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27 Year USAF Colonel Dick French Blows The Whistle

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posted on Jul, 19 2012 @ 04:16 AM
interesting video.
especially the part where he mentions the UFO directly causing
the death of a pilot and the destruction of his jet.
he claims to be a "former" disinfo agent.

posted on Jul, 19 2012 @ 04:31 AM

Colonel Dick French Blows The Whistle



On a serious note: How long does he intend to live? I mean fck off, why don't you people at such age reveal everything you know. 'I would put myself in danger'...
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posted on Jul, 19 2012 @ 04:42 AM
Hope to hear more about this one.

Shame the person is selling a book and is doing the spooky video circuit. Found him doing UFO conferences etc:

posted on Jul, 19 2012 @ 09:32 AM

Originally posted by Imtor
why don't you people at such age reveal everything you know.

Simply because they 'like' or 'have love' for the secret military world more than the civilian world. They want the power in the hands of the military world, for which they served to and were comitted to their whole life. Many of the Roswell witnesses did not want to speak because of this. I am thankful for the awesome men who did speak of what happened on that day.

I'm just fairly decent at deciphering truth and lies, and the case of UFOs is way too easy. Aliens based here in the 80s performing abductions - that gets harder to believe but we have evidence. Aliens working with humans in alien and or human underground bases - that is when truth becomes a total blurr. It appears aliens were shapeshifting during abductions to make people think humans were involved, and the military just monitored/harassed the abductees because they knew what was happening.

posted on Jul, 19 2012 @ 10:35 AM
Interesting story!

I did a Google with a -2012 as part of the search. Better start googling now, before all returns become UFO-related

Here's an AF fact sheet that seems to confirm some of his background:

"Commanders .. Lt Col Richard E. French, 6 Sep 1971"

Doesn't he have some evidence to present, if this was a planned deliberate move? Some documents, or some pictures?

EDIT: More links:
A book of personal legacies by his brother, it seems: iw&hl=da&sa=X&ei=pCkIUKj9C4_ssgbnv9mQAw&ved=0CFAQ6AEwAg#v=onepage&q=Lt%20Col%20Richard%20%22E.%20French%22&f=false

A wiki about WWII history, French is 'Crew':

Oh, and the Mothman Prophesies:

Some stuff to dig into. I wonder what reservations the interviewer had, in that video?

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posted on Jul, 19 2012 @ 10:56 AM
Best thread title ever!

posted on Jul, 19 2012 @ 01:01 PM
reply to post by greyer

Actually he has a wife and if a family too, if that's the reason it is understandable.

From all my engagement with the topic I am not sure what to think anymore about aliens - what I considered very possible from time to time I just, think's it's all a lie and mainly because, let me quote myself:

Originally posted by Imtor
What I am talking about, Vierte Rech

Think about it - Hitler and his people escape to Argentina or other South American countries. From there they were said to move to Antarctica (see the radio interview of C2CAM with Maximillien before his sudden ;I had to go; and denial of things he had just said)

what could follow next? I think from the same interview I hear the UFOs over the Capitol in Washington DC in the (60s) were Nazi's???

And what makes one think they have not decided to go beyond and not end with WW2 but have successors - absolutely possible, and many UFOs may belong to such 4th Reich which does not exclude possible contact they may have had with extraterrstrials.

From all that I am sure someone is trying to continue that system, people called Neo Nazis also show that, to some extent I am one, but nor really. Still, I think such is quite possible but may involve the United States of America who are supporting or even part of that Fourth Reich /speculation
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posted on Jul, 19 2012 @ 01:49 PM
Humanity has been infiltrated by nonhuman entities for a long time now and one day,the truth will come out.

posted on Jul, 19 2012 @ 07:07 PM

Originally posted by ScientificUAPer
Interesting story!

I did a Google with a -2012 as part of the search. Better start googling now, before all returns become UFO-related

Here's an AF fact sheet that seems to confirm some of his background:

"Commanders .. Lt Col Richard E. French, 6 Sep 1971"

Doesn't he have some evidence to present, if this was a planned deliberate move? Some documents, or some pictures?

