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Obama backs race-based school discipline policies

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posted on Jul, 30 2012 @ 06:43 PM

Originally posted by glasshouse
reply to post by RealSpoke
I think one of the major problems with inner city schools is that poor and middle-class children that can't afford private schooling are forced to stay in failing schools. I definitely think non-unionized charter schools and public school voucher programs would allow many children to escape these failed institutions.

No, no and a thousand times no.
Kids that want to learn learn.
Kids that have come from the worst of circumstances learn.
It starts At Home With The Parents.
I'm so tired of hearing about the reason kids in the cities are failing is because of the poor schools and teachers.
Let me tell you what the teachers get tired of putting up with.
Kids who aren't being taught how to respect authority, kids who are bullying them, kids who are not even trying to do anything in the class and the parents do nothing about it.

You can live in a nice, rich "white" community and still have those problems. You can live in the 'ghetto' and have those problems.

A parent who is working thirteen jobs can still knock into their kid a sense of respect and honor and dignity.
I've Seen It Happen time and time again.
I have the utmost respect for working moms and dads who are working multiple jobs and the schools are barely afloat and the kid is doing awesome.
That's not luck.
It's parenting.

posted on Jul, 30 2012 @ 06:46 PM

Originally posted by Illumin Not I
reply to post by SeesFar

How do you think the Colorado-Batman shooting would have ended if he was Black or Hispanic? If he was black do you think he would have been painted as a troubled person? If he was black or Hispanic would he be alive to actually have a trial after shooting up a bunch of White people? .

Here is a bit of your own medicine!

How do you think the OJ trial would have turned out if OJ was white? Do you think the black folks would have been on the side lines screaming "Run OJ Run". Do you think there would have been a riot "IF" he had been found guilty?

How do you think the Travon/Zimmerman issue would have turned out if the color of the individuals were reversed? Would Al & Jesse have been there for the death of a Hispanic man?

You have simply expressed hate for anyone that has a different color of skin than your own. You went as far as asking another poster where they lived so you could send your black friends to his neighborhood.

You sir, are part of the problem with the world today.

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posted on Jul, 30 2012 @ 07:16 PM
reply to post by SangriaRed

If you notice, I said "...One of the major problems...". Do I agree with you that parenting and self-motivation are perhaps the most important factors in becoming an educated person? Of course. In the cases of some children that don't have good parents, a good school and a good teacher can make all the difference in the world though. I just find it a bit illogical to claim that sub-par schools and bad teachers don't have a single thing to do with education.

posted on Jul, 31 2012 @ 07:09 PM
reply to post by Vitruvian

Excuse me, but ELECTED? Check this link for ONE example, be it on accident or not it's proof that Elections are fixed and a waste of time, . Remember the Bush Jr fiasco? Yah, by recount he 'Won' the ELECTION! What a Bunch of Schitt.
And I think the Statute of Limitations has More than ran out a LONG time ago for Whitey to pay the piper for slavery. I do not ever remember owning any slaves. Anyone else here remember having any?!? I didn't think so. Accepting pay-Backs for all that happened years ago by people none of us has ever met or probably even heard of is wrong. Just WRONG.
How about since your uncle mugged my dad, I now have to come over and Beat the Stupid out of You! Would that be right?! NO, I didn't think so either. And that just happened last week! (No this did not happen for anyone wondering, I'm obviously tryin' to make a point......)
Give me a Freakin Break. All this Whining Crap, yah mine too here, is gettin' real old...... Syx.

posted on Aug, 1 2012 @ 09:41 AM
reply to post by glasshouse

I guess my belief is that you could rip away the computers from every single school give these kids and teachers:


And be done with it.

No, I'm not living in an alternate reality.

People for years had much less than what kids in the poorest burbs of this country have and yet they were able to teach an average basic student how to read, write and spell and understand the Constitution and the history of this world as well as philosophy.
Jeez, you can teach a kid to read and the world opens up to him.

Cramming 20-30 kids plus in ONE room with ONE teacher is mind-numbingly stupid. And the dork who came up with that idea ought to never, ever, ever have another say in what goes in a classroom again.
Teachers deserve to be paid period. But you need MORE teachers.
I'm way less concerned about the supplies then I am about the number of teachers.

However, regardless of how many teachers you have in a room, regardless of how many nifty little gadgets you have:
When kids are coming into school with the attitude of "why bother" and are disruptive and causing trouble those kids are making the job of that teacher so much more difficult and it brings down the morale and the environment of the classroom.

