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BBC documentary suggests Government plotted 7/7 attacks to boost Iraq war support

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posted on Oct, 2 2012 @ 02:59 PM
I wouldnt put it past our govt for they are nothing but a bunch of lying two faced slobs. I saw a photo of one of the trains. A copper was telling people to be careful due to a large hole in the floor. I have explosives training and did that for 4 years. I blew lots of stuff up from buildings masts trains and all types of vehicules to boats and planes. The photo in question which wasnt shown last night. Had the edges all buckled upwards. From my experience that tells me that the charge was beneath the floor. The expert on the program said that the bomb blew the floor out, then sucked it back in? That does not make sense to me. Plus while we are on this theme have we forgotten the IRA. Or the so called bombers that were fitted up?
British Brainwashing Corps. Propaganda unit of our govt.

posted on Oct, 4 2012 @ 03:28 PM

Originally posted by paraphi

Originally posted by ollncasino
There have been many more cases such as above, where MI5 has stopped plots before they can be carried out.

There have been many occasions where the intelligence services have not stopped attacks too. Even in the heightened security times in Northern Ireland IRA terrorists still manage to pull of some coups that were undetected by the security services.

Just because the 7 July atrocities happened does not mean that the security services were complicit.

In all these “false flag” conspiracies, the thing that is missing is plausibility.

The 7 July atrocities were carried out by some nutcases with no regard for their lives nor the lives of people they murdered. Lest we forget.


Northern Ireland is not a good example my friend, in fact the worst. The dirt is still coming out, and it involves all sides. And no, I didn't take sides in the troubles, and no, I have no time for terrorists who kill and maim innocent people.
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