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Thanks. I'm not sure why anyone thinks he was not in the Air Force when the video shows several photos of him in Air Force uniform and flight suit. I think its quite certain he is telling the truth that he served and the Air Force web site seems to confirm that he was a Lt. Col. commanding a squadron in 1971. He said he served in Korea flying F-86s so that takes us back to 1952. That seems to confirm he was n the USAF for at least 19 years.

I'm not sure he would have any documents to show. I very much doubt that the USAF lets their officers take sensitive documents home with them.

posted on Jul, 21 2012 @ 12:05 PM

Originally posted by Imtor
reply to post by greyer

From all my engagement with the topic I am not sure what to think anymore about aliens - what I considered very possible from time to time I just, think's it's all a lie and mainly because, let me quote myself:

'Think about it - Hitler and his people escape to Argentina or other South American countries. From there they were said to move to Antarctica (see the radio interview of C2CAM with Maximillien before his sudden ;I had to go; and denial of things he had just said)

what could follow next? I think from the same interview I hear the UFOs over the Capitol in Washington DC in the (60s) were Nazi's???

And what makes one think they have not decided to go beyond and not end with WW2 but have successors - absolutely possible, and many UFOs may belong to such 4th Reich which does not exclude possible contact they may have had with extraterrstrials.'

From all that I am sure someone is trying to continue that system, people called Neo Nazis also show that, to some extent I am one, but nor really. Still, I think such is quite possible but may involve the United States of America who are supporting or even part of that Fourth Reich /speculation.

My posts may be speculative, but I ponder this all the time. The individuals behind it told us that the underground base at Denver was a Nazi base, put that together with the work of Richard Sauder and we understand that humans have major underground establishments in Colorado, New Mexico and Nevada. The Kecksburg UFO crash was that of a bell UFO - same UFO design by the Germans. It is no secret the black triangles are a secret technology that is probably the same of the Germans and bell ufos. The first person to ever coin the term flying saucer Kenneth Arnold did not see any mysterious lights or object fly out to space - he saw a secret Horton wing craft.

So where do the aliens come in? History creates a picture for the powers to make a world ignorant to the people living in it, and it is ok to believe that they gained enough secret technology to disable weapons, lift and abduct cars full of people, and turn invisible while abducting a cow in the daytime. I am a believer of hypnosis and abduction regression, mostly because these individuals did experience physical evidence from their events. Also Imtor, the men who came out to let us know about the Roswell event 30 years later was a reality and can not be ignored, they were sure it was not earthly and witnessed it. The other cases of high strangeness are more easy to believe when it comes down to it.

posted on Jul, 21 2012 @ 03:03 PM
reply to post by greyer

Yes good points, on the other hand, where did Hitler and his scientists did all that all of a sudden? I think from the whole story there could be some involvement with alien beings as well, I just don't know how much. But I am starting to think the Nazi are still living somewhere, some followers of Hitler and continue working on the plan.

As documents and people like Maximillien who never spoke again after saying Hitler died in 1965.

In this thread

this guy did a nice association of the Alchemist Symbols and the symbols seen in the Rendlesham forest incident. Aliens certainly wouldn't do that it's clearly work of a man, which means this Triangle craft Penniston and the other guy have seen could have been some experimental or non-experimental craft of some human organization.

Then again what's with the binary code Penniston got and its translation to 'Exploration Humanity' talkabout - is it true at all (this story).. who knows

posted on Apr, 8 2013 @ 01:38 PM
Just transcribed Miles Johnson's Dick French interview

