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PM urged not to address 'extremists'

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posted on Sep, 6 2012 @ 03:37 PM

Originally posted by Wrabbit2000
It's sure getting to where no one better say one word, not one, about the LGBT community that isn't 100% accepting, approving and in full agreement with everything they present.

He's very specifically referring to the numbers the LGBT community produces THEMSELVES, for the purposes of craving out more health money from the budget or however that process works down there for funding their causes. I don't see where he breaks away to refer to anything else or could be seen to have by accident.

By how I'm reading it, it could be paraphrased something like 'If they want to ask for money like they're dying out and it's end of world requirements....let 'em be reminded of it'.

Quote from the OP's article:

"The life of smokers is reduced by something like seven to 10 years and yet we tell all our kids at school they shouldn't smoke."

"I was not comparing homosexuality with smoking at all. What I was saying is that on one hand we are vocal on our discouragement of people to smoke and on the other we are suppressing public dialogue about the health risks associated with homosexuality,"

I'm not sure I understand your paraphrasing. Yes, he is referring to those numbers but he's referring to homosexuality as a possible 'health' problem. IE ... being homosexual causes you damage/potentially kills you quicker than smoking. The suicide and drugs numbers are regularly linked to broken homes and rejection by peers etc ... resulting in depression. Particularly in gay men who are rejected more than gay women.

Basically the person is implying homosexuality should be discouraged the same as smoking. It seems pretty clear even after the excuses.

I also don't get how you can imply that the LGBT movement is throwing it's weight around here. You're talking as if they just assaulted an elderly person in the hall way and stole their shoes for not showing up to a gay party. It's an openly anti-homosexual org ... This is a bread and butter argument. It's not like it was just some person walking down the street with a passing opinion.

It was a person in a marriage equality debate throwing themselves in the firing line and asking for it! It's no where close to the 'point where no one better say a word'.

posted on Sep, 6 2012 @ 03:40 PM
reply to post by Pinke

Yes you are correct. But if everyone didn't take the quote out of context inorder to bash the guy, then we wouldn't have an interesting thread. Get it now?

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