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Introduction and some strange photos to discuss

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posted on Jul, 14 2012 @ 08:46 AM
Greetings, friends, aliens, romans, countrymen

Although I have been a member of ATS for sometime and followed the discussions i never have contributed or posted in the forums.

A little about me: I am 31 years old and currently live in Greece, where i have been treasure hunting Roman remain's for the last year, (unsuccessfully may i add)

I have had a keen interest in the Paranormal for as long as i can remember and have experienced some strange and wonderful things over the years.

First of all i will share these photos which were taken on my birthday, June the 5th... back in 2010
This was when at a BBQ around my friend's house, suddenly a second sun appeared in the sky over Northleach, south uk.

The whole experience last for about half an hour before the second sun slowly faded away

I suspect nothing less than a strange but yet natural occurrence, however quite fascinating ..

Secondly i want to speak with someone that know's about "Ghost's" as I had a very very very strange experience last year before i move to Greece, even if i talk about it now I get goosebumps down my arm and the hair's on my neck begin to tickle.

I will try write the story to be as accurate as I can remember it and do bear in mind I am not a delusional character nor do I believe in religion or magic, I am a man of science and discovery.

It was late july, 2011. The year had been a cruel one and with not only the murder of an old friend and the loss of my business, the death of my grandparents and my dog,, I was feeling quite down.
My girlfriend at the time was a girl from Thailand who worked down at my friends bar, she was beautiful as can be but came with problems and was nothing but constant drain on my emotion's.
Late into the night I would smoke high quantities of Marajuana and either watch movies or play video games with friends.
I was pretty down to be honest, I fealt sad.. I had lost so much and was wavering on the line of clinical depression.
Smoke after smoke after smoke was the only thing that kept my mind at peace.

It was a hot summer night, I think a saturday to be sure, I had been in a deep sleep for hours but something made me wake up,, not slowly not gently...but fast
my eyes were open now, it was becoming light, not quite away from darkness but that bit in between.
I fealt cold, something eary, i fealt I was not alone,
looking around my small apartment I could see the double patio door's out to the balcony were open and a soft wind blew through hitting the curtain's and gently blowing them around.
I took a deep breath, closed my eyes...
A spider crawling up my leg, i could feal it under the quilt, which I then immediately threw off
... no spider, but on my leg a red scratch mark, it seemed fresh

My heart by this point began to beat, goosebumps and everything.

But my rational mind overcame me, i laughed it off rolled over and closed my eyes.

"WAKE UP" the voice echoed in my head, and not only that something hit me "in" the head, it poked me, not on my head.. INSIDE i could hear the echo of it touching me.

I sat up straight, looking around the room...

The unclean plates and dishes left in the sink and around the kitchen area began to rattle, at first i wandered if there was a small earthquake going on, but nothing else was rattling just them, and the rattle seemed to move from one area to another.

I didnt know what to do...but i knew i had heard a voice in my head

So i spoke

"Hello", I said...

it replied, (now i dont know if it spoke to me in my head or through spoken voice)

"I am lost, I have wandered in here it was an accident, show me the way out"

I replied,,,

"Your lost ?, then just leave the door's are open"

I heard laughing, it almost mocked me.
"Are you stupid ? dont you know how this work's ? .. You have to show me the way out, I cant leave by myself"

- I didnt feal scared, it was weird.. by this point i was amazed by it all.

I pointed towards the double door's that lead out to the patio
"That's the way out"

- the curtains began to move, now i was high up maybe four floor;s, so its not abnormal. BUT this is when it really get's interesting...

The voice spoke to me again, it thanked me and said it was sorry for intruding.
but as it said it was leaving i said,

"WAIT, are you here to help me ?"

again it laughed, (at this point i noticed the voice was femanine)

"Help you" ? -it laughed...

"Help you....can you not see I have problem's of my own"

I asked the girl if she knew she was dead, at this point the room faded out black i could see nothing but the curtain;s at the patio door's blowing in the wind, they began to take shape

I saw a girl,, she was wearing victorian clothes i think this because of the bonnet on her head, and the way her skirt was.

I saw a man beating her, she was raped from behind.

she was crying, like really crying i could hear her, infact it was like i was her that i was there i fealt sad, i could feel my eyes filling with tear's..

The thing left.... the curtain's stopped moving,,,

I lay my head down completely in shock and amazement at what had just happend,

Was it real i thought ? I looked around ... I took a pen from my bed side table and some paper,, I wrote some word's about it.

I lay down, closed my eyes and went to sleep..

The next day when i woke up i looked around my apartment for any clues or sign's, could not find anything

however I fealt a lot better, i fealt as though I had experienced something "magic"

I told a few people including my girlfriend, who said i was crazy high off the weed and imagined it all.

but in my heart now, I know it happened. Even know i get massive waves of emotion rushing through my body when writing about it, I can recall every moment easily and i remember the feelings i had at the time.

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posted on Jul, 14 2012 @ 08:52 AM
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