UFO Congress Backroom Interviews 4: Dick French Part 1

DF( Dick French) I’ve been associated with some high levels of research.. having to do particularly with well both Cancer Research and advanced Ionic Studies and I have a BSc ,masters of fine arts especially in Shakespeare and a PhD in Philosophy, I’m also trained in Astrophysics my specialty in that, although I’ve already taken everything just never had it awarded. …
MJ (Miles Johnson): Is that ? How you got that in your Service?
DF: No, no, no, I had a GI bill I never used .Paid, I paid, and worked my way through college. And I never, all my education got on my own, pretty much.
MJ: So what exactly is your speciality with regards to programs …UFOs?
DF: UFOs Yeah right… I was called to active duty originally with the Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI), I took my commission out of Oregon state. The first assignment I had was with the OSI, I asked for it.
MJ: What kind of time period?
DF: 1951 and coincides pretty much with the beginning of Blue Book, and I worked as an investigator on Blue Book. I was in DO 20 under a guy called Spencer Reiner who was a W4 on active duties as Lt Col. He of course wore the whole outfit the whole military uniform, everyone else was in civilian clothes.
And what we were doing and the reason I was assigned to Spokane, Geiger Field (2.18) .And the reason I was down at Spokane( it’s one of the launching places. It’s right close to right were the Atomic Energy Plant is at Hanford( and consequently they got a lot of ‘activity’ as you may not know happened in the Hanford area.
MJ: Can you go into that please?
DF: They only involvement I had with that, was questioning people and incidents that occurred and that area when ...our licence at that time, what we were told to do and the mission of Blue Book, ostensibly was to discover whether the UFOs constituted a threat to our country or any of our Allied countries, and we soon discovered that wasn’t the purpose of it- they already knew it constituted a threat(laugh). However…
MJ: How did they know it constituted a threat?
DF: You see the thing is , the thing existed the phenomena existed for all time, I mean you go back into the Bible any way you want to interpret it covers all philosophies basically. So they knew such a thing existed but knowing…the religious community didn’t want it ‘cause they were afraid it would basically overthrow religions. The military was afraid of it because they had no defence against it. They used to have a problem in WWII with what they called ’ Foo Fighters’ that used to come alongside airplanes they had all kinds of those phenomenon going on during WWII. Then that Roswell Incident and that’s when the Majestic thing came out. (4.13) And that’s when Truman gave the orders through that Majestic report. Well first of all, I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the list of people who were on it, you’ve seen the redacted one, you know who was on it, admiral so and so , but anyway they made the decision, I had opportunities to look at portions of that ….you know.. when I first was .. They said this is what you can do, this is what the mission is,

MJ: What did you feel when you were given that position?
DF: I was excited. I’ll be very frank I was. But the thing about it we hadn’t got started, when they started the Blue Book project per se, the instruction was you do everything you can, make up any story you can, but do anything you can to explain away these phenomenon. And we laughed about the Swamp Gas thing, and a lot of others , but the one I was most associated with, a guy named , I can’t remember his first name but his second name was ‘Brown’. We called him Brownie. Anyway Brownie and his wingman were doing intercept on one, it was about half way between Geiger (NB Geiger AFB and Moses Lake where the Atomic Energy Plant was, and he had closed, was the first to fire, and had been given clearance to fire. And what happened was the 86 Dog (F-86D/K/L Sabre "Dog") they have Mighty Mouse missiles. And you got a pot of 32 of them they’re unguided. You drop the pod and away go the missiles, all fire at once. He dropped his pod and nobody saw the airplane again. (Laughs)

MJ: The airplane exploded?
DF: No that’s part of the white wash. I’ll tell you in a minute. They immediately said that his position had, that his end plane had simply been lost in the Columbia River and the drug the Columbia River an all this sort of thing and they said ‘Hey you know we don’t know what happened’ They had trouble with the electronic field control the 86 Dog at that time, they had these unexplained flame outs and you know…
MJ: It’s a jet fighter?
DF: Yeah it’s a jet fighter (6.49) Yeah the 86D is the all-weather form of the 86F that fl

posted on Apr, 8 2013 @ 01:41 PM
DF: Yeah it’s a jet fighter (6.49) Yeah the 86D is the all-weather form of the 86F that flew in Korea. And anyway they drug the Columbia River ,we know, we know everything, we know from the radar plots he was not over the river. You understand?

