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Could America Trust Australia In WW3?

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posted on Nov, 1 2012 @ 06:42 AM

Originally posted by wondera
We just spent months lobbing to get on the Un security council.
If you watch they way the votes go you'll get a better Idea of the
way which we go (if your actually interested). The asia century
white paper is designed for a map to futher exploit the ecconomic
potential in the region. if you look at the defence white paper
and any of our millitary possitioning you'll see a level of interoperability
which you cannot undo. with china now in a manufacturing agreement
with indonesia for medium range bullistic missile the likely hood of
australia swapping sides is beyond rediculus. take note from history
those we stand beside we stay beside. neither britian or america
takes us serriusly( which is our own making). always providing
men and material for others follies.
if the OP had an inkling of any of this he wouldn't
put up slanderious BS

He might. Public opinion should not be underestimated. The will of the people is a strong thing. Things change.

posted on Nov, 1 2012 @ 08:42 AM

Originally posted by DarknStormy

Originally posted by GaiusMarius
edit- I just want everyone to be safe and protect themselves. Australia just doesnt seem like a safe place for America to station troops any more. The Australian Government reinforce that fact with their expensive 'white paper'.
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What the hell are you on about? The USA trades with China on a regular basis.. Does that mean Americans shouldn't be trusted in America?

Actually, I don't trust a lot of Americans in America.

posted on Nov, 1 2012 @ 01:54 PM
reply to post by GaiusMarius

No way that Australia would side with China in a potential conflict. Worse thing is that they would stay neutral, and even that possibility is highly unlikely.

posted on Nov, 1 2012 @ 04:05 PM
reply to post by Pirateofpsychonautics

Dear Pirate, ATS Readers, Writers,

I too as a FUTURE Australian, find this thread offensive....

I was born and raised in the Fascist dunny hole.. I do NOT recognize it as the country I grew up in.

I honest to God feel like I am in a foreign land here anymore.

The system here is corrupt as it can be..kinda like New South Wales on (Sorry NSW rezzies..)

Hopefully, those that are now Ozzians, who were born in a foreign land, EMBRACE OZ FULLY!! As I will.

People dont understand the world any more..

Australia is a hidden jewel on this Earth. Its land and people are an amazing bunch of folks. Couldnt ask for a nicer bunch of people! Yeah, you will RARELY run into a Oz trouble maker..a poor bloke/gal who has a drug or drink problem..

Case in point, during the Brisbane flooding, and then the Cyclone that flooded Queensland.. (Size of the entire Northwest USA) There were barely any looting reports, and those tiny incidents were reported to the police, and the thieving arseholes were in trouble FAST. It takes a LOW CREATURE to rob from neighbors during a crisis!!!

Oz really is the greatest country on Earth... they got their act together a lot better than the USA.. Not long ago the Ozzians were 3 yrs or less from NO NATIONAL DEBT!!! (Not sure where that claim lies now)

They have used Ecological and green ideas in most of their country, or at least sure try to..I.E. all of the camodes with the 2 button option for flushing waste...small example, but so true.

The other day my step-daughter rattled off a LONG list of OZ accomplishments and inventions for the world. I was very impressed by her knowledge and righteous pride..

And NONE of the claims were like WE INVENTED THE ATOMIC BOMB... they were like Oz invented the WI-FI a lot of the world uses for internet access, etc..

Several writers/posters have mentioned the fact that CAN AMERICANS TRUST THEIR OWN GOVERNMENT!?!?

Damn good question! And only a fool can say that they can..a sheep for the coming slaughter.

My wife is a 10 pound pom, Essex UK born, turned 2 yrs old on boat ride to OZ... she is rabidly loyal and in love with Oz.

Oz has had a unique opportunity to witness what works and does NOT work in other countries and has used this observation skill to avoid societal disasters, or mistakes...

Sadly I see OZ as a probable pressure point, or Oz being "squeezed" in the middle of a future conflict between warmonger central and Commie central..USA and China.

Some terrible situation could easily be thrust upon Ozzians.(any of us really)..WW3 being a good possibility. Will Oz be the island fortress that UK was during WW2?

As for DUGOUT DOUG Mc ARTHUR... The Oz struggle in New Guinea, Stanley Owen Mountains, Port Moresby, Kakadu Trail..severe hardship, disease, and even being EATEN by the JAPS, yes cannabalism. USA had a million or so troops in OZ during this terrible war theatres actions.

NO USA troops to help UNTIL final victory was assured and Japs were holed up on small pocket of northern shore, a 15 kilometer bubble of starved, sick, undersupplied Japs.. THEN Dugout Doug sends in the USA troops so they have bragging rights and good propaganda for the sheep back home!

Of course, Oz leadership didnt help by sending MILITA BOYS,( referred to as "Chocko's" by the then regular Oz army troops) and darn few Chockos to stop an entire well armed and trained Jap army..but they endured.. Oz sent REAL army troops finally, at the last minute, and thus began the long slog back across the Stanley Owen range..

Battle of the Coral Sea was the turning point... but many dont know, or recognize that the first DEFEAT of Japanese army was by OZZIANS.. they drove their landing in far east PNG back into the sea! OZZIANS showed the rest of the world the Japanese were NOT invincible! Without this victory, Port Morseby could easily have been lost to Japan...and have Oz invaded and occupied.

Study the REAL history of OZ, its origins... its involvement in conflicts that OTHERS ALWAYS START...

Oz had two generation of young lads WASTED on the field of battle, in two world wars... I say NEVER AGAIN to that S**T!

