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Personal Sighting of Black Triangle UFO and Opinion

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posted on May, 24 2012 @ 09:32 PM
This is my personal Account of a Black Triangle along with my opinion of the matter.

This is my first thread on here, so please take it easy on me!

I have seen the Black Triangle UFO personally twice in my lifetime. Both times where located within the same county (WA state). My favorite sighting is were I witnessed a black triangle fly 75-100 yards directly above my head (for height comparison, it was a couple feet above a silo, as it passed directly next to one). This account happened August 13, 2010 around 9:15pm. I was driving on a back road going to a buddies house (which is 1/2 mile from the Canadian border) when I first saw it moving northeast from the southeast direction. It was moving around 10-15 MPH. The sky was dark as the sun just set with mild cloud coverage. The triangle was making no noise and had no lighting at first. From corner to corner I would compare the size to a 3 1/2 lane road, so it was a fairly large object. I witnessed the outline from a distance and eventually when it came directly above my head I saw some solid outlines on it. I did not see any windows, in turn did not see if anyone was operating inside. I noticed all three corners of the vehicle had 3 lights with a diameter of 1 foot. One light was in the middle with a diameter of 2 feet. These lights didn't turn on until the vehicle became very close to the border, the only reason I noticed them in the first place was due to the light reflection they were giving.

It seemed to have two tiers in height, a smaller at the bottom, with a larger on top. The material also seemed to have a micro stone texture with a glossy smudge effect colored in black. The thing that disturbed me is that it didn't have any moving parts. It just "floated" or "glided" across the sky. As it became half the distance from myself and the Canadian border, lights turned on to mimic that of a helicopter in flight pattern and sounds were created to also mimic a propelling sound. It eventually disappeared from distance at the same speed. I tried to pull out my Blackberry phone to take pictures, but the quality was so bad with pitch blackness while above me that I had to scrap them. No drugs or alcohol were involved with my personal sighting.

Here is a drawing I did of what I saw, it is pretty accurate based on memory, but I am sure its not 100% accurate of what it really was. (I am no artist either)

This is the exact location of my sighting.

After my initial sightings I started doing some serious research on what this could be. I was convinced for about a year that it was a Advanced Military aircraft sometimes known as a TR-3B. I would talk to two people, one being a childhood friend, and the other family (who is a pilot), who than, and currently serve in the U.S. Airforce about my sightings. Both of them who didn't know each other gave me similar responses but I don't know how truthful either of them are with their responses. The response was at first shock and awe, followed by a couple chuckles, and finally the "well heck I wonder what it could be?". The subject of conversation would change very rapidly anytime I would bring it up after that.

After another year of research, my idea of what it could be is now on the fence. Just in the last month I have taken my work online, and recently discovered to believe that my area is a hot spot of Black Triangle UFO's. More importantly the time of my sighting, was also seen +-2 days by another in the same town as well. I will list the link to the sighting 2 days before mine as well as another sighting a town over following our sightings.

Date of the Event 08/11/2010 09:45 UTC
Despite seeing this, I still don't believe in Aliens. But I remember thinking that I should not be seeing the object at all, because of my strong belief that extraterrestrials don't exist. I tried to rationalize it by thinking it may have been 3 airplanes in a close formation. However, stars were blocked out in the middle of the assumed formation, which led me to believe it was a ufo. Upon some research, it would appear that this "black triangle" ufo is a common sight. However, most sightings include a large light in the center of the object.

Link to the above external content.

Date of the Event 02/27/2011 10:20 UTC
Finally, pulled off the road and watched it. As it flew towards us, we could hear a noise like that of an airplane, and it was descending fast although no airport nearby anywhere. As it came closer, there were 6-8 red blinking lights, and 4 giant bright white lights; 1 on each corner of the craft and one right in the middle.

