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Is this Photograph a sign of somthing strange ?

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posted on Oct, 12 2012 @ 04:25 PM
I'm still looking for the sign in the photograph as well the words "somthing strange"

sorry OP. Just some clouds

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posted on Oct, 12 2012 @ 04:42 PM
reply to post by TXRabbit

Well, TXRabbit it was the way the sun caught the contrail that first caught my eye, I was wearing cross country sking glasses otherwise i would not have noticed it at all, It was blind so to speak to the naked eye other wise you would not have seen it.

My work colleauges wanted to know what i was getting excited about and when they put on there sunglasses it became apparant what was to been seen, It was somthing very unusal to view and not an everday sight.

posted on Oct, 12 2012 @ 05:15 PM
Nice pix, OP.

Don't let these guys knock you too hard. Cloud gazing/Skywatching is a great way to relax, and I reckon if more people did cloud gazing there'd be no war.

And there's many a lesson to learn or sign to see in the sky, we just miss them half the time, cause we're not looking up often enough. Have you ever seen a punch hole

Your picture reminds me of this a little bit.
Good catch!

posted on Oct, 12 2012 @ 05:22 PM
nice pic .... looks like if you had snapped the pic a while earlier youd have seen a plane flying through that exact path ... i cant see how it could be anything other than that ...

Originally posted by xszawe
i found this site ats while browsing 2012 stuff
what has this photo got to do with 2012
or am i missing something

the forums are about a variety of things .. of which many are 2012 related .. but not all ...

in the earlier days .. it was more aimed at conspiracies, and what seemed to be important topics relating to world changing events etc ... now ... there are soooo many members ... well ... whatever peoples imaginations conjure up for the sake of starting a thread ...

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posted on Oct, 12 2012 @ 05:25 PM
Barely visible

posted on Oct, 12 2012 @ 05:25 PM
Looks cool, but not "strange"...

posted on Oct, 15 2012 @ 11:30 PM
You witnessed a sundog. They happen 2 to 3 times a week on average.

Other less common atmospheric effects have been suggested, but it is not any of them such as the suggestion of iridescent clouds. It is not an opalescent cloud either. It is not a circumhorizontal arc.

It is a pretty sun dog and a well photographed one at that.

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