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if anyone can help me please

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posted on Jun, 9 2012 @ 04:45 PM
okay, im just going to begin to type what happened to me and how its playing with my mind.

about 2 weeks ago i was on my pc (avid gamer) and i decided to stand up to get some water my vision went blurry (no big deal head rush) i told myself wrong all of a sudden my vision goes white i hold onto the walls and i am litteraly rocked to the core my whole body is shuddering and spazzing. after this episode of 10 minutes im guessing it stopped. or so i thought, every evening whilst in bed i would get a very high pitched noise in my ear and i remember holding my head in pain a few times,
then came the really freaky #.
i was asleep after one of these episodes of a high pitched noise some lasting upto 15 minutes anyway i remember this is all in a dream btw i remember a huge bang my bed moves 90 degrees so im facing a different direction im thrown out of bed onto the floor by some crazy force, i try to move im angry (i have adhd) making me uncontrollably angry at times, anyway im trying to move i feel something in my presence i belive i checked over my shoulder and seen something im not sure i was to busy grabbing the bed with my left forearm the rest of my body wouldnt work. i remember litteraly pulling up with all my might and the bed going down through the floor not all the way just as if it was'nt going to be my cruch so to speak. since then i feel watched i feel more shall i say unhuman more strong weirdly my experience of these two events didnt scare me i remember waking up in bed after the last experince and going straight back to sleep not giving it a second thought but why didnt i?
what the # has been happening to me and why the hell do i not care # is getting weird theres a hole in my roof and someone keeps looking through it! personal items keep appearing not where i placed them and i am 100% sure someone or something has taken something from me but i dont know what. remember i have adhd cant write good etc etc im just uber weirded out im 22 been fostered since 3 had 9 ear operations that i cannot remember well one i can in a not very conventional hospital i cannot remember the faces of the people i feel no emotion im #ing at wits end seriously wtf is going on! ty for reading all of that

posted on Jun, 9 2012 @ 04:53 PM
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