MJ: Merely a distraction?
DF: Yeah
MJ: The Whole thing?
DF: Well, they couldn’t stand it, so they wrote off the aircraft accident… you know… so that something completely different that we knew was the truth.(7.30)
MJ: Was this the first time they had fired on a UFO?
DF: No, no, not the first time… I don’t know but there’s some classic ones… (DF talks to someone off camera) Go someplace else please.

posted on Apr, 8 2013 @ 01:42 PM
UFO Congress Backroom Interview 4: Dick French Part 2
DF: Anyway, the first one that came to my attention… as far as active duty … had to with a P-38, tried to intercept one, in the Washington DC area and basically the same thing happened, he started to fire and basically the whole thing blew up.
MJ: Did it blow up or did it disappear? Was it definite that the aircraft was destroyed?
DF: Well it just disappeared, you understand? And I don’t think…
MJ: So no aircraft? No pilots?
DF: No, no nothing. And those of us who know a little bit about it, we wondered if he’s a prisoner of those people, or what the hell happened to him? We don’t have any idea.
MJ: What grounds do you know that there would be people in the objects? As such?(1.08)
DF: Well, the only way the only way I can say that I know anything in that regar,d has to do with people, instances where they have seen them and counted them, and that kind of thing. And in every case and I don’t know if you heard what I said to that guy this morning I kinda ate him alive,
MJ: For the sake of the tape…
DF: Oh yes the problem, the reason that people won’t report those there’s not one in ten there’s, no active military officer will ever report what he’s got any reason to avoid it and the simple reason is this: it’s called human reliability.(1.52) If you have top secret clearance and every jock does - if he doesn’t have one, he can’t be a pilot. No what’ll happen to you, you report, you say ‘Listen, I don’t care I really saw this’ You know to anybody, then when you’ve been told not to, of course. It’s that you lose your wings, you’ll lose your human reliability, and you’ll be out of the Air Force.(2.20)
MJ: And out of a job.
DF: Out of a job.
MJ: Dishonourable discharge?
DF: I don’t know if it’s dishonour I don’t know anyone who’s tried it…
MJ: They bring attention to that?
DF: You bet, they’ll bring attention to that! You know frigging well that’s gonna happen. And that’s the reason, you see, that anyone who has taken one, it’s a lifetime oath and they could recall me tomorrow, believe it. And take away my pension I have lifetime health care, take that away everything bam and then in the Slammer.
MJ: Even though this happened 60 years ago?
DF: Yes now would they, I don’t want to test them would you? (Laughs)
MJ: So what definitive event happened to change this from.. you mentioned that this has been going on for hundreds of years, thousands of years, why now what’s the big deal? Why now?
DF: If I wanted to make and educated guess it would simply be this because of the international tension right now, and I know they’re watching us and watching us right now, watching us very closely. And I put this in the book I’m working on. That if you know I talk about the Hadron Collider, I’m sure you’re familiar with?(3.52)
MJ: Yeah, explain for the audience…
DF: Alright, it’s a particle collider and the purpose of the thing is to go into the particle, sub particle physics – break down atoms. And the Super Collider based on what we except from it has announces the amount of knowledge to world has doubled every year. With the super collider it will go ahead with a rate of about a hundred times the total knowledge on Earth, every 8 hrs. Now you take the rate of advancement of human knowledge, and right know it’s going up a straight line, and all of a sudden it goes into afterburner and away!
MJ: We’re talking Star trek physics here?
DF: We’re talking Star Trek damn soon. I mean the only thing that stands back from that now is money.(4.58)
MJ: Would you argue that private organisations would with the money that they already have this technology.
DF: We right now the way it sits… you notice that all of these other countries are starting to… businesses like that are starting to launch satellites?
MJ: Yeah
DF: Well, there so there’s a lot of stuff out there… there’s a lot of money to be made the private corporations are going to go into that business. They have been launching geodesic , geocentric satellites like that for several years all the major countries have their own now. And there’s no question that there’s a lot of people on the inside there’s a lot of big money to made in that business in the future, and business follows the money.
MJ: So going back to where you started… Blue Book what brought you from there to here? What happened in the middle?
DF: Well, I after the basic Blue Book thing, I flew as a fighter pilot for the USAF for well over 20yrs.
MJ: What kind of jets?
DF: I flew 86s. That time frame and then I went …I had a bunch of Black assignments in the middle, (6.28)you know here’s a thing, the best way to explain it is once you’ve done one thing at a high level of confidentiality… they keep coming back to ya(6.38), shipping you out. I’ve been yanked out of jobs and they’ll say ‘You’re going someplace Dick!’
‘Where are you going?’
’ I can’t tell ya’
‘When you gonna be back?’
‘I can’t tell ya’