Cant trust the Ozzians???? Your balmy Get to rehab...


posted on Nov, 1 2012 @ 04:27 PM
You, my friend near gave me goosebumps reading your account of the Aussie struggle in PNG and the amazing victory in PNG by mere boys and 'chocco soldiers' (named thy because apparently they'd melt in the heat of battle, they were a civillian militia) although by Kakadu I know you meant to say Kokoda- there's a fantastic book called the Kokoda trail, I couldn't put it down.

Where are you from originally mate? Welcome to Australia, you seem the sort of person we need more of!

My only gripe with Australia is the treatment of the Aboriginals both past and present and I feel an innate amount of guilt living on stolen land but, as a half Maltese half mongrel Aussie Celtic..where else do I have to call home?

As for the potential of us being an island fortress in the event of WW3, I think planes would be able to reach the northern parts but would they be able to fly the 4 and a half hours across the country unchecked down south, here to Melbourne?

Even if foreign troops landed I think we'd all go bush and it'd have to be a bloody well equipped army to navigate and survive in this rugged terrain.

I think a lot of the world sees us as a bit of a joke but, they don't realise we're bred tough as old boots and are a pretty staunch nation when you get down to the nitty gritty.

Wishing you all the best in your future as an Aussie

posted on Nov, 1 2012 @ 04:33 PM
Americans love Australians. As to whether our two governments get along is a good question. Hopefully neither of our populaces will stand for war with each other just because our governments suck. We elect our politicians but have little control over what they do once elected.

posted on Nov, 1 2012 @ 04:38 PM
reply to post by jimmiec

I've heard that (Americans loving us) apparently we get rock star treatment over there!

I look forward to my month long holiday in the states next February, gonna have a lot of cool people to meet and some culture to export!

I've never been overseas. Most peoe I know that have been over there are dudes who have grown up in cities etc.....I was raised in a blue collar family in the country, it'll be as much a culture shock for ms as it will for those I meet I think

posted on Nov, 1 2012 @ 05:37 PM
I often ponder what this country would of been like now if its best, fittest, strongest and brightest weren't murdered off in WW1 and WW2 "enmasse" and the ones left behind had to repopulate this country.

posted on Nov, 1 2012 @ 05:37 PM
reply to post by Pirateofpsychonautics

Greetings Pirate, ATS Readers, Writers,

Oh CR*P.. well thats the hazards of waking up from working long night shift... and seeing a post that gets you aggitated enough to fire off a

KOKODA yes, I KNEW that, I REALLY DID! LOL Yep... melt in the Some of the bravest lads in the world.. Remembered nightly at the nations RSL clubs.. (Returned Servicemen League)..

Yes, my wife isnt too proud of that time period in Oz's history, with the natives; and how things not right persisted until recently. And still do to some degrees.. growing pains..

Just keep in mind when idling over long ago events, which set stage for later societal evolvement. BACK THEN, the entire world was a VERY brutal place.

The world READS and hears about how AWFUL it was for the black slaves shipped to USA...and how many DIED, etc..

Heck, they had it GOOD compared to WHITE ENDENTURED APPRENTICES and WORKERS...At LEAST the captains had some monetary motivation to deliver LIVE black slaves! They got NOTHING for delivering WHITE slaves from the UK, Europe, etc.

Many ships logs record huge losses of white passengers... even more so per capita than the slave ships!

Pirate, I am a Arizona... NOT in OZ yet, but darn soon I will be! My precious wife has endured 18 MONTHS of waiting for it all to happen..will settle into the mountains west of Brisbane.. Gods country.

My wife has a hidey hole In Tazzy, just in case.

YES! GO BUSH!! We plan to.. there are places in OZ no white man has been, and darn few natives! Rough country. I know what you mean by raised My brother-in-law is a prime example... 4x beer drinking nutter, goes "piggin"... with his brother Wayne, another nutter supreme as well.. crazy bastards, but tough as nails too.

Soon as I can we are getting a good bush rig and some metal detectors, a good bush camp trailer, and we will be "out there"... meeting other Ozzians in the outback..

For any foreign invaders... first they gotta get past the salties on a then wade through gobs of Taipans, Russel Browns, Tiger snakes.. funnel web spiders... the WHOLE LOT of natural dangers, then FACE a very pissed off populace!

I love my wife dearly, but damn, dont get her pissed off...LMAO! Imagine a whole nation of pissed off Ozzians at occupiers or some sort...

I considered myself pretty well read up on OZ years ago... When I finally went there, I realized how lacking I was in my perspective of the country, from a long ways away..

It is like another planet for me, I feel spoiled and blessed... to be able to have an entire nation to explore and see, and enjoy, I still have a hard time not getting emotional about it all..I will never be bored in Oz.

I plan writing a book on it all, if just for my own satisfaction, will see if it can make a few dollars, but mostly for myself. A lot of the locals cant appreciate the land as much as I can, because it is ALL they have ever known..

A galah is a galah... BIG DEAL!!! LMAO! To me they are one of the most beautiful birds in the world, and make loving sister-in-law has one... she is a pretty tough gal too... hard working.

Once I get down there, will let folks know on ATS... got a few I would love to meet someday. If you are not too far from Brisbane area...might need to have a few together at the Redlands Pub someday!

My hopes are that Oz can avoid involvement in the big conflict coming, but probably wont be able to...

Dont want any Dugout Doug rescues either for Oz... Oz may need to get a lot more protective of its shores as the world turns to S**T more and more almost daily.


posted on Nov, 1 2012 @ 07:19 PM

Because the OP is no longer available to respond or defend the topic thesis, this thread is

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