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I defy anybody to show me evidence of a terrorist attack .

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posted on Jun, 4 2012 @ 09:52 PM

Originally posted by secgovwiki
Your ad hominem attacks betray your foolishness. Your ignorance betrays exactly who and what you are. You have no idea who I am but assume you do -- evidence of a prejudiced mind. There is no point arguing with people like you.

There is no ad hominem attack by pointing out the facts. It's preposterous to the point of a complete waste of your time to insinuate my beliefs are going to lead to a war with Brazil (your words, not mine), and despite your self declared expertise on how "every explanation is rubbish" you don't even know what color the cover of the 9/11 commission report was. Let's face it, all you're doing is passing off wishful thinking as fact and you're basing it on absolutely nothing but blind zealotry so how can you seriously argue your case when you don't even know what your case actually is?

I invite you to prove me wrong- I told you I subscribe to the Purdue report. Explain to me what the report says and why it's incorrect.

If you believe 9/11 = GWOT and 1350 feet of matter can go away in ten seconds (by the circumstances provided for the government) you and your children and everyone like you deserve everything that has happened and everything that will happen.

You might as well go ahead and call me a poopy head if you'd like, 'cause I don't care in the least. All I care about is if anyone can show why anything I'm saying is incorrect, and you haven't been able to do it.

...and what the heck do you mean by "can go away in ten seconds"? Are you seriously suggesting all the wreckage and rubble at ground zero evaporated like water?

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