posted on Apr, 8 2013 @ 01:42 PM
And a little ad showed up in a Las Vegas paper. You know had to do, a free lecture by a guy who was an Air Force Flight Surgeon Brigadier General and he was giving a lecture at auditorium there at UNLV( University of Las Vegas) on the subject of… you know? It’s being given by an Air Force general and I’m sitting there listening to this.(7.15)
MJ: Would this be a form of disclosure by the Air Force about strange things..?.
DF: He did talk about some things I was damn surprised to hear coming out of an AF Gen Officer but it had to do with the paranormal and in the sense it was all this near-death experience, which is what most, and again that’s what happens in that period when you are certifiably dead.
MJ: Is that quite common in the Armed Services? Cause a lot of people go through that experience of death?
DF: Yeah yeah that’s right. That stimulated my curiosity and I talked to the General and I talked to Dr Moody (probably who coined the term near-death experience [NDE]) ‘Why don’t you come back to another lecture?’ And so once or twice a month I’d go to one of these.
And he put me in charge of a team and all of a sudden I’ve got 8 people working for me under Moody these various scientific projects to work on. I was kinda of enjoying it.
MJ: And what were these on?
DF: Do you know what a psychomanteum ( NB further reading Dr. Moody) is for instance?
MJ: No
DF: Basically it’s a pyramid you can build one in your backyard (Dr Moody’s Psychomanteum Canvas and all this and basically and sit in there, you put yourself in a meditative state and it’s supposed to increase what you know and you’re supposed to draw power from (raises arms above his head)
MJ: What’s the device made from has it got a metal frame or….?
DF: No, no, no, what we, I did on their instructions, was there a kit you could go buy it. It was about 12 by 12 and had metal poles you screwed together and from each one of them
MJ: Basically just a tent really?
DF: Yes basically a tent. The power happened to related to the shape of the thing and the concentration that you did within this supposedly I don’t know
MJ: Did you have to have any special kind of orientation?

