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Alternative view for "object incoming" theories: Movement in another dimension

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posted on Nov, 23 2012 @ 10:04 PM

Originally posted by ErgoTheConfusion
Most discussion about some "object" or "force" or "energy field" etc. that may or may not be incoming into the solar system focus on things that would be moving in 3D space and thus detectable by our 3D instruments.

In the story of Flatland, a being who lives in 2 dimensions only is given a chance to view things from the 3rd dimension. I'm assuming most people here are familiar with the concept/story.

If there was an object moving in 3D space that was above the 2D Flatlander plane but the trajectory was going to cause it to pass through the 2D Flatlander plane eventually... the newly liberated Flatlander would be able to see this object, and with a little help of 3D math calculate when and where it would intersect the 2D Flatlander universe.

With this information, the Flatlander would return to his native environment and would be incapable of explaining WHY his information was correct, except by loose metaphor.

For example... say they live at coordinates (1,1). There is a town nearby called "Flatter" at (2,2).

Now if the object in 3D space were currently at (2,2,2)... the Flatlander would be forced to say "It is in the area near Flatter, but 'higher' than Flatter".

Anyone in the Flatland who went to (2,2) and investigated Flatter would see nothing and wouldn't be able to detect "higher". The Flatlander who had seen the object would be left with nothing to work with but their audience's imagination. Probably by describing 1D beings dealing with understanding 2D and the implications.

This viewpoint has no less validity when contemplating our own situation. The trouble is of course... until you or I personally have a "shift" to "3D" from our own version of "2D"... we will have no better options than the "blind" Flatlanders in the example above.

We can see how painful it is to watch the non-"ascended" Flatlanders laugh at someone who is telling them the truth. We just want them to stop thinking they know everything and listen... but how many of us are capable of doing it ourselves when we realize that's quite possibly where we are?

We boggle at how someone could "predict so far in the future". When you are a 3D being it's easy to predict something that is literally impossible for the 2D being to predict. Children of 3D can do what few if any in 2D could do.

We wonder why "they" say "in the area *we* would call Sirius", but it's always implied it's not *exactly* there and even seems a little funny to them. Which it would be for something at say (90,000,1,1) being called "near" something at (3,2,2) relative to something at (3,8,8) which is clearly closer... but those living in "2D" would say it was farther. This would be amusing in conversation with the "lower" dimensions.

It's even possible that the 3D object about to intersect the 2D plane will start causing subtle side effects to the plane. The 2D beings will have nothing but their 2D data to work with though so they would only be able to infer by being very clever to consider the possibility of an object moving in dimensions higher than themselves was causing the effects they were seeing. Say a hot object moving closer. The area would heat up with no "source" to point to in 2D even though from 3D it is obvious.

Someone in 3D would be able to easily see and describe the effects of the object as it got closer to the 2D plane, but their description would still sound "crazy" in 2D conceptualization and "common sense".

Something to think about and perhaps a different filter we should run our ancient/modern ideas through? Many of our ancient myths and philosophies demonstrate structural traits similar to how we would be forced to describe 3D concepts to 2D beings.

I should really make some images to help demonstrate.

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That was a very good description and explanation for those who cannot perceive higher then "5 sensory reality". You have the knowledge and understand how it works, but its difficult to explain the mind in human language.. as visions, pictures, and altered perception do not use words ... words are un natural to the mind, images, emotions are native to the mind > spirit

posted on Nov, 23 2012 @ 10:35 PM
just want to add -

any human-spirit indivudal can access knowledge within them, percieve in other dimensions.. different "layers" or levels of reality.

this is why meditation is practised all over the World since the dawn of mankind. bringing balance within our minds, thoughts, emotions, our realities become much more broad.

humanity has been devolving spiritually for centuries. this is forced by wars and religion.. which has strayed mankind into fear, and ignorance of their true spirit..

I do belive nowadays more people are feeling stronger and going within themselves, and expressing what is there.. the internet is a great place for individuals to confess and connect with eachother worldwide. there is no race on the internet, just versions of persoalities which are habit energies..

perception is key

right now, I am percieving reality on a different level then you; many are on the same level some are on the "octaves" or in between levels.. when we can go within and access higher levels within the Mind, we can have whatever information we seek. that is where the REAL "God" character in scripture lies..

Luke 17:21 - nor will people say, 'Here it is,' or 'There it is,' because the kingdom of God is within you."

We are missing out on many differnt types of realities that can be experienced as a human-spirit. Different levels of perception that can only be experienced when one wakes up and lives from within. The seperation of GOD was the seperation of heart and soul ... man became violent and hungry for dominance and control, and strayed away from their spirit.

People dont understand ancient literature, cultures, practises etc.. because they dont operate consciously the same as humanity did thousands of years ago. Humanity was more spiritually evolved, intellectually, technologically.. and this is deffinately evident in every reach of this planet.

Society wouldnt understand the spirit, emotions and going deep in the mind. Those in society follow the "Live Fast, Die Young" way of life.. and never settle down to attune with their true nature, which is a diffferent perception.

THERE ISNT ONE REALITY, that is the entire point
And people in society NEED to comprehend this before its too late.. humanity has already fell in a dark age, that too is evident. That is a path we do not want to venture any longer.. TRUST me.

When the people of this world can stop forming mobs and being so obedient.. they can express to eachother and work together to take down the filthy government which has purposly mis lead humanity for centuries.

Our true spirits were free, peaceful and intuitive; this perception of reality was what you would ignorantly call fantasy" .. but I belive this to be the more spiritual and natural way for one to live their experience (human-spirit). Like the ANCIENT Egyptians (not the mainstream idea of people who built pyramids..) .. the Mayans, Aztecs, Asian cultures and Native people all over the world.
They never perceived reality as; obedient, ignorant, arrogant, logical, rational, analytical, deceptive, angry, stressful, dis-ease-ful, as well as exhausting due to the machine we call scoiety which tricks everyone to work everyday, every year, forever...

People NEED to grasp this knowledge! Humanity is lost without it.. its very important to alter your perception when viewing things you normally wouldnt. You dont for a reason. You are not psychic, or spiritual.. you have not perceived anything other then what you can in the 3D realm existence (not video games, perception of reality, dimension).

This is where Nibiru is perceived; Unicorns, dragons, griffins, trolls, elves, witches, extraterrestrial, cyclops .. and all those things you call "Fantasy" .. fantasy means you do not understand your Mind, spirit, emotions.. and can only perceive what you Feel, see, taste, smell and hear.

Think of the Yin-Yang mind and body in balance. Society today is more white then black, more logical and 5 sensory perception then intutive and "psychic" or spiritual in nature. We all have these abilities, hence "we only use %10 of our brains/MINDS".

Sorry this reply seems off topic; but its hard to understand something thaat you cant perceive or experience. Then people are falsely informed.Nibiru on a different dimension would make more sense then a planet on an eliptical path.
But it cant be perceived with the two 3D realm eye balls the human has, so it cant exist.. but you dont know.. the mind can reach different levels of perception

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