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PROVING: 46 & 2, "The Next Major Human Advancement", The Awakening... I'm Almost There

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posted on May, 24 2012 @ 06:08 PM
While you were sleeping, I think I may be on the verge of just about proving the Idea behind 46 & 2.

This is what is behind : The Next Major Human Advancement. HUGE.
Link to thread:

I honestly can't stress enough the glory that compassion could bring. If there ever was an ascension, it would definitely be possible with compassion. Like I said, I can't describe what I'm seeing accurately with words, so I just urge you all to try a true compassionate way of life and see for yourself how deep the rabbit hole goes, because as I see it, there is no end to it and it keeps getting better and better as you go down. You just gotta jump.

Now, what exactly is this 46 plus 2 stuff all about?

Before I try to explain what I think the song (forty-six & 2 by TOOL) means, it is necessary for you to know several metaphysical concepts. I got almost all of this information on this page from a book the band recommended on their 1994 newsletter called Nothing in This Book is True, but It's Exactly How Things Are by Bob Frissell.

A great little break down of the concept of 46 and 2.

The most important concept Frissell explains (He learned it from one Drunvalo Melchizadek.) is sacred geometry. Sacred geometry is the path in which the creator moved in the void during Genesis. It forms the basis of everything in the universe, including mathematics. The Flower of Life, as seen in the picture to the right, includes in it all the necessary information for the creation of life. Frissell explains hows this figure is derived.

This is strongly rooted in all of the above, the most amazing part(to me) is that all of my research was NEVER guided by attempting to prove some theory, I was developing my own. That is when I remembered the idea of 46 plus 2, then introduced it into another thread. That's when I realized it was exactly what I was describing and leaning towards.

With out rambling about what it all means, I will wrap up this section with the following from the link:

Currently, human beings are in the second level of consciousness, 44 and 2, but shortly they are expected to evolve in the next level. Supposedly, ascended masters have prepared the path for humans to change. 1998, was in fact, supposed to be when the change occurred. However, it looks like it might be postponed several years due to the abominable state of the world. For one to enter the 46 and 2 state, it seems it would take a mental and spiritual change. (Opening your third eye if you will.) It would require one to have a deep understanding of the world, themselves, and their consciousness. Most people are unaware that some people have vowed to change themselves and move up a level.

Now here's the meat and potatoes:

This is the link between the Sun and Gene Activation
Intense Light Prevents, Treats Heart Attacks, Study Suggests

Here's how NMR(Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) interacts with Us!
Title of Thread: "raise your frequency", Planetary Memeshift Resonance (PMR) theory of conscious evolution
Link to Thread:

Now, the breakdown on how we interact with such an idea...

How Social Interaction and Teamwork Led to Human Intelligence

"Our model differs in that we exploit the use of theoretical experimental evolution combined with artificial neural networks to actually prove that yes, there is an actual cause-and-effect link between needing a large brain to compete against and cooperate with your social group mates."

"Our extraordinary level of intelligence defines mankind and sets us apart from the rest of the animal kingdom. It has given us the arts, science and language, and above all else the ability to question our very existence and ponder the origins of what makes us unique both as individuals and as a species," concluded PhD student and lead author Luke McNally.

What could possible encourage such interaction and cooperation amongst people?

The Bright Side of Death: Awareness of Mortality Can Result in Positive Behaviors

How Thinking About Death Can Lead to a Good Life

Well times are strange, and we are all beginning to share similar emotions in respect to our observance of events and our current situation:

Synchronized Brains: Feeling Strong Emotions Makes People's Brains 'Tick Together'

There's much to do, and we do it in the pursuit of happiness

Mutltitasking Hurts Performance but Makes You Feel Better

Why are all those that we place such high faith in, failing us? Possible reason:

Even Positive Stereotypes Can Hinder Performance, Researchers Report

What's another further push towards human interaction and the Evolution of our Species and/or Consciousness?

Was Human Evolution Caused by Climate Change?

Am I off my rocker, or is there something to this?

Three fundamental discoveries of current neuroscience will forever change the way we understand human nature. The first is that novelty, enriching life experiences, and physical exercise can activate neurogenesis--new growth in the brain--throughout our entire lifetime

The second is that such experiences can turn on gene expression with-in minutes throughout the brain and body to guide growth, development, and healing in ways that could only be described as miraculous in the past. Like lightning and thunderclap, these two discoveries are so startling and unexpected that we hardly know what to make of them.

The third discover follows as a natural implications of the first two. We no really know that "every recall is a reframe." That is, whenever we recall an important memory, nature opens up the possibility for us to reconstruct it on a molecular-genomic level within our brain. That is, we are constantly engaged in a process of creating and reconstructing the structure of our brain and body on all levels, from mind to gene. The profound implications of these three discoveries stretch our imagination. They suggest