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The Great British Exit gaining momentum.

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posted on Dec, 22 2012 @ 02:32 AM

Originally posted by stumason
The Eu is a totally different beast to what we, the people in the UK, were asked to agree to join back in 1973.

That door swings both ways. The EU might well say that the current UK is a totally different beast from the UK they allowed in back in 1973. Back then everything was centralized in London, now there's devolution. Back then there was mining and heavy industry and we wanted to trade goods with Europe; now there's the City and we want to trade services.

posted on Dec, 22 2012 @ 03:15 AM
Europe is heading slowly but inevitably towards a full federal union,it's the only way the EU can hope to survive a series of crisis like the last few years.It may still be premature to believe the EU or at least the Euro has survived.It yet may go under.

I just don't see the government being able to sell full intergration in a federal Europe,relinquishing soveriegnty and the pound to the British public.They could try and make that decision without a referendum but I couldnt see it.

The only way would be if it was to happen 5,10 years from now and Europe has recovered and become prosperous,in which case the boat may have sailed as far as the UK joining is concerned.

Where it would leave an independant Scotland is a subject that interests me greatly being a Scot.

Well,it's by no means clear,dispite Alex Salmonds complete assurances,that an independant Scotland would automatically be a full member state of the EU.If we have to reapply then some countries,Spain for sure who have their own worries with the Basque region,may object to our entry.

These issues,like everything else to do with the independance are all talk and very little actual facts.Although Westminster may be against any UK sliding out of the EU if they believe it may encourage a move towards independance in Scotland.

It's all very open to a lot of speculation right now though I can imagine Germany favouring a greater intergrated UK as an 'ally' against France and also to help them bankroll the EU which they seem to be doing more so than anyone else.

President Tony Blair ??

No,No,Not over my dead body !!!

Damn,can you imagine how big his #-eating grin would be if he was President Tone ~ what next Vice President Peter Mandleson !!!

posted on Dec, 22 2012 @ 04:00 AM

Originally posted by tdk84

Originally posted by Todzer
reply to post by tdk84

Sorry to say it but Tony Blair for head of the European Union? Have you lost your mind? The man should be put on trial for war crimes.

Thats what I said may leave a bad taste in people mouths, but the fact is he's probably one of the few Brits that could get the job and obviously keep UK interests.

Its not like its a daft notion either as its constantly being brought up. No doubt inevitable if we remain in the EU.

Only last month their was another rumour. link

Any man that can change his religion can change his mind on anything, looking at the history of the man, and his money grubbing ways, how many jobs has he got now? whats his yearly income from them all? I would not trust him at all.

posted on Dec, 22 2012 @ 06:50 AM
While there is talk of a British exit from the EU in its current form, why would this Government exit without the positive backing of a referendum? When has this or any Government listened to the British people? If they did, we would have the death penalty on the statute book.

There was a referendum in 1975 asking the people if they wanted to continue with membership of EEC, and the EU is very different from what the British people voted. Based on what I have read about the EEC, I would be happy to continue to be part of an European Economic Community and enjoying the trade benefits within Europe, but we have today with the EU is so much more that an European Economic Community.

The EU and for that matter the Euro are the building blocks of a European super state, which in its current form is an extension of Germany foreign policy. Germany, being the largest economy in the EU has called and will continue to call the tune of Europe, and has replaced France as the leader of the EU and the Euro.

Exit from the EU and its super state would be a bad thing how? Fiscal Euro policy is decided by Germany and to a less extent France, the Euro interest rate has been set to benefit Germany and those core central countries bordering Germany. The countries on the fringe of the Euro zone has suffered more that France and Germany.

Why are we talking about a Greek exit from the Euro and not a French or Dutch exit? With the Euro, these fringe countries are not able to have interest rates that benefit the needs of their local economies. The Euro interest rate has been set to benefit Germany and France, and not Spain, Italy, Greece and Ireland.

Those we elect to the parliaments and assemblies in the UK listen little to us anyway, and make all kind of promises to be elected, and then make excuses once elected as to why they can not keep the promises made during the election process. Can we expect anything different from those elected to the European super state parliament/assembly?

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