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Coincidental meeting

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posted on Sep, 2 2012 @ 11:41 AM
I like to share strange, unique, and interesting experiences I have in my life here in the Gray Area. After all, I've read some of my best stuff here in this forum. Sometimes you meet someone or bump into someone and you have to ask yourself was it meant to be. Especially if the meeting touches on something that impacts your life, or if something before that meeting in your life somehow relates to it.

Well, yesterday it was my turn to go to the grocery store. I really didn't want to go lol but I gave my word next time it was my turn. I made my way there and got to the "dry mustard," on my grocery list, which was in the spice isle. Now, if you knew me you would know I'm just not the type to strike up a conversation, actually I guess I'm kind of cold shouldered to strangers. Also, if you knew of the town where I live in Mississippi you would know this would be the last place you would expect to discuss this in the grocery store.

As I was looking for the dry mustard another man was looking for a spice as well. He jokingly sparked the conversation saying "Well I was looking for the nutmeg but I bet you were blocking my view," with a smile. We then went on to talk about how some of these spices were so good for us and how we were eating less and less foods that came from the ground, missing out on trace elements and how important they are for our health.

This man went on to tell me about how he had liver failure and ascites earlier in the year, and how he just about didn't make it through the illness until he convinced his health care provider to run some test for lyme disease. Next, he spoke of getting staph infection from IV's and how his immune system was just about shot. He explained how he believed in meditation and practiced it, attributing the practice to some of his healing.

Next we went on to discuss dimensions, vibrations, illusions, protons, electrons, etc. I was really starting to feel like this meeting was a turning point or a checkpoint in my life. Well, we got on negative energy and how the media constantly bombards us with negative output and how we take that energy and pass it right along to lower vibrational beings who consume it as a food source. At this point, in my town, I'm amazed I'm speaking to a middle aged to elderly man about information such as this, it really gave me goosebumps.

We talked about reptilians and how they came from another star system, how they have passed down their blood line for generations upon generations. We discussed how if the majority of mankind, or even a good portion of us were to start putting out positive output with our vibrational energy, this draconian; suppressive force here on earth would crumble on itself. He mentioned seeing ufo's after mastering deep meditation. We talked about the Shaman from South Africa who ate the flesh of a gray being, and how that flesh was more of a suit for it. We were both amazed at the fact that when one brought something up, the other finished it before we would have a chance to explain it.

We went on to discuss how these negative beings both flesh and spiritual had to be careful just how far they went with some of us as far as attacks and such because if they went all in and exposed themselves being that we fought back or put up a righteous defense, they would lose their echelon of power, sort of like a wolf pack.

As we reached the end of our discussion in this grocery store, I felt an energy come over me, or out of me. I couldn't stop smiling and felt like I was glowing almost. It's like speaking to another in that setting about subjects such as this provides liberation and knowing that we are still very much in the fight, if not more potent than we even realize. I literally felt goosebumps and a "hum," inside my body that was tingling my skin and my lips couldn't stop smiling. This man finally had to go, but he shared his name with me and said he was in the phone book.

Oh one other thing, I shared with him an OOB experience I had that I think I've shared here on ATS, or at the least on the MUFON site where I described the encounter. It was in my opinion, an attack by a negative...something, where I fought back and remember seeing my body laying there asleep as I was pulled out of it, with time and sound slowing down. It was chilling, but again liberating. So, he went on to talk about how I was probably a "Wanderer," who has been here many times. He explained that it doesn't make me better or worse than any other soul, just that I've been doing it a while. Finally, he explained how the fight was not just here in our galaxy or star system but it's everywhere...however big and vast that may be.

Thanks for reading, I hope those who read this can feel that this was really a special conversation that I didn't think I would have here in my hometown and actually participate in, in a thousand years.

posted on Sep, 2 2012 @ 11:55 AM
You gotta get out more and strike up conversations with people. It is a little strange that this person knew about so many things. You did meet him in the spice section though, an area where people who are aware often visit for more than a minute at a time. I go there to try to get ideas for my research. Many antidotes for food allergies are in spices. Some spices complete the requirements needed for proper bio-availability of food. Don't put the wrong spice on the wrong food.

posted on Sep, 2 2012 @ 08:07 PM
This wasn't an accident at all. I don't think there is anything such thing as "accidents" anyway.

In our world, either everything has meaning or nothing has meaning.

I believe that everything has meaning.

What a wonderful meeting of minds in the spice aisle. Consider it a little gift from the Universe, so that you would know there are other like minded people in the world.

I was waiting for you to say...that you turned around...and he disappeared!

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