posted on Apr, 8 2013 @ 01:43 PM
UFO Congress Backroom Interview 4: Dick French Part 3
DF: What we really started this over, and it was mentioned today in one of the lectures. Dr Kristoff??? who was a friend of Dr Karagulla (This must be her she was ask to go to Montreal to study with the world’s top neuroscientist Dr. Wilder Penfield and taught at the UCLA. Took a whole lot of digging to find who DF could be talking about she was in fact Turkish and she is mentioned on p.400 of ‘Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain’ see below) Karagulla was head of the err… was is basically a project that the Russians had, to set up, so that they basically it’s like post hypnotic, post hypnotic suggestion, so they can make people do things without…
MJ: A Manchurian Candidate kind of thing?
DF: Well I haven’t seen that movie.
MJ: But it’s where you’d program people to do things…
DF: Yeah you were psychologically programmed to do something you won’t normally do.
MJ: Then you could be switched on to do that task.
DF: Yeah, yeah, whatever is required to trigger, it can take nothing more, if you were triggered, you know, I would trigger you originally with these glasses (holds up glasses) you understand? Eventually I won’t even have to lift them up just have to put my hand on them. Bang! (Snaps fingers) Then you’re gone!
MJ: So how intense was that program did it involve the Russians?
DF: The Russians were trying to do it and they were successful in many cases for sure.(1.42)
MJ: Was this against US personnel?
DF: Err well, primarily against the US diplomatic services but military officers, anything, anyone that had information that could be useful for them. Their intention was to use them for sabotage and all kinds of things.
MJ: We’re talking during the Cold War?
DF: Cold War era
MJ: 50’s
DF: Yeah in the 50’s. She err when right after the Berlin Wall fell Karagulla left that job she was head of that program at the University of Moscow. And she left there, and I understand from a conversation with her once, that she came Montreal (2.27) Taught two years in Montreal , and applied to UCLA which has the best paranormal school, at that time between them and Duke University it was kind of a toss-up. But ah…
MJ: Which University?
DF: Duke University I think it’s in North Carolina, anyway
MJ: They were concentrating on have special programs?
DF: Well yes they have extremely strong schools, good faculty in those two areas but UCLA I think was the best. And North Western had a program to
MJ: Basically psychic studies?
DF: Yeah
MJ: But with heavy psychological applications…
DF: Yeah
MJ: Essentially for mind weapon systems?
DF: Well they were using it for a lot of things. There a certain things like smoking that you can cure with hypnotism, all kinds of things they were working on. So it wasn’t like that wasn’t the only thing they did. It’s like having a business school - well you want to sell something? Or do you want to market it? Or do you want to do this? Or do that?
MJ: So major commercial applications as well as defence?
DF: Oh yeah certainly. (3.50)
MJ: So getting back to how you are involved in all this
DF: Alright Dr Krisoff??? He knew Dr Karagulla The simple reason that he was over there before war, WWII started. And Dr Karagulla I don’t know if I’ve told you about him… No no no excuse me I’ll have to go back to Dr Kristov, Kristu Kristov, that’s who he is, if you go back and look in Who’s Who in science(4.26) in the 1950’s you’ll see Dr Kristu Kristoff?? His name appears rather prominently. He’s the man that came up with NUDETs, the nuclear detection system, he was in charge of, he was paperclip 1, and his son George is the one that I was in business with. He and I, you know when we’re trying to sell this ionisation process and other things that we were trying to do. But err , we were going down to Los Angeles, I didn’t know that Karagulla was there I didn’t have any idea who she was at the time. And he said ‘There’s somebody I want you to talk to’ and I said ‘What for?’
‘Say you have a little of the paranormal I know that’. This is George talking.
‘You’re pretty good at it, I can tell. I want her to test you’
And I says’ Nutty idea, but sure’ and so Dr Karagulla tested me. And it turned out the test is like any of these blind test that they do to determine your paranormal abilities, they’re just based on probabilities.
MJ: Predictive reasoning?
DF: Yes no actually, the way they set it up or the way she set it up. I don’t know if all of them are done that way but this is the way this one was done. Two different rooms and sitting down, here’s the question and the correct answer is any one of 4 answers. That would actually fit it in some way, but you think about the correct answer, and you transmit that to her. (6.18) And the probabilities are based on the answer to it will match one of those four that she’s got so just 25% blind...

posted on Apr, 8 2013 @ 01:44 PM
..., just picking anyone of them, and ran that on about a hundred questions, and I was a little over 60% accurate on that. And then they switch it to exactly…. no (6.47) she was 60% accurate when I was transmitting the answers, the other way round but the spread on it… and I was transmitting, I transmitted to her close to 90% accuracy.
MJ: So when did you get involved in the alien program? (7.10) Or what you describe it as…
DF: Well I can get into the meat of that anyway that’s where I came across Dr Karagulla and then I had that she gave me a book which was ‘The Paranormal , Secrets of the Paranormal from behind the Iron Curtain’. (This is likely to be the book not his title which I’m pretty sure doesn’t exist , especially as this is the book which is mention here in relation to UCLA apparently a Dr Moss who worked there became obsessed with Kirlian photography after reading it. Dr Karagulla did however write ‘Through the Curtain’ apparently an esoteric masterpiece. Really weird that I managed to find a copy of ‘Psychic Discoveries’ today in a local secondhand book shop, it mentions Karagulla, and from that we find the book DF was really talking about) She had just published it to be used to in her class, not only a classroom requirement but it was in the libraries all over the damn thing.
MJ: That implies that there was a major exchange program going on Soviets and the US?
DF: No.. no, no, no, they were in direct competition that the point, I mean the Cold War was going on and the Russians definitely didn’t want that book out anywhere, cause they didn’t want the Americans know essentially want they were doing(8.00) Eventually Dr Karagulla was killed on the UCLA campus.
MJ: Assasinated?
DF: Yeah, and there’s no question she was hit by a car going 70mph on the UCLA campus, hit and run gone. And I thought I still that copy of the book for some reason I didn’t, I had a kid stole a damn car and ran it into my garage, my garage caught fire and I book and a whole lot of stuff computer and a whole lot of stuff…
MJ: What there any motive there?
DF: No I think that was an pure accident. But what I’m saying is I needed that book for reference so I figured I’d just call the library and get one. And no-one had a single one in the state of Arizona, no anyone in Nevada, so I said I’d call the Library of Congress – not one in the Library of Congress. I’ll call the Psychology Department at UCLA and they said ‘ Well yes she used to be the Head of Paranormal Department I’m sure we have her book’, you know, because it was required reading for everyone in her class.
MJ: There must be loads of copies surely…
DF: Not one exists anywhere, try me try me on that one because I researched that big time. I can’t find one anywhere not even in Europe.
MJ: This is a bit like Ingo Swann book ‘Penetration’ it’s completely gone.
(Interestingly Swann meet Karagulla and learnt a lot from her.
DF: Yeah that maybe... but ,this is the only one I’ve been after… looking for the book…
MJ: When you were successfully tested right?
DF: Very successfully tested
MJ: So when did they make use of you as a subject?
DF: They have never put me to work doing that and they never have and I don’t wanna.