And when a classroom or school has a fairly large percentage of those types of students, you can give those schools as much money as you want, better teachers and better staff and it still is not likely to make a difference because the overall mentality of the kids is don't bother. And as long as those kids feel like "don't bother" then the money and the gadgets won't help.

I have seen first hand people coming in from lousy areas wanting to put their kids in the 'good schools.'
They don't get it. They have to put the effort into it, they have to be present, make their kid attend, go to parent and teacher conferences, be a part of the solution.
Instead, the kids get dumped off. And forgotten.
And the teachers have their hands full.
And the teachers are quitting.
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posted on Aug, 1 2012 @ 09:15 PM

Originally posted by de_Genova
reply to post by groingrinder

My point though was that the malevolent legacy of slavery and all that it entails is an inherited thing - to the conscious psyche - as well as to the unconscious mind - the genes - the DNA - the bloodline itself - all that..............please don't think those things don't matter - they do!

I am just as white as any other white person. Two years ago ( I have been doing family research for many years ) I found out that I have a great great great etc. grandfather from Africa, who was a slave, but died a business owner. Do I get a part of all the reparations. Do my kids get a pass in school for misbehaving?
I don't think so!! Why? Because I'm white. Besides the fct that my boys are more afraid of me than any teacher or principal. BTW....I grew up poor and lived in the projects. I worked and left it all behind. I'm thirty eight and recently paid off my house. I didn't have any opportunities or chances that any of my black friends didn't have. Most of them are either dead, in prison or still there. I call BS on ALL of this. It's a total load of poo poo. I'm sick of hearig about it.

posted on Aug, 1 2012 @ 10:09 PM
To answer that racists question.... It all depends on what the person did with their life that people care about.

If some gangbanger got shot- you think anyone would care?(be it any race)- No

If a doctor got shot you think anyone would care? (be it any race)- Damn right.

--people need to stop letting race rule their worlds.

-edit- especially government.
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posted on Oct, 18 2012 @ 11:14 PM
reply to post by SeesFar

Black people don't expect reparations today. I stated that if reperations was paid back in the 1800's I think we wouldn't be so racist now. I am part Native. My grandmother was biracial from the Blackfoot. My grandfather is a half white who's father was a Jewish man who escaped Nazi Germany.
So Im not slanted towards any particular stance on the race issue . I just gave my assesment on how the racism in this country could've been resolved in the past. Yes some Black people are racist. You read my post and got in a tiff just because I spoke my mind about how I feel as to how White people dealt and deal with racism in this country. To me White people play the blame game just as much as Black people.

A comment on facebook that I read recently in regards to Native Americans interaction with Europeans in the past was "You fought, you lost get over it." And this comment came from a White person. I was angry, but that"s the stance some White people take when it comes racism, it's always "Get over it."
I personally believe the racism of this world will only be solved when the world ends

posted on Oct, 19 2012 @ 01:50 AM
All I can do is sit back and sigh... What it comes down to is that when you reward chidren for being "less" than they can be, then why should they do better? Instead they will sit back and milk the sytem for every last drop. This has nothing to do with race. We have lowered the standard for a group of people. This is what is expected of them. Affirmative action etc. in itself is damaging to self esteem. What does it tell the invoved group? You are not good enough to do it on your own. This is the problem! Why can no one see this?

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posted on Oct, 19 2012 @ 02:13 AM
Since this is a conspiracy site, how about this one? What if affirmitive action was created to keep black people from excelling to their potential? You don't need A grades to get into college so why bother? What happens to that group on a whole after a while? Do I really need to tell you? Ok I am just being cute about the conspiracy. But isn't this what is being accomplished? What will happen if this continues long enough? Affirmitive action is a double edged sword!

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posted on Oct, 23 2012 @ 11:52 AM
Reply to Teeky

My apologies for not noticing sooner that you had replied to my post.