Link of the above external content

I have come to the conclusions that regardless if black triangles have a military or et origin, they are here. I've noticed a pattern of hot-spots where black triangle UFO's seem to be seen, one of them being here in WA state. This may be due to the fact of my biased location, meaning my search engines showing local sightings, but a recent video I have watched helps my hypothesis of patterns. Please ignore the title of this video being "Obama being asked about Alien life" and pay attention to the location of democratic presidential candidates Dennis Kucinich is being asked about his sighting.

Now I am not at all trying to create a conspiracy of black triangle ufo locations, I am just trying to follow a pattern that may possibly lead to answers. Answers being generating more sightings to determine what these are through proof and evidence.

Like I mentioned in the beginning of this post, this is my first thread, so I hope you guys take it easy on my if I made any mistakes. Please feel free to give me your insight, thoughts, opinions, or constructive criticism.


posted on May, 24 2012 @ 10:19 PM
Very interesting, thanks for sharing.

About 20 years ago one of my daughters who was about 11 at the time arrived home one evening out of breath and obviously disturbed about something. She told me about a black triangle floating in the sky. I laughed and did all I could to convince her it was just a plane. How wrong I was.

Personaly I believe the triangle is real, theres just too many sightings to ignore it, however I dont believe its alien, I wish it was!!!

I think this craft and those like it are kept secret because of the power source they use, free energy is not on the agenda.

posted on May, 24 2012 @ 10:30 PM
reply to post by BlackTriangleUFO

The UFO Reporting Center International has on file a report from a town named Sidney, Texas, which is fairly near Fort Hood, the largest Army base in the country. The witness gave a good account of his sighting. The craft came low and slow. He had been out with his large caliber rifle and was able to use the scope on the gun to get a good view of the craft. He said he was a outline in red which he assumed was an escape hatch that had the word "rescue" also done in red by it. Aliens don't tend to do that.

And I'll retrieve and add here in an edit a sighting that I had in 1998 which also seems to indicate that the pilots are our guys in blue. Added edit:

I've posted before on ATS about seeing a triangle moving low (under a 1000 feet), slow and silently over Laramie in 1998. About twenty others with me saw it also. But the thing with lit up like a rock show with about a dozen of strobe lights that make it impossible to miss.

Oh, and the kicker is that we were standing around outside on a June evening after the evening's conclusion of UFO matters. This happened at the last Rocky Mountain UFO Conference.

We must assume that some of their lights are anti-collision lights, some for seeing the area in a natural way, and some, as with the epic Phoenix sighting, appeared to be an effect of the gigantic ship's "engines."

Reports of typical disks having rotating bands of colored lights also seem to be a way of drawing attention to themselves. Such is not outside the realm of possibility and fits exactly with their creating their own myth for us to struggle with. ...Almost seems they know the government is not going to touch them with a ten-foot pole anyway.

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posted on May, 24 2012 @ 10:43 PM
I think our military has some special hardware. How can I think otherwise. But I don't ignore the alien possibility for some of these sightings. Some of them simply could not have been accomplished with earthly technology if the witnesses are to be trusted. This goes back 50 years (and more). I don't think we had that technology 50 years ago. But the vast majority of cases are not hot. Most likely misidentifications of things. A lot of people wnat to see a "ufo" so bad they exaggerate it.

At night things can look strange easy. One time I was driving on I-5 and saw a "helicopter" above the old nuclear site near Longview. There're so many lights at night that it's impossible to know what you're looking at without night vision or something. I came back around and it was gone. Another time I was on my way to Fry's on a freeway and saw a triangular formation of lights over the trees to my right, but I just had no room to see what it was for sure. Again, there're so many lights in the city and in the populated areas that it's hard to say unless you dig more deeply.

And why would the military test craft over populated areas? That's ridiculous.

The vast majority of sightings are over anxious people.

The error is to assume ALL cases are unreliable. Some cases are hot.

Seriously, some of these cases (if they're to be trusted) are unlikely to be conventional. And this is not including close encounter cases where people claim to see aliens near the craft after it lands.

