 AM
reply to post by icepack

I had a message come through telling me I was going to be shot on November Fifth, I was thinking it was meant literally so I made sure all my things were in order just in case. With the date being what it was, I wasn't sure whether it would be from a gun or maybe a stray firework, either way I wasn't too fussed.
What actually happened that day was a huge realisation, a culmination of the logical progression of thought from a major experience I had over Halloween. I guess in a way it felt like I'd been shot in the head as I again had to change my whole world view and assimilate everything back into a coherent viewpoint, as if my brains had spilled out and I had to put them back together again, this time in the right order.
I was shown many things but at what felt like the highest point I was given an understanding of hermaphroditic wholeness and appeared to myself as a Third likeness, being a perfect mixture of myself and another. I went from my usual shaven head to having thick black hair and a widow's peak but what struck me as really odd was 'my' skin had changed to a translucent blue. I have to say though, it came with a feeling of utter love, completeness and serenity, the likes of which I simply don't think it's possible to reach as an individual.
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posted on Dec, 3 2012 @ 05:48 AM
The OP of this thread needs some psychiatric attention.

Not trying to be mean.

Also, there is no puppeteer. Won't ever be. So, keep your hopes up, but... nope. You're being deceived by yourselves and fellows who long for a more linear, understandable reality. Reality is fully chaotic (mostly, I mean). Reality is more similar to a book with random words printed in it than it is a movie with very thought out and meaningful sequences. Grow up? In other words, don't look for meanings in everything. Not everything has a meaning, and no... not everything happens for a reason. At least, not in the Hollywood/Hallmark sense you think it does. That's childish. You're far too exposed to the media and like-minded people. get out more.

Anyway, if anyone is being controlled by other through their subconscious, they need to simply slow down, concentrate and not let that happen.

posted on Dec, 16 2012 @ 02:38 PM
reply to post by BillyS2266

You're entitled to your opinion.

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