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Long time ats snooper (7/8years) only just signed up

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posted on Sep, 9 2012 @ 12:58 PM
Hi all, Its been a long time now but i finally signed up...

i have an experience i want to share with you all, but realise i have to do my service (twenty replies) first...

so i thought i would ask a question and get the ball rolling, tbh im not one for posting on forums, so please excuse me if i make a few mistakes with protocol...

as a registered (newbie) will i find people are hostile to the fact that im new but want to share a story?

iv seen in some threads people question the Ops motives if they have just signed up and open with a big story (not to say my story is outlandish) just a ufo sighting but with a little difference, tbh i have been hoping someone else would have seen what i did and would have posted something, but after a month of searching everywhere i know online, i have not pulled up anything...

so its up to me to tell what me and 2 friends saw on the night of 12/13 08/2012.....

im sorry im getting ahead of myself il save it for a post once im setup....

posted on Sep, 9 2012 @ 01:01 PM
reply to post by HardboiledWonderland

Welcome to ATS...I look forward to your new thread on your experience, with your 21st post....


posted on Sep, 9 2012 @ 01:07 PM
Thanks very much...

I wouldnt get your hopes up to much, its just a written account, unfortunatley no video
i am hoping to make a few diagrams and use some maps with reference points to help with my discription...

i look forward to seeing what people think as to what it could be i/we saw.

posted on Sep, 9 2012 @ 01:12 PM
(Johnny rolls out the Welcome Wagon Buffet Cart, cues the music to be played for the 25 Cent Tour)

Welcome HardboiledWonderland

Be sure to try out Ask ATS with any "search words" of your choice, you will find numerous threads to choose from & to add your thoughts to right now. Once you have a minimum of 20 post replies, you'll be able to create your own threads in their appropriate areas & additionally send out messages to fellow ATS members.

Here are some handy links to get you oriented into now becoming a valued member of ATS.

Reaffirming ATS Policies ( Please Read First )
Terms & Conditions Of Use (Please read second)
Visit here next - ATS Freshmans Forum
Index of Important ATS Related Threads
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Hey New Members!! Come here if you need advice
Easy Way to Upload Your Pics & Avatar Graphics

*** Please have fun, ATS at times is like a rollercoaster ride! But be aware if you act in an uncivil-like manner, discuss personal illicit drug usage, use profanity, troll, intentionally spread a hoax, spam, advertise and/or get verbally abusive, you will be removed off the ride by a Moderator. This is for your safety, & also for those both young and old on the ride with you.

So buckle up, keep your arms within the ride's comfort zone, have fun and "Deny Ignorance"...!

posted on Sep, 9 2012 @ 01:12 PM
Welcome to membership. Good luck with your thread when you post it.

posted on Sep, 9 2012 @ 01:22 PM
Welcome, enjoy and don't worry if you get lost, it happens
I'm still lost so I read what I am interested in and post. Hell still havent fig out alot of stuff, just have fun!

posted on Sep, 9 2012 @ 01:24 PM
Welcome! I eagerly anticipate your story.

Are you long-time enough to remember "Find the Rings?"

posted on Sep, 9 2012 @ 01:25 PM
Welcome to ATS.

I'm looking forward to your first thread.....Reply to everyone and you will be there in no time.

posted on Sep, 9 2012 @ 01:35 PM
reply to post by tjack

no im afraid not, i just searched on google and aparently it was in the games forum? ive never looked in that forum tbh so that could be why i missed it

posted on Sep, 9 2012 @ 01:36 PM
reply to post by OccamAssassin

thanks will do

posted on Sep, 9 2012 @ 01:41 PM
reply to post by OccamAssassin

also i will need some time to write my report, i want to make sure i get as much info as i can as acuratley as possible, as i explained iv never really posted on any site, so its all a little new to me, im just researching how stuff is done. honestly im a bit of a socialphobic, communication is not one of my strong traits..

posted on Sep, 9 2012 @ 01:59 PM
Finally you creeper! It was getting weird with you peeking in our window for so long!

Welcome to ATS!

posted on Sep, 9 2012 @ 02:17 PM
reply to post by blamethegreys

Dammit i was hoping noone would notice, i was ever so careful to remain incognito

posted on Sep, 9 2012 @ 10:34 PM
How could anyone snoop for that long?

I had to sign up the very first day and have been posting ever since.

Anyway, hello and welcome!

posted on Sep, 10 2012 @ 12:55 AM
reply to post by HardboiledWonderland

Welcome HBW

Look forward to reading about your UFO experience.

Just a warning before you post it, a few members will try and flame you if you don't have any video or photographic evidence. Don't worry about this - just give as much info as possible, including the effect it had on your psyche.

I believe UFO's are interdimensional, so it is much more than just a visual phenomena.


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