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Describe to me your idea of the quinessencial modern hippy

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posted on Jun, 23 2012 @ 03:13 PM
reply to post by lbndhr

Originally posted by lbndhr
WE believe in peaceful resoutions. love one another regardless your skin color. live off the earth as much as possible. use only what you need and use it until it is no longer useable. I have a truck nearing 350,000 miles until it stops starting I will not buy another vehicle and when i do it will be used. I give to those in need when i can. and yes hemp is good, even george washing, benjamin franklin, you know the founding fore fathers they would agree with me.
When us hippies do get involved in the civil movement to overhaul the entire government from city to state to government it will be the hippies of my generations who will bring it out in full force.
We know how to protest without buckling under the the elitist.
So much more but im tired of bragging on for us true hippies. O and one last comment, we NEVER and I mean NEVER would had then nor know turn our backs on our retiring elders

It's good to see that there are others on ATS with a similar mindset to myself.

posted on Jun, 23 2012 @ 03:45 PM
For the record:

I'm not a hippie, neither true nor false. I'm not a white man or a black man, not even a man or a woman. I'm not gay, straight or bisexual. I'm me, every bit as unique as you.

I am not them. I am I. You... you're not them either though many of you do seem to think so. I still believe you're you just as I am I, neither of us are them. We are the individuals, believe it or not, but it's true.

Skin pigment? Genitalia? Universal location? You're my brother. Fight you or defend us? Knowledge is power and my sword is shaped like a tongue.

P.S. I'd still die for you. Not you as in America, but you as in my family, all of you. In my eyes I already have. I died when superman died. I will not pay their salaries... The tyrants. I will not help them beat you. I wish I could swoop in like the knight in shining armor, but all I can do is not help you hurt yourself. All I can do is watch from the sidelines waving my hand. I still love you, but our worlds... Complete opposites. So often I put forth an effort to break on through, with that sword of mine. When I strike you nothing happens. Cut right through you and you pretend as if it never happened.

Most of the time the sword is my shield, but fencing is a bit of a hobby of mine I suppose.
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The warrior ant... Born a warrior. Could he deny himself even if he wanted to?

John Lennon? Never met him
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posted on Jun, 23 2012 @ 06:50 PM
Everyone I know says I am a hippie. I don't think I am though not in the traditional sense. I have been to a few Dead shows in my day but I also love me some Dub Step and German death metal. I eat meat, shave my pits, can't play hackey sack and know patchouli and bathing are NOT interchangeable.HOWEVER I do think love is the answer to most things, believe sharing is something we all should have learned in preschool, and live by make love not war.

My sisters who were much older than I were hippies they saw Hendrix play, watched the end of segregation, burned their bras and lived on a commune for a while. I am thankful of all the things they taught me about the 60's and how things should be. I return the favor by dragging them to raves, educate them about the importance of keeping the interweb free and how small our world has really become thanks to technology.

The message is still intact though the soundtrack has changed. I can't wait to see what it and we evolve into next.

Hoffman--->Shulgin----> ????

posted on Jun, 23 2012 @ 09:45 PM
reply to post by r2d246

You mean quintessential?

Just asking to clarify.

posted on Jun, 25 2012 @ 11:00 PM

Originally posted by EvilSadamClone
The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one.


And follow the rules of society or you'll get stomped.

That's the way America really works.

You've got to conform, or die.

Sad but true.

Imagine if George Washington took your advice when the British were invading. I'm in Canada, but we'd own your azz! It would all be Canada. It's too bad he didn't behave, rats.

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