posted on Apr, 8 2013 @ 01:45 PM
UFO Congress Backroom Interview 4: Dick French Part 4
DF (Dick French): Wait a minute I’m not sure where you’re going with this?
MJ(Miles Johnson): You said some things about ETs and said something about ….
DF: There are so many, so many instances where in studying the ETs, and I’ve been very interested in that for a long time, and so many of those tell the same basic story; of the time loss bingo, the fact the person appeared in the room they were frozen, they just sat there they didn’t do anything, all of those, so many things match that’s exactly what you can do (0.54) by mind control. Now a person that has the capability, to just basically, lock you out, right then, block your mind totally. You couldn’t function. You couldn’t do anything. You can go on breathing, but that’s about all. And so yah it possibly a way that… Now as to the abductions…(1.21)
MJ: So that doesn’t necessarily mean that you they’d have to have alien abductions, you could have military abductions then?
DF: Well I don’t, I really don’t think that we’re doing it. But…
MJ: But it means that a human being could freeze someone’s mind out?
DF: Oh yes, absolutely, in my opinion yes.
MJ: If they are skilled or they have it as a natural attribute that they are not aware of…
DF: Yeah, What kinda goes together are people who are… have extremely strong transmitters, like I was an extremely strong transmitter, and invariably they are very powerful speakers and they can basically, ever been a classic example, be able to totally mesmerise a crowd, make them do things they normally nobody’d ever dream of doing. You look at those old movies, like the show ‘The Night of the Knives ‘ (I think he is referring to ‘The Night of the Long Knives’ when Hitler eliminated his opposition before WWII
The earlier years the earlier you start programming a child the more effective it will be over the long run, as Goebbels said, and he’s right he says, ‘Give me a child for 6 years, and I’ll have him for the rest of his life.’
MJ: So were there programs involving giving children particular abilities to deal with, to be used like that?
DF: You mean did the Nazis do it – yes. Did we do it? Not to my knowledge.
MJ: Is that what you meant when you mentioned ‘Paperclip’ earlier?
DF: No,’ Paperclip’ is the code name for it, but what came with him and the other people who came over, they all came with specific specialties of so kind or they wouldn’t have been on the Paperclip list.
MJ: Of course. Was there an application for that? Was there… Why were you selected or look at?
DF: In many cases do you want to hear a funny story in that regard?(3.21)
MJ: Yeah sure.
DF: When I said maybe earlier to you. I thought I’d mentioned it. I got rather deeply into the way prisoners of war were interrogated, and if I get into details of that, I’m really getting way deep into the black, and I don’t want to do that.
MJ: Yep
DF: Cause that’s a hot subject right now. What with Abu Ghraib…
MJ: What again, brought you to the UFO Conference? ( 3.49) What brings you to the UFO conference? Is it a connection with UFOs?
DF: No
MJ: …apart from Blue Book …
DF: You see I’m in the process of writing this book, I’m pretty nearly done. I can follow most of this ‘cause I monitor half a dozen, you know, …websites that keep me pretty well up to speed. Then I was watching Coast to Coast and listening to it. First time a couple of months ago and they started advertising this conference and they said, ‘It was going to be the biggest history ‘and all of this, and all these people, and I thought ‘I’ll go to that one.’ Because if I show up here I sure as hell, out of some of these lectures, I’ve gotta pick up a bunch, from somebody that’s something. I was looking for stuff that is new- simple.(4.44)
MJ: Such as Russell Targ?
DF: Well, It’s not totally new. But now, he was talking about things I did not know about the field. You understand me?
DF: I was familiar with the process; how it was done; how they were trained, I already knew that. They started to…
MJ: Based on the time… you’re talking 40yrs ago is that right? Or maybe 50yrs ago when you were dealing with that?
DF: Still nodding (laughs) (5.12)
MJ: That’s involvement that must imply that there on-going development….
DF: I have an interest in many subjects, now I really do, that’s all I can say, and that was something that interested me, that that could be done, that that would work. What I’m saying is, it was commonly felt … let me tell ya, for instance, and friend of mine called Bob Bocken???(8.59), he was flying a C-130 across Pacific, inbound to Narita which is now Tokyo international airport, and they were something like 1,200 miles off the coast of Japan and right under the wing comes this big UFO. (laughs) And it sits there a little while, and goes across to the over here, and sits here( DF crosses his arms ie the other wing)...

