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Someone try to convince me that 'mainstream' aercheologists and other scientists are BS

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posted on Oct, 15 2012 @ 10:41 PM

Originally posted by ABNARTY
The non-scientific public gets bombarded on cable shows and the internet with claims from those in the know. Most of the time the claims are reasonable. ( No problem.

Actually, some of them are pretty lame. The science has been so dumbed down that it's offensive.

Sometimes claims are seemingly unproveable (,

Appears to be "dumbed down" for general public.

contradictory (,

Most of the folks who are giving opinions on the sphinx aren't Egyptologists, aren't geologists, and aren't scientists. One is a tour guide. Another is a reporter. Both have theories.

That page cites a couple of sentences from papers (no problem there) ... but they're somewhat out of context.

seem to be hiding behind mumbo-jumbo (,

Actually, that one's not bad. It's a complicated subject.

or appear very self aggrandizing (

I think everyone agrees that Hawass has an ego and that he's more of a manager than he is a scientist or researcher. Problem is, everyone hops on Hawasss and ignores all the neat stuff done by other Egyptologists.

Science is good and I believe most scientists want to do good things. However, can the scientific method always be applied and if not what then? The problem still exists even if the tool cannot fix it.

Aha. YOU were the one who asked that.

See my previous message (if you would) for "no, the scientific method is the WRONG tool for some types of science" rant.

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