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We are stagnating due to not only our way of life but yours as well...

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posted on Aug, 19 2012 @ 05:50 AM
This thread is one that I have been thinking of about for the last few months if not years, I have a tendancy to ramble and get angry so please bear with me.
I have heard over the Olympic period that Aliens were to reveal themselves to Humanity , I have heard threads from supposed 'contactees' and believers of UFO's and Aliens ( I myself have seen a UFO and believe that we are not alone in the vastness of space) but I am getting not only frustrated but angry at our inhumanity to ourselves physically, our planet and our souls to the point of desperation.
NONE of the 'predictions' or promises of contact or revealing have come to pass, evidence has been SOLD in the form of shows and conventions and then not given or simply stolen by those who fear the truth being revealed.

We have had our industrial revolution for the last 300 years going from small communities and large cities with no electricity and running water to huge cities with instant communications, internet and such, to landing on the moon and exploring space to an extent, but we as a society still want to make those that believe we are not alone in the cosmos out to be mentally ill or ridiculed, even those that say to the world " I have proof" ( such as Greer) only do so for profit to themselves first and if Humanity learns something its a distant second place.

We have learned much about space moreso than our own home, let alone learning wisdom to entertain that we as individuals are different from each other in our own morals or beliefs whether its religeous or other. We have become more intolerant to each other on a daily basis, to the point of the 'war on terror' is taking on a life of its own, one that will be harder to stop in the future. But that is another rant for another time maybe.

Look at the last 100 years, technologically we have surpassed ourselves and we are patting ourselves on the back everytime we create something new, we are also losing the battle to become civilised and to mature as a race, in fact I think 5000 years ago we were more Human than we are today, more compassionate to each other, and before you tell me about the ancient conflicts I know about those, we battled to survive then but today we battle because we can and we want to.

We have let those into power who seek to keep themselves in power and be damned the masses, they feel they are the ones to know what must be known, to keep truth to themselves and to allow them and their ilk to benefit ONLY. The citizenry must be protected from the truth as we are 'too delicate' to understand or unintelligent enough to think it will only make us scared, well I am SICK of being told how to think, what to think and when to think it.

Now to the real rant.
Over the last couple of years I have been on ATS I have seen numerous people say contact is near, Aliens have visitied me, or here is a blurry photograph of a shape ( which is in fact an Alien).. and I am sick of them too.

The Galactic federation of light? The Galactic federation of being kept in the dark more like.
We are as a society stagnating, we are having religeous wars ( its not a war on terror but a crusade IMO) and are not learning anything that can be of use to us, we are told that Aliens are waiting for us to mature, to show compassion to each other and we are not being allowed to be compassionate by our leaders and their war on terror.

Aliens are supposedly ( against their 'morals' apparently ) camera shy and flit about our world hidden from our view, they contact people either unbelievable or unable to bring it to the wider audience, they do not leave items behind either, crops circles have neither been proven or disproved to be Alien, but we as a creative society and one that craves self indulgence and self gratification are extremely capable of making the most complicated designs enough to fool people into thinking they were made by Aliens, we have as a collective mass no creativity and anything out of the norm must be alien right?

And yet they are supposedly waiting for us? How about they take the first real step as we are told not to think outside the box, to do as we're told, which is to stagnate fearing some evil man with a beard who hates us for our 'freedoms'?......

We at this rate will never grow up and you will have a long time to wait my Alien friends UNLESS you either want us to destroy ourselves completely then what is the point of waiting?

Any Aliens ( should any of them be capable or available to read this ) (plus I don't like the term Alien, so I shall call them ET's, Extra Terrestrial sounds better to me because they are, after all not from Earth or Terra) ( Maybe it should be called the War on Terra instead ), I ask you to either / any / all:

1: Don't flit about in your ships / energy craft what ever they are, allow your ships to be photographed clearly for once.
2: You ask US to change our ways which in some aspect I agree with, but YOU must also change YOUR ways to accomodate us, otherwise you are NO different to our leaders who are forcing THEIR ways on other countries and cultures to suit their benefit.
3: Actually SHOW yourselves and ALLOW to be photographed after all IF we were to have full on contact you WILL be photographed at some point, and don't worry photographs DO NOT STEAL SOULS.
4: IF you are to contact anyone please don't contact some country bumpkin ( sorry contactees) who will have a hard time telling the rest of us their experience, I'm sure that you are monitoring our planetary communications enought to learn our ways and language, contact someone the public like or trust. Maybe then we can believe them?.
5: IF you are scared of appearing to the public in fear of mass panic seeing as we have been practically programmed by the media to hate and fear anything not Human I'm sure that over the course of your history you have learned the best way to deal with paranoid cultures?.
6: If YOU fear being attacked out of that fear would you listen to a suggestion from a lowly Human who is frustrated at his own race neglecting his own individual needs to evolve?

