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Why we don't need any more LOVE in one photograph

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posted on Sep, 6 2012 @ 09:54 PM

Originally posted by iwilliam

Originally posted by NotAnAspie

Originally posted by linknumbernine
reply to post by NotAnAspie

Where does it say that in the bible? Cite it please. That is the problem my friend. But I am not here to argue
I know for myself what LOVE is to ME, and we must all learn to see the world through and existential view

It's in revelations... look for it.

Above you state that Jesus said this. Jesus did not write the book of revelation. I'm not sure jesus is ever quoted as having spoken in revelation. If he is, it is in the form of a "vision" and not the "historical jesus speaking." Revelation was supposedly written quite a while after the death of Christ.

There is an important distinction here.
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ok, so now the argument is that Revelations is not important because people have no idea when it was written.

Or was it just that him mentioning hate multiple times is not important, even though it is his letters to the churches concerning the second coming ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT THEMES OF THE BIBLE NO LESS.


btw, which part of the bible DID Jesus write?


You know, you really don't have to try so hard to annoy.

posted on Sep, 7 2012 @ 02:52 AM
reply to post by NotAnAspie

*sigh*.. useless endeavours? Yet another sign of how hopeless some can be. Its not a useless endeavdour, because in the process of chasing it, you learn about it and what it is. I know that whatever power is in control of the bigger picture knows of people like yourself, and will have a place for them. Souls are pure, just as I am sure yours is as well. It may be masked by hate, fear and other nasty bugs, but in time Love will spread like the warm sunshine on your skin

BTW, Don't ever try to make a quote from the bible up when its nothing but fallicy.Smart people see through it very quickly. and If it was a real quote, at least show that you respect YOURSELF enough to tell us where to find it. NO I will not look it up lol. YOU are the one who needs to learn, but we are all on different paths
Good luck.

posted on Sep, 7 2012 @ 08:01 PM
Each one of us has different feelings attached to individual words and/or groups of words, and/or sounds.
Some/many words in our mind we don't have any feelings for, you say it or hear it and it causes no EMOTIONAL reaction other than perhaps thinking of a related word / image or situation.

Intonation and body language is SO important for understanding....thus communication is up to 90% NON-VERBAL. That is what is seriously lacking in on-line communications...which is why our future is NOT e-mail, smartphones, or any other such technologies....among other reasons....but until the power/ net grid goes off for an extended period... who will think much about that?

It is possible to remove the feelings attached to individual / groups of words in our brain - proactively, but this is a relatively advanced technique, so I won't even bother trying to explain it online. It is something that must be shown to you -- if you are willing. is VERY unorthodox....

Watching the TV Series LIE TO ME is the protagonist and his gang in an effort to detect lies forcefully confronts people and gets them to exhibit micro-expressions or more in the face by sounding out various words or situations.

There's that saying --- "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me" -- but really, this isn't true for ANYONE, although it will be for un-selfish BEings an un-selfish being will have gotten rid of the feelings attached to all words. There will be other traits...but let's just leave it at that. Though I think I gave a clue in my first post.... ;-) Some (other) obvious things will set apart an un-selfish being from everyone else that is currently on the planet...

** Funny, you can sue someone for defamation / libel, but you can't sue someone for offering too much pRAISE.
Our ego sures likes getting massaged. **


As for God/Jesus being perfect...that's big assumption. Who said anything about anyone being perfect...
Matthew 18...Jesus says be like a child, or wear a millstone and sink to the bottom of the well among other remarks...guess that sounds like conditional love to me. Maybe Jesus' "sin" was love? Of course, for those who LOVE JESUS they see only perfection. What is the meaning of the word perfection anyway?

Those who LOVE GOD -- God is perfect, only our understanding is off....

** Again, love makes us blind. Since the definition of God for many is so abstract...say WHO IS GOD? :-)

Who LOVES chocolate? Beer? Pizza? A JUICY hamburger? Of course, maybe one doesn't like it making us too fat or giving us pimples,indigestion, etc...I guess that's conditional. But at that very moment we bite into it -- we don' t think about it, just the pleasure.


