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Philosophy of god, science, and nothing

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posted on Jul, 17 2012 @ 06:57 PM

Originally posted by jiggerj
The religious belief is that a god created everything. This means that there had to have been a State of Absolute Nothing from which this god started with in order to create everything.

To clarify, God didn't use nonbeing to create being. He used His faculties (or being) to create being.

Science suggests that there was nothing before the Big Bang.

Not necessarily, but, ultimately, the statement, "there once was no materiality" seems to be true. But it might not have been just prior to the big bang.

With both fields agreeing on a point of nothing, then why is it that we cannot return a something BACK into nothing?

It may be impossible for us or it may be currently out of our power to change being into nonbeing.

If a Something cannot be reduced to absolute nothing, then the idea of nothingness before the Big Bang must be false.

If whatever created the universe were a natural phenomena, then theoretically if the natural phenomena were reversed, then the universe would go out of existence. However, if this natural phenomena existed, then that would mean there wasn't truly "no materiality." This raises the question, "did this natural phenomena or process always exist?" I don't think this is possible because a natural phenomena or process that has always existed would have needed to produce an actually infinite number of universes before it could produce ours; and if this phenomena didn't produce an actually infinite number of universes prior to ours, then this means it created a finite number prior to ours, which would show that this process did in fact not go through its process an actually infinite number of times and is thus finite. And this would mean there was a "time" when the natural phenomena wasn't producing universes or that perhaps it wasn't existent at all. The former poses a problem because this would mean that the natural phenomena, despite being made up of material, was once changeless. But a changeless natural phenomena or process wouldn't be able to produce anything nor would it be able to jump start itself. Just think: how would that internal first event be produced or transpire without the help of anything?

In order to prove a god, the religious must also find a way to return something to its nothingness. If this cannot be done, then the material in this universe has always existed. Hence, no god.

I just see this as a non sequitor, because it may be that God produced the universe using His faculties and the fact that I, a contingent being, cannot and does not know how to reverse what God has done has no bearing on His existence.
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