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Parliament hill locked down briefly after explosives found in truck

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posted on Oct, 21 2012 @ 07:43 AM

Originally posted by PlanetXisHERE

Originally posted by live2beknown
LOL, I swear everything is a "false flag" now on this site, you guys have been predicting them and nothing is happening..I'm happy that you guys are wrong, but get off the False flag crap..I swear with anything you just say "oh, false flaggg" this and that... It's getting rather annoying and makes me think that some of these "false" flag you guys been saying are, could not be at all, but legitimate terrorism..But who knows..

I'm happy our RCMP guys were on alert and did detect this device..Since I work for DND, it makes me have some piece of mind.

This is ATS, not the "Canadian Military Family Magazine". You have a right to voice your annoyance with false flag predictions - but you have no right to ask anyone to "get off the false flag crap".

These are the kinds of topics that are regularly discussed on ATS, and as long as they follow the ATS T&C's - they are perfectly acceptable discussion and/or thread topics.

Many average citizens are not even aware of the meaning of a false flag or how prevalent and insidious they have been to the Western World over the past century or so.

So posters here are onto the PTB's tactics, and want to let them know we will be watching, and people here will call attention to anything that has the potential to be a false flag to raise awareness and shine a spotlight on these tactics with the hope that with more people aware of the potential they will be used less or not at all in the future.

Just like people have a right to open ridiculous threads about Planet X, or nonsense about supposed planned false flags, all without any supporting evidence of factual information to back up the claims and theories made, people also have a right to point out the lack of factual information and supporting evidence for these claims and theories.

So he doesn't have the right to ask people to "get off the false flag bandwagon" but you have a the right to tell him he cant?
How exactly does someone asking that, break any T&C of ATS?

Posters here are onto the PTB tactics?

Out of the dozens, if not hundreds of threads which have predicted the end of the world, the arrival of Planet X, the start of war with Iran, the start of war with a number of other countries, the start of WW3, a whole bunch of crazy false flag theories, the arrival of aliens on our front porches, alien first contact, aliens making announcements, alien alliances coming to save humanity, and all the other bizarre theories and me ONE that has actually come to fruition.

Just one. That's all I ask.
One theory, one claim, that actually eventuated. One thread where something major and unexpected was predicted, that leaves no doubts or possibilities, but exactly what was predicted or claimed would happen in that thread by the OP.

You wont be able to reply to that request however, because contrary to the belief of many self indulged individuals on this site who waste everyones time and countless gigabytes of bandwidth with their nonsense, THEY ARE NOT SPECIAL PEOPLE WHO ARE PRIVILEGED TO BE "IN" ON THE BIG THINGS GOING ON. They are ordinary average people like 6 billion other humans on this planet.

Sorry, but there is also no planet x.

But hey, that is what this site is for right? To discuss conspiracy and alternative theories right? Nobody can fault you for doing that. And it's a good thing, imo, that people actively use their imaginations. However it would be even better if people actually waited till they dug up some supportive facts & evidence before posting threads.

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