No, I did not get 'in a tiff;' rather, I work hard to correct the revisionist history under which Americans labor. It is my belief that a lot of racism within our Country would be erased sooner if our schools taught true history - but they never have and the future doesn't appear bright that they ever will. A lot of racism within our Country would go away sooner if we didn't have programs such as the one discussed in this forum. Lowering test standards, lowering admission standards, or a program such as the subject of this thread, as examples, accomplish nothing other than setting people farther apart. When our politicians implement programs to set people apart based on ethnicity, two things happen (and please note that the following is not only oversimplified, but are also gross over-generalizations and are used only as quick examples):

1) the group set apart is given a message that not as much is expected of them as it is of others; that message can be taken in many ways by the group so set apart: "Do they not think we're as smart as other groups?" -or- "They don't think we're as smart as others" -or- "We can do less work but expect equal reward" -or- "That's stickin' it to 'em" and so on, depending upon the individual. In whatever way any given individual within the set-apart group decides it applies, it has the same effect: "We are different; we are special; we are more (or less) deserving" and,

2) the balance of the people - we'll say students since it's applicable to the thread (those NOT in the group set apart) develop resentments: "Why do 'they' get special treatment?" -or- " 'They' aren't as smart as we are!" -or- "What makes 'them' so special?' -or- "This isn't fair" and on we go. Again, in whatever way any given individual outside the set-apart group decides it applies, it has the same effect: "They are different; they are special; we are more (or less) deserving."

We must stop setting groups apart and, instead, teach that we are all equal; take the skin off and we are all the same.

As cliched as it sounds, we all bleed red, we all have hearts and souls, we all hurt, grieve, anger, experience joy, suffer financial hardships (some more than others), etc. We all love our families. Each ethnic group has its millionaires, its poor, its scholars and its criminals. We are all Americans - to me, that is where we've become lost. Americans have become so focused on 'equality for ME' that we are chipping away equality for ALL. So many in each of the groups (whether ethnic, gender, sexual orientation, whatever) are so intent on shouting about who they are, they've forgotten they're Americans.
No group is blameless.

I agreed with your post that people need to get over it ~ we all do. Were wrongs done? Yes, to MANY; however, nothing about the past can be changed. I cannot paint Whites with so broad a brush as you seem to do. I say 'seem' to denote that I am in no way accusing (it's just how your posts come across to me - which I could as easily be misreading as you misread that I was in a 'tiff) ~ one of the biggest difficulties in online communication is we miss inflection and facial expression.

I acknowledge that your reference to reparations was that, had it been done long ago, we would not have the issues we now have. However, to your assertion that Black people "don't expect reparations today," I take full exception. Some (many?) do not; however, googling the phrase "African Americans demand reparations" produces a plethora of news articles, blogs, websites, etc., evidencing the contrary of your statement. There IS a large group who DO demand/expect reparations.

Your statement to which I still object was "When White people say I wasn't born I didn't enslave Black people it's a (cop) out." It is this statement that I would like to see you defend, simply so that I can understand your reasoning behind it. My POV on the matter is that no one alive in the U.S. today, of any ethnicity, had anything to do with, nor suffered from, the institution of slavery; therefore, for anyone living today to say "I wasn't born (therefore) I didn't enslave Black people" is not a 'cop out' - it is an absolute truth. I see a greater 'cop out' in the claim that anyone alive today is impaired or disadvantaged due to slavery. How so?!

Unfortunately, it is the nature of all human beings to blame someone else - that is a human trait that each individual must determine to let go of or retain, as it suits them. In what way do Whites blame? I most definitely see your viewpoint on the bigotry displayed by Whites (and Blacks and Asians and Hispanics and Native Americans, ad infinitum), but I do not see what 'blame' you see the Whites perpetrating. It may be that you've noticed something that I have not and, if so, I would be glad to be enlightened to your viewpoint.

posted on Oct, 23 2012 @ 01:05 PM
Flame me all you want, but I am so sick of this "Bos taurus excrement".

The first man to legally own a slave in America was a black man, but let us forget about that at this time and move onto the fact that Africa SOLD criminals they did not want in Africa, as slaves.

What about the Africans that agreed to be slaves for land and American citizenship?
Can one person here show me proof they came from a slave who was not a criminal, or under contract?
My people were murdered and enslaved, while their land was being "discovered", is the government going to treat me fair and give me a casino?

Anyone willing to live on their knees, is a coward and deserves to be a slave!
Do you people think you're free? You let your governments rule you, they are your masters. Same for Americans, we let the government take away our we beg them to take them away because we....not we, you.....believe in "the big bad wolf". You believe Obama and the government run this country, you believe we have no power. You vote for the lesser evil, but refuse to see you are voting for evil.
Slavery did not end, it became the best tool for the puppet masters.

Ponder this you foolish sheep, It's better to die on your feet than live on your knees!!

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