Give me one of your ships, and the means to pilot it and I will take the initiative and prove to the world they are not alone, that they have been kept in the dark for too long, and that the future has a future and the truth has been worth waiting for. IF you are UNWILLING to take the risk let one of us take it for you after all should said ship and pilot be shot down or killed then it could be either explained as a 'terror blimp' or a secret design of an aircraft couldn't it and then the world could be left to its own devices and you can then fly off into the void never to bother us again as the planet will be uninhabitable for a few thousand years I suspect.

As the saying goes ( and I have to be blunt as I am fed up with charlatans profiterring from the truth that I crave and should be free) to the contactees or 'channellers " PUT UP or SHUT UP". And to the people who create UFO videos I have some questions . WHY? Do you get a kick of people looking at your videos? Sure you can be creative but in the long run it doesn't help the world does it?

And to the ET's either help us or leave us wallow in our own misery as we are not long for this dimension going down the path we are taking, give us a clue that there is more out there and that we should stop bickering amongst ourselves and actually then we can learn to be wise and compassionate....

Rant Over , Good Night

posted on Aug, 19 2012 @ 06:12 AM
Really enjoyed your rant, and I couldn't agree more. Maybe someday they will show themselves to the world or maybe just to me and/or you so we can finally have our answer.

posted on Aug, 19 2012 @ 06:27 AM
I enjoyed your rant too and agree with most of it.

One thing I didn't agree with was this, basically because of things like slavery, gladiators, etc.

Look at the last 100 years, technologically we have surpassed ourselves and we are patting ourselves on the back everytime we create something new, we are also losing the battle to become civilised and to mature as a race, in fact I think 5000 years ago we were more Human than we are today, more compassionate to each other, and before you tell me about the ancient conflicts I know about those, we battled to survive then but today we battle because we can and we want to.

One of the key aspects of Civility and Maturity is the word "Peace" and being able to live peacefully with one another.
Another one is called "Respect".
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posted on Aug, 19 2012 @ 07:00 AM
Awesome rant! Couldn't have said better myself.

I have seen ufos also but everytime I ever try to tell my stories I get ridiculed on this site.

I thought that was what this website was made for to accept peoples beliefs no matter how crazy or outlandish. The technology revolution has really given people balls. Everyone thinks they are the top dog because they can hide behind a computer screen. Insulting everything they can get their hands on just so they can think they have the upper hand on another humans life.

We as a species IMO is not ready for full contact yet. They would still deny, hate, and turn to god to exterminate them. Making up claims such as "They are demons!"

Humans are often hostile to anything that doesn't fit in. People would rather kill innocent creatures in their house rather than take the time to release it. Creatures that are not out to harm you but just survive themselves.

Another thing the human species has a problem with is over population. I say this in all respect but people NEED to die. What happens to an animal population when there is too many of the species? They start to deplete their resources and get sick or starve and the population may collapse for years. What is the point of people living past 90? They do not work, often need the help of others to survive and have fulfilled their natural duty to reproduce. This is the reason why the cure for cancer or other highly deadly diseases have not nor will not be created. There is no point whatsoever. I would rather die that the be a burden to society. I got to live my time on earth give respect and let that baby next door have the same life as you did. Growing up not feeling like a sardine. Sorry but that's my opinion.

The next downfall for the human species is technology. All high tech needs power to run them. Yet everybodies lives are interconnected to it like a life support. But what happens if that fails? What will happen if the power grids become non operational. People don't know how to grow food they get it conveniently from their local supermarket. Many many many people would starve...

Sorry I went a bit off topic and I give you all my respect. I love that yes we need to get that closure that we are not alone. It would be the greatest discovery in the history of the known universe.

But I ask you this question... If you were an extra terrestrial... would you show yourself to this war loving, self hating, disrespectful species?

I know today is not the day but I dream of the day that we can become worthy of them coming out of the dark void.

In best regards.

posted on Aug, 19 2012 @ 07:11 AM
I think everybody misses the key point here..

If Aliens wanted to help us..

WHO would they help?

How many governments we got? How many warring factions have we got?

Who represents us?

If its good vs evil, how are they to determine which of us is what?

They cannot help us until we help our selves.

If rumors are to believed, we were offered help, in return for disarming our planet, and we refused..

If you were an alien, where would you begin?

Also, aliens have introduced them selves to our governments,

1952 Washington is a good example, they know our governments have not disclosed this to us, so what they gonna do? Land a big mother ship in central park? Go against what our leaders have chosen for us?

its not that clear cut you know.

A saucer presented it self to me in 2010, I feel honored, it answered one question of mine, but has left me with many more.

As far as the "Galactic federation" Goes, I don't believe whats slapped all over the internet, but it wouldn't surprise me higher beings do discuss our future.

ETA: I think the human race is ready for disclosure, it will give us a welcome distraction of the crap on Earth, and give us a beacon of hope, and make everybody realize, how pathetic we all have been, it would spark great changes around the world, and for the better..

