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Rothschild heiress's marriage to Goldsmith scion is over, after she falls for a rapper called Jay E

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posted on Jun, 8 2012 @ 03:26 AM
I was with you right up until you called Vanilla Ice a 'more radical rapper'

Can I give you some advice for your novel? If you're going to take on a 'lecture' mode, you need to at least feign impartiality. You can't pretend to be breaking something down scientifically while using words like 'obnoxious', 'unpleasant-sounding', 'dissonance' and 'noise pollution'.

Are we talking about freestyling, or rap music. If we're talking rap music then there are samples. They were music when they were first released, so when did they stop being music? Does electronica become guilty of not being music because they also sample?

Is it about the themes in the lyrics? Metal can be very dark thematically, and punk can be very anarchistic in lyrics. Music is an embodiment of emotion. That emotion is often pain, but it can also be anger.

Real quite pleasing to the ear

That's not an unfair contraction of a quote directly from your article. Real music is just not music that you like. Real music is music that a portion of society likes. It doesn't have to be pleasing to your ear - it just has to be pleasing to a large enough percentage of people (obviously one crazy person thinking a jackhammer is music does not make it so

I just don't understand this idea that it isn't music because you don't like it. That's ultimately what's coming through in your posts - and while you can completely be opposed to the music and dislike it and hate what it stands for in society. What you can't do is stop is being music. If a large percentage of society listens to it in the same situations as other people listen to what you would call 'music', and they drum their fingers on their desk to the beat and dance to it: it's music.

You are implying that you are better than everyone, and here's how: you say that only the music that you find pleasing is real music. You are claiming that your ear alone is capable of defining real music. Can you not see how condescending that is?! You can't just create your own definition for a term to eliminate a genre you dislike.

Take any real-world situation that you might find music in. Could you potentially replace the music in that situation with rap? If the answer more than 50% of the time is yes, then there's a pretty good chance it's music. If it quacks like a duck...

posted on Jun, 8 2012 @ 05:39 AM

Originally posted by CaptainLJB
How can anyone in their right mind fall for a Rap "artist" least of all a Rothschild who HAS money?

You could not pay me to Listen to "Rap" sh!t much less associate with the lowest of the low, those born of the ghetto who run with the street gangs and cater to them.

What a racist ignorant comment

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