It sounds so impossible that many people refuse to consider it as a possible explanation. So right from the get go it CANNOT be alien, no matter what the witnesses say or what the evidence points to. The only way anything will be conclusively ET is if an artifact is left behind or a dead alien body.
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posted on May, 24 2012 @ 11:48 PM
It does indeed sound like the TR-3B that you witnessed. Rumour is, that is has a wing span of anywhere from 60ft up to 100ft, and going on your description, it would seem to fit. As with top secret aircraft, details are sketchy, but imo, if that aircraft has the capabilities you described, then revealing it's existence may lead to a lot of uncomfortable questions for the manufacturers, primarily, where did the tech and know-how for it come from?
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posted on May, 25 2012 @ 12:29 AM
reply to post by Zcustosmorum

Here is my experience from 2003, Emerald Isle, NC..

I definitely think it is of USA origin. Seems to look cool, like a male designed it.

Notice my size estimates at the end of the quoted text. about 75ft wide and 100ft long...

Originally posted by MuddyFrog
I saw a Triangle Ufo.
It flew right above my head mabey 200-300 ft up!
I saw it's shape perfectly.
No it is not a b-2
No it is not an F-117

This sighting was mabey 2 years ago at Emerald Isle, NC.

It made no sound and I saw It from a long way off. At first it looked like a star(a very bright one). As it got closer I Thought it was the moon. It even made a reflection on the ocean. Then the actual moon came from behind some clouds. "WHOA!"

Now im staring at this thing. As it gets closer I realize that the light on the water isnt a reflection but its a shaft of light going down. 2 light shafts are going to the sides(one on each side), and one is going straight down. As it got closer I noticed it had 4 lights. One on each end and one in the middle that was bigger. I was very scared. This thing is coming right at me!

Now the light is on me. It is like a searchlight but brighter I would say. I stopped talking (my bro was there). I was thinking it could hear me. I even looked down so "it" wouldnt realize that I saw it and it would go away.
When I looked up again it was gone. I don't know why I did that.
I think I might have run from it mabey. My memory of it is fuzzy. My brother doesnt remember it even right above us. He only remembers it when It looked like the moon.

I've been talking with my Uncle about this. He used to work for the military and still does if they need him for something special. He is an electrical engineer with 20+ years experience. He also knows about nuclear energy.
He worked on missles, guns, nuclear subs, and other things that he won't tell me about. He even recently invented an anti-terrorist thing. Something to do with electricity and different densities of matter.

We are trying to figure out what this thing is.
He won't tell me anything secret though.

EDIT: It looked like one of the drawings that guy posted.
The Triangle with the rounded corners and the big light in the middle and the 3 lights on the "points" It's on the left side and says 1995 on it.

That is it.
Oh and its pretty big mabey 100 ft long mabey more.
and mabey about 75 ft wide but mabey more

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posted on May, 25 2012 @ 08:02 AM
I can't go in to detail, but my friend and his mum, dad and brother had a black triangle sighting in the 90s. They were in their garden, and it was above them, silent, no movement. I can't remember how it all unfolded and what became of it, but they said they felt chills as they witnessed it. Oh, location is Midlands, in the UK.
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posted on May, 25 2012 @ 08:59 AM
double post
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posted on May, 25 2012 @ 09:04 AM
Just so far we have a bunch of sightings from the early and late 90's and a lot more recent ones, most of which corresponds in the basic facts. Which means 4 things;

1. This is already well developed technology. Even if we assume that the early sightings were UFOs it would still be fair to say that the craft was in an advanced testing stage by about 1999. That still leaves 13 years to improve on the design. Thus it is also fair to assume that the craft is now beyond the development and testing phase and has moved on to opperational deployment.

2. If the craft is now being used on missions what will it's platform be? Recon? It is silent, with the technology I doubt radar detection would be a problem. Troop deployment and cargo? I highly doubt it. Attack? Possibly, but I'll tell you one thing, if they have the teck to build this craft, it'll be packing some serious heat. Think highly advanced rail guns and a lazer or two.

