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Tribler bit torrent from Delft University seeks to make worlds first 100% Anonymous bit torrent

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posted on Aug, 14 2012 @ 06:51 PM
By the way.. I had actually never seen The Promo Bay before till just now. I don't like it at all. The title page says this:


Do you have a band? Are you an aspiring movie producer? A comedian? A cartoon artist?

As you might have seen we sometimes replace our front page logo with others. Sometimes we link to important political issues like internet censorship and sometimes it's to some cool indie musicians we like.
We would now like to improve this feature. We want you to send us an email (below) and tell us what you have and where you would like it to be shown.

A few rules then:

In the form below, include a full adress to your front page image suggestion with the maximum measures 500x400 (width x height). Please host it at BayImg. No obscene ugly crap please. People from all over the world visits us; kids, you and really really old people.
Write a number of 3 countries maximum where you want your doodle to be seen. Choosing smaller countries might improve your odds, since one can assume that big countries will be chosen more often. If we find your stuff mind blowing we might post it worldwide...
Links to racist or other hateful propaganda will be ignored. This site is and will always be about discovering culture from all over the world.
Paste a link from your website, bandcamp, torrent, soundcloud, youtube, myspace(does anyone still use that crap?). This is where we will direct the people who click on your submitted front page logo.
On your site, you must have your songs or movie or whatever available for download, streaming or such. Please try to sell cd's, shirts or funny hats if you want to, but not only. This is not just about making you rich.
Please offer easy access to your material. No "like us to be able to listen" on facebook. Don't lead your visitors into a maze. Just offer a simple and easy play button for whatever you have.
No Mr Hetfield. We will not doodle your Lulutallica project. Stop calling us!

Of course, we can and will not release everything we recieve. We will pick something every now and then from the pool. If we like your submission, and the countries you chose are not already flooded by requests, you will recieve an email when it's about to start.

Ready set go!

What the Hell? That looks like a 15 year old could have written it and isn't very professional at all. I went there to see categories and lists of artists and their music torrents - I can't find any links like that.. just exactly how they promote music for starving artists I have no idea because you cant see it from looking at this page.

At the bottom there are links to other pirate bay owned services,such as PasteBay - a paste bin clone, ImgBay, an image file hosting service and Bayfiles, a rapidshare clone. It doesn't look like anyone's using these services but obviously Pirate Bay is trying to get it's hands in many cookie jars.

I'm going to look around to see if there are any real and also popular services for starving artists to host their music torrents. It's a good idea and if there isn't one.. perhaps I'll start one. Free Enterprise baby.. by the people for the people.. Yeah.. I like that.


I did some research on this and found out how The Promo Bay works. They have people sign up then put advertisements for those people on the Pirate Bay homepage. They claim to have over 5000 people signed up so far.

I'm thinking WYF? That's all they are doing.. a little free advertising on a front page of a site that's associated with pirated activity ! ?

The only thing The Pirate Bay has going for them is numbers of users but they have a bad reputation and as seen above in the 'rules' they are very picky about choosing what they display. Those are not good for people needing exposure. I could make a Much better promo site than that.
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