After all, using common sense you can see they're not evil, they wouldn't have waited for us to get to the technology age to overtake us would they?
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posted on Aug, 19 2012 @ 07:25 AM
reply to post by Sinny

We all got the key point here... you just changed the words around.

And no we are not ready. Most humans would deny existence. And go back to their own destructive nature.
Ever see District 9? Only it would happen in real life if you gave people the chance.

posted on Aug, 19 2012 @ 07:28 AM
reply to post by TheCaucasianAmerican

Yea, I saw District 9, badass film .. "You #ing Prawn!!"


That showed we were ready, and took the piss as usual.

How are we not ready?

80% of the globe believe in Aliens, so can can you say that?

60% of Americans believe...

ETA: Why has this just moved forum?!?!

ETA: LOL, This threads gone from Aliens &UFO's to Online Lies and has now ended up in Rant. aha.
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posted on Aug, 19 2012 @ 07:38 AM
reply to post by Sinny

I understand that we do believe.

Just that the other 20% or 40% will take it the wrong way. And will take it as they are here to harm. Or will complain that they haven't come sooner. Alot of anger will result. People would get angry that they let us live here without curing disease or famine.

People would start wanting the oblivious way of life back. It would tear at them knowing we are an unimportant species deemed of being expendable. As there would be countless worlds with life.

We can only hope for closure when that number reaches 100%

I hope you understand...

posted on Aug, 19 2012 @ 07:41 AM
Lol. I am sorry OP but the student as a whole (humanity) is not ready even if many people are ready to understand some of it.

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

It was only recently that I gain some understanding. Most of us, if not all of us, hear what we are ready to hear. If we are not ready to receive, nothing, no matter how sound the advice is, will get into our head. It is ourselves who choose to filter out information. The fact is the teacher is always ready to teach but the student is not always ready to listen. Some received and accepted later in their life and often regretted saying to themselves, “Why didn’t I know this earlier.” It is because the student is not ready. The answer has been out there all the while but the student did not receive it because he shut it out.

Be a ready student – the answer that you seek will come to you.

My own view:
You have already been taught (at serveral instances from several sources) the nondual reality of everything and the golden rule even if you choose to ignore the knowledge because of ego/mind and want to stay disconnected/separated. Now implement the knowledge in your being or stay disconnected on a planet that will be disconnected and quarentined until it loses small mind.

If you do not understand that all information in this post is connected then you are not paying atention in class and have not payed attention to what is going on right now.

posted on Aug, 19 2012 @ 08:40 AM
reply to post by DaRAGE
AND ALL the other posters so far, thank you for your comments.

I understand your comments and agree with it but to a certain extent we are not being allowed peace, nor civility, our rights are being erroded so that a select few can lord it over the rest, and those that can see it are not allowed to re-adjust the imbalance.
IF any ET's were to appear and tell us " Look we know what your going through but there ARE better ways of addressing your differences other than killing each other we are prepared to help guide and teach".

But those in power seek to only better themselves, look at the UK's politicians and well ALL politicians really, they get into their seats by the grace of the people for the betterment of the people but all they do is look after their 'donators' or benefactors.
The peoples will ( even a Democracy is supposed to adhere to the MAJORITY ) is ignored so that a small few are satisfied. The rest of us can 'disappear' into the darkness of ignorance and ineffectualness to be ignored.

As for the other comments I appreciate not only the mods moving the thread but agree with it ( apart from the move to the GFL move first, them being mentioned was just an example).
I have heard over the years many stories about contact being made soon, disclosure coming soon, Santa coming soon, but all these people do is damage the reputation of UFOlogy and should just wake up ( as they are fond of telling us ) to the truth they ain't helping the subject one bit.

The ET's need to get off their high horse ( so to speak ) after all if you had a couple of rowdy children who did nothing but fight and argue would you let them continue to grow up doing the same things over and over and over?

No , you'd either explain to them WHY they keep making the same errors time after time or give them a spanking they won't forget, the spanking route only leads to resentment, but IF you can EXPLAIN to them the error of their ways then you'll not only clue them into what they shouldn't do but what they SHOULD do if the event happens again, and in that long run you'll make them better people in the future.

My own personal history is that my Father used to beat me when I was a child, he used to belittle me, call me names but he treated my twin brother the complete opposite, he never got bullied, never got disciplined and now that we are 40 odd years old, we are polar opposites, my brother the wastrel, the drunkard, the mercenary ( not literally but he hankers over money and will get it by fair means or foul) where as I realised when I was younger that I would not be that way, I am stronger, better morally and compassionately to others and their differences.

Any ET's need to realise that we as a race will never change unless we have a reason to change, we the people need to realise that fact as well, but we are distracted by shiney coin, sparkling gadgets and reality TV, race wars, religeous wars, economic wars and we allow our 'leaders' to actively keep pursuing that agenda even though it is not our agenda, we need to ask why? who profits and what can we do about it?

The ET's need to have a big showing to say there is more OUT THERE than you can imagine, learn to become better than you are, give yourself a proud and noble future instead of a past you are ashamed of.
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