3. They dont cloak. Why were these sightings allowed to happen? From what I have read and through personal interviews I have heard of a lot of cloaking tactics with ufo sightings. Assume the form of a mountain, transperancy etc. We also know that the US army has developed such cloaking tech with their tanks as per a few ATS threads. Now again, take the tech that we know of and multiply it witha few decades... They should have the cloaking technology, why isnt it being used? Unless they want you to be seen? I think not. Why would they go through all the trouble of trying mimic a helicopter then? So... They should be able to cloak, but they dont. Then again there is the slim chance that they cant mess with the outer skin of the craft because the propultion depends on it and they havent figured out how to combine the technologies. Possible...

4. The last bit, and this is realy stretching here. Space travel.
We know they aren't using it for normal platforms. If they have this craft it is safe to assume that they have no competition on this planet. So why would you need it?

I did an interview in 2006 where 2 couples, both in their 40's, saw a triangle come out of the water and set of at an unimaginable speed. The descriptions are exactly the same. What were they doing under water?

My theory, and the only partially logic one that I can come up with, is that these craft are being used to travel off-planet with the same ease as they move through our atmosphere.

And coincidentaly there are many many many many MANY theories regarding bases on mars and the moon. I never really believed in underwated bases or uso's but if you can even for a minute venture into the acceptance of the existance of this craft it would be a theory not too unbelievable.

If we accept the last premise then we are left with but one question. If the craft are ment to go into space, what are they doing hovering below a 1000ft snooping around with no regard to being sighted? In the US of all places...
Looking for something?

Posted Via ATS Mobile:

posted on May, 25 2012 @ 09:48 AM
reply to post by Monkeygod333

Some things bug me with this aircraft:

A. I understand technology, as in what we see at airshows is the latest official aircraft, and that we are 15 or so years behind the latest tech, that being said, if these reports all date back to the 90s, then the TR-3B has probably been operational for years longer, doesn't figure out.

B. Black triangle reports are much, much older, for example I can remember some from the 50s, so no way did the kind of tech we are talking about, exist then. Governments like to get one up on each other, hence why they make aircraft official imo.

Back to a loggerhead, either these are E.T. craft or they are taken from E.T. craft technology, been said a million times I know, but that's how I see it.

posted on May, 25 2012 @ 12:49 PM
Just to add to the thread in regards to black triangle UFO's, here's a genuine picture of one:

And this is not to be confused with the fake one, created in an attempt to debunk the original:

posted on May, 26 2012 @ 10:51 AM
I have no idea why a black triangle would be here, I live in a small village in the midlands of the UK, really nothing here. In 1972/3ish, my mother witnessed (only a 10 minute walk from my friends I mentioned, that saw the triangle) a golden coloured silent cigar shaped craft. It was a clear blue sky, no clouds, and was suddenly gone with no trace. It baffles me they'd be here of all places, there is NOTHING here.

posted on Aug, 24 2012 @ 02:41 AM
But what about the Triangles that are reported to be a mile + wide? The one in Phoenix was reported to be a mile wide.

Im not so sure we have anything that large.

posted on Aug, 24 2012 @ 03:00 AM
reply to post by Zcustosmorum

Are you quite sure? I think both or any close ups were proven fake, and there is nothing that proves they are not fake

posted on Aug, 24 2012 @ 03:42 AM
Great post, I've had a lucid dream of a black triangle but that is as far as my experiences with black triangle crafts goes.

From what I heard on many pages, the triangle UFOs are generally believed to be the creation of governments. But I'm sure that doesn't mean all triangular UFOs are black op projects.
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posted on Aug, 24 2012 @ 04:02 AM
reply to post by Zcustosmorum

If they have been around for years, dating back to the 50s and and before that, then perhaps one crashed somewhere and we got a hold of it and reverse engineered it and this maybe why so many sightings of this Triangle UFO is seen all over the world.

What do some of thing about the Project Bluebeam theory when it comes to these craft? And that they might be holograms?

posted on Aug, 24 2012 @ 08:06 PM
thankyou for information

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