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What's the strangest thing that has ever happend to you?

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posted on Dec, 13 2012 @ 06:27 PM
Guess I'll share my haunted house experiences:

When I was 17 myself and a friend moved out of our apartment and decided to try to find a house to rent. The only one we could find was this old dilapidated slum house that used to be a crack/whore house downtown. The day we went to look at it, I remember feeling extremely uneasy as soon as I walked across the threshold. It was like a heavy oppressive feeling. Long story short, it was all we could afford and suited our needs so we moved in.

Over the course of the year I spent living there, I had many strange experiences. Usually they would happen when nobody else was there. My room mate worked on the rigs, so he was often gone for work for weeks at a time. Many times I'd wake up in the middle of the night and hear footsteps walking across the house. The house was old so the floor creaked loudly when you walked on it and made an unmistakable sound. I'd get up to go say hi to my room mate only to discover he wasn't there and I was the only one in the house.

Another time I was sitting in the living room with a friend having a conversation. A lull in the conversation occurred, and I suddenly heard two people talking in the kitchen. It was muffled and I couldn't make out what they were saying, but the sound clearly came from the kitchen (which was about 6 feet to the left of where we were sitting). I didn't say anything until my friend said: "Did you just hear that?" I didn't want to drop any hints so I said "Hear what?" and she replied with "Two people talking in the kitchen". That one was spooky since there was someone else right there who experienced it.

Another day in the house, I woke up around 10am on my day off, had a shower and drank some coffee, and was about to leave for my favorite coffee shop. Bright sunny summer day. I walked into the living room to make sure I'd turned off the stereo before I left, and I had. Right as I turned to leave, an ashtray which was sitting on top of the speaker, flew across the room in a straight line and slammed into the wall on the other side of the living room. I beat a hasty retreat and figured I'd clean up later to make sure I didn't just imagine it. Sure enough when I came home the ashtray (and butts) were right where I'd left them where they'd impacted the wall.

This next part is where it gets weird. One night I fell asleep early as I had to work the next day. I remember having an assortment of dreams, and then feeling like I was waking up. When I opened my eyes, there was this dog standing over top of me (kind of straddling me). The only way I can describe it is that it looked like a big rottweiler without skin. I could see it's muscles/veins, etc. It had blood stained teeth and wild, blood shot eyes. I couldn't move and just lied there and closed my eyes tightly. I told myself if I could just fall asleep it would be gone when I woke up. I lied there awake and paralyzed for what seemed like hours until I eventually passed out. When I woke up I remember not wanting to open my eyes as I thought it might still be there, but the sun was shining into my room and it was gone.

Where it gets strange is after I moved out. The person that heard the voices at the same time I did, moved into my old room. a couple months went by and I was over there visiting her. Out of the blue she tells me she had the strangest dream the night before, and proceeds to tell me she dreamed she was being chased around the house by this dog. I hadn't told a soul about my experience (not wanting to seem crazy) and asked her to describe the dog. She described what I had seen to a T.

I later heard someone had committed suicide in that very room decades before but had no way to verify it. Strange place and I wouldn't want to live there again.

posted on Dec, 14 2012 @ 06:47 AM
reply to post by Razimus

Sometimes there just arent any answers!
Im sad to think that you wont tell your experiance on here.
Please think again. I for one would be very interested in what you have to tell.

posted on Jan, 9 2013 @ 02:48 PM
None of mine are probably as weird as most of these, but still creepy.

1) My now-husband, me, and my brother were at my parents' house by ourselves. My mom was a mile away at my grandma's and my dad was on the road since he is a truck driver. My mom always leaves the back shades open behind the couch, they're huge windows that look into the woods. We lived in the middle of nowhere, it was so peaceful. Anyway, she had been gone about 30 minutes when we got there. I went to my room and the boys sat on the couch and suddenly I hear "Come here! NOW!!" so of course I run into the living room. They're both looking out the window and I ran over and there's a dog laying outside on the ground, on some of my dads coveralls that had fallen off the back porch a few days before from it being windy/stormy. Not only was it laying there, it was gutted open, you could see its insides. It was a perfect long cut, just like someone would gut a deer...except there wasn't any blood anywhere. There wasn't a blood trail, in fact like unsaid it had just rained so the ground was still wet and there were NO footprints in the mud, human/dog/etc. We looked everywhere in case they had found some way not to leave them, there were none. No prints, no blood. It was a fresh wound, my mom had seen deer outside before she left near there so she knew the dog hadn't been there 30 minutes prior. No flies either. We never found out how that dog got there or what happened to the poor thing.

2) I'd say within a month or two of the dog incident, I was home alone one morning. I was awakened by the sound of knocking. I looked out my window and saw one of my moms' friends outside. I put in my contacts but by the time I got them in, he had written a note (which I watched him do) and left it on our door and left. He didn't know I was home, there's no way he could have seen me. So I lay back down and pick up my phone to check Facebook when I hear this BANGING on the side of my house. Just 1-2 loud bangs. I immediately look out my window - there's nothing there. At all. No trees on this side of the house to hide behind and nowhere to run. I was kind of freaked out so I just stood there. A few seconds later, another bang, coming from the outside wall by my parents' room. I walked to the hall and looked in, it sounded like it was coming from by their window but their blinds were closed so I couldn't see. It continued...near the laundry room, by the living room window where we had found the dog...I went into the middle hall away from all doors and windows and called my mom. I'm a brave girl but I was crying at this point because it was extremely loud and I was alone. She assured me it was fine and it was nothing (okaaay). I get off the phone and hear it 1-2 times more and I screamed "LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!! " and a few other things. At this point I was sure it was paranormal for some reason, since we had TONS of paranormal activity happen in the house and on the land. Sure enough, I hear one lone KNOCK, not bang, near a window I was standing by. I looked out and NOTHING. Never found out what it was.

3) I have seen 2 UFO's. Very obviously UFO's although they were high in the sky. One was a round object that had red lights on it, I could clearly see it turning and the lights turning with it. It moved quickly and disappeared. The other was super high, green flashing lights that moved so fast it was across the sky in probably 2-3 seconds, nothing should have been able to move that fast.

4) When I was 12, we were up in the woods having a camp-out. It was my entire family plus some friends. We were in a tent and I remember my dad was outside with a flashlight, I think trying to help my brother get back to the camp from peeing or something. Anyway, so my friend gasps suddenly and says "Oh my God, I just saw Bigfoot." I literally laughed and rolled my eyes but she made me look. I didn't see anything at first but my dads flashlight shined over the tree NEXT TO OUR TENT and there was a huge thing standing there, very tall but all I seen was the hairy face staring at us. I screamed and my dads flashlight shined over it again and it was gone. He never saw it of course and everyone told us we were nuts.

I have probably a hundred other little "ghost" encounters like something sitting on my bed, walking in my room, turning lamps on and off, tapping, opening and closing doors, hearing weird things that makes no sense, etc. But this isn't a paranormal thread

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