Even the definition for "authentic un-conditional love" or "un-selfish being" will any word per se is problematic. But my definition for "un-selfish being" will just have to experience that in person.
I'm not 100% sure on what it means either, because I ain't there yet....but I'm getting close... ;-) but it's just my "hot air" until then...heheheh


To the poster who talks about a code in our words...I read through a little bit of that thread....and I'll say yes there is a code. But, I wouldn't necessarily agree with the analysis...I say necessarily because I didn't spend too much time..., because I'm getting tired of deconstructing words/sounds the last few years over here. Right off the bat from ur first post I would disagree with the method used.....meaning I would disagree with the resulting analysis.

....before deconstructing our might be helpful to learn more about how sounds change across languages / regions. Like this:


eSCUELa --> esCUELa

First example is word for storm in English and Spanish. Notice how in English an 'S' sound has been added.
In Spanish the -enta suffix has been added. But they have the same root.

In the 2nd example...the word for school in Spanish-English-French....Spanish tends to add extra vowels the 'e' and a'. And also has the optional 's'. In English we see the optional 's' again. In French a vowel added, but only on the front.The word for school is the same in EVERY single (If not almost every) national European language. The root sound is equivalent to "COLE / COOL / QUELL" (Doing my best job to transliterate the sound here)

Another example

CAT - C is equivalent to G. And an optional vowel 'o' in the Spanish version of cat.

miLagRo - Spanish
miRacLe - English

Some people have trouble pronouncing 'R' some 'L' -- thus you have two distinct spellings...some linguists think it is an Asian vs Western thing...but that would be. not deep enough analysis...

There is a website which you can see very quickly the spellings (And in some cases hear the pronunciation) of a single word for many languages at a glance....but I forget the weblink.

posted on Sep, 7 2012 @ 08:23 PM

Originally posted by iwilliam
an interesting post, OP, but I think you are playing heavy semantics games without identifying as such.

You begin by saying we don't need more love, and then at the end you tell us what we do need... and I'm pretty sure you then go on to describe cases where emotions or acts of "love" might be evidenced.

In my opinion, your case would have been better stated as:

"In our modern society, and going back quite some number of centuries, the pure emotion of 'love' and the word itself have been bastardized, and made to be something they're not. What we normally think of as 'love' is a complex set of emotions and psycho-social conditioning, which has a seriously bi-polar dark side. On the other hand, 'pure love,' what some might call 'unconditional love,' but really is just 'love,' exists but is seemingly more rare. In our society it is more commonly seen in the way some parents care for their children, or the way young children will interact before their social programming kicks in."

That last statement, btw, would only be partly true. Some parents are horrendous to their kids (hence my careful wording there,) and furthermore, many young children act aggressively toward peers.

But aside from the covert semantics, I do kind of agree with the vibe of your post.

In general I agree with the vibe of your response.
But going back more than centuries...millenia! the dawn of man?

But I'll standby the idea that 'love' / 'unconditional love' doesn't need a word. It is just 'action & vibration' and maybe 'warm fuzzies' too! Oh but since "science can't prove warm fuzzies exist or not....I guess they don't" Hahahahaha....

"Actions speak louder than words" -- but "actions for un-self-ish reasons"

Maybe like when you are walking...and you trip and fall. And somebody next to you stops and offers to help you get up. An instantaneous reaction on their part not borne of any thinking of themselves....or internal feeling.
This would be a very simple example of 'unconditional love'

vs say...somebody helping others because deep down they want to acquire karma / good feelings, points for heaven, etc...many charities fall into this group...if not when they started, as they get bigger.

As for parent-child, that is why I specifically noted a new born baby...and when I mean young children...< 5 years old? Even younger? And I did note corrupting influences...which in addition to auditory / visual I will add EMFs too...

...all FEELings are bi-polar.....possible to exist without feelings......but no feelings, does not mean no emotion...
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posted on Sep, 11 2012 @ 12:45 PM
reply to post by dontneedaname

You mean superficial love, which is more like attraction/aversion, like the duality you speak of. And you are correct in saying that it is not a good thing.

But true Love is not invested in anything and therefore is free from duality

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