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Joplin Islamic Center burns for second time!

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posted on Aug, 6 2012 @ 01:55 PM
reply to post by Wrabbit2000

Yes, our enemy is primarily, if not exclusively Muslim

If you believe I or most like me see Islam as the enemy, then you read what you wanted to read in what I said, not what I wrote.

Contradiction here.

But I get your last post, I guess.

posted on Aug, 6 2012 @ 02:01 PM

Originally posted by Wrabbit2000

Originally posted by samsamm9
reply to post by Wrabbit2000

I still can't believe a grown person who has critital thinking
still thinks like that.

When it's in the corporations best interest, they send the military to do the
dirty work. And the tptb are very interested in the Middle-East for obvious economical reasons.

And they sell you the idea that "Islam" is the enemy, just like blacks, Indians, Japanese, Viet-Namese, Koreans, Communist, Drugs(lol), were once the big bad enemy, and now it's "Islam". It seems the U.S needs enemies to survive.

Deny ignorance.

If you believe I or most like me see Islam as the enemy, then you read what you wanted to read in what I said, not what I wrote.

I said here as I have said countless times in careful clarification on this issue, I recognize a VERY small % of the Islamic Faith as Self-Declared and very active enemies of not only America but simply anything not Muslim and further, not of their specific sect and belief set.

The other 90%+ of the 1 Billion plus Muslims are folks I am sure are very much like me, with a different culture, set of priorities and general outlook on life. Similar though, in simply trying to raise our kids...make it through the month and see ends meet at the end of it.

Likewise...I think the % of "Ugly Americans" who simply hate blindly and all things Muslim is a small one. Very small. Unfortunately for Islam AND America, the loud minorities to both sides ARE the ones being seen. In this war, the loud ones on their side are planting IED's and killing their own people as well as ours. The loud ones on OUR side.....may have burned down a Mosque in Joplin.

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well said

I remember the terror attacks on clinics before 911 ... not all Christians were responsible

posted on Aug, 6 2012 @ 02:34 PM
It is a sad sight to behold, no more different than the countless many we see daily around the world, of hate crimes and violence, regardless of whatever religion or political persuasion. Destruction is most certainly often man-made, intentional, or by willful neglect.

Much of that stems only from fear, ignorances or both.

Either we stand by the sacred Constitution and religious teachings to progress and evolve, or we tear them all up, so that we need be laughed at as hypocrites, and let the rule of the jungle takes place, as each becomes self centred, to hell with civilisation.

It is comprehensible that communities with large single group of similar demographics will tend to stick together and not welcome any stranger or the unknown into the community. No one wants change, but changes are the only constant in life, as our population booms and tech advances.

Education plays an important role to prepare the young to take on responsibilities in society's incremental progresses, but unfortunately, due to the stabilty of comfort zones, the young are only taught stagnantly, to perpetuate old ways. When change arrives, they are ill prepared, and violence become the answers to make the status quo remain, even if that community regresses.

Thus denial of ignorances as well as patience of tolerance will go far to help eradicate such violence and excesses. It begins with you and me, to our families, relatives and friends that makes up our society and humanity. Not just by using thoughts upon social media, but real time meainingful and peaceful sharing, discussions, debates to find solutions to issues rather than to resort to hate and violence as the first and only option.

Most of humankind seeks only for peace, love and stability. Only those whom have selfish agendas will seek for hatred and violence as solutions without further exploration. Thus, it is the former that we must reach out to, for they are the majority, while the selfish are truly only a minority but vocally loud, using it to drown out rationality and truths.

posted on Aug, 6 2012 @ 06:26 PM
reply to post by getreadyalready

Growing up in Webb City, and Joplin..... I never met a "real life" black person until I was 16 years old and drove over to Pittsburgh, Kansas. I knew where the black part of town was, and we drove through it every now and then, but I never actually talked to anyone.

It's amazing to me how much still sounds to be that way. One of our instructors at the college last semester had done a lot in other districts and mentioned many in the Southeast section and very rural areas were still like that. Not hostile as much as just separate. In trucking of course I wound up on back roads all over the country and sometimes was taken aback by how stark it was between one side of town and another.

It's slowly changing but I'd note in defense, if any were needed to those outside the area.....this separate living is largely by choice on both sides that I know of now. It's not as though there are no-go zones for the Dept Of Justice, especially this one. lol... No town too small, I'm sure they'd say if a bad example of the 50's or 60's were hidden away.


Hi Rabbit, Many don't see or realize the religious caste system that we have in this country that divides us.....

Heya,. I wouldn't say anyone hates Muslims around here, I'd just say there have never been many to know either way. I've seen a couple at the college and no one seems at all hostile or off around them. Curious, if anything... Although, there is always a Bubba and if that's what this guy was...well, what do we do now? Outlaw bottles and gasoline? lol... I hear ya on using the incident for politics somehow.


I hear ya.. I really do on the issue of politics, media and groups with agendas. I'd note though, it's from both sides and against both sides. A Mosque burns down and it's headlines everywhere. Some punks torch Churches down south awhile back and no one seemed to care much... It's all around I think and it seems more people are taking out their petty grudges. The town falling apart in Needful Things comes to mind... all set up to play off each other, then one spark. Pop.

posted on Aug, 6 2012 @ 06:34 PM
$15,000 reward for the identity of the arson.

Here is their FB page.

Compare that video to the faces on that FB page. I'm starting to believe the insurance scam angle.

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