posted on Apr, 8 2013 @ 01:46 PM
) for a little while, and they can see people in…
MJ: There’s this activity you can actually see into the UFO? (6.15)
DF: You can see people in the window. I mean alien types but you can see them in the window.
MJ: So they were sufficiently close and clear that you could…
DF: Oh yeah they were up within; say less than 600ft away. You know just sitting there off the wing. And they did that, and he got on the radio, of course, as soon as he could, you know how single- sideband radio works?( NB. SAC made SSB standard for aircraft in 1957. And 374 Aircraft Wing is based in Japan flies c-130s however I can find no mention of a Bob Bocken???.)
MJ: Cross carrier?
DF: Yeah, so he was still 800-900 miles off the coast of Japan, heading into Tokyo to this thing is still with them, it’s sometimes it get 10miles away, and then it would get back over, just dicking around with them. It was a cargo flight, I forget what he had on it, he had 6-8 passengers on it.(7.11) It was deadheading back to the Pacific deadheading assignments they’d been on leave or something. And everybody saw it. And 800miles off the coast of Japan he called in on single sideband. And he says ‘I’ve got this UFO tracking me, and can you get it on radar?’ And they said ‘Well no, we don’t have it yet, we don’t have you on radar yet.’
MJ: That quite a distance away..
DF: But, the thing stayed right there the get to about 400miles of Japan and then they picked him up on radar. The second they picked him up on radar the thing went… (Hand-action indicates UFO pulling away) They obviously, they must have known they were being painted or they you know (7.57), they were anyway, prior to that they’d had lights on, you know lights in the windows, and guys you can see and all that..
MJ: Inside the UFO?
DF: Inside the UFO.
MJ: As soon as they were picked up the lights went off?
DF: Yeah, and they were shhhuuu… (Gesticulates shooting off) Gone! (Laughs)
MJ: What size was this thing?
DF: It was a cigar shape, and about, he estimated about 500ft long, which is little bit smaller than generally you hear about in the reports, yeah.
MJ: So 500ft’s a small one?
DF: Yeah it’s smaller the big ones usually are the big cigar shaped are normally usually twice that long.
MJ: About a 1000ft?
DF: Yeah, somewhere in that area.


posted on Apr, 8 2013 @ 01:54 PM
Dick French will be speaking at The Citizen Hearing On Disclosure – April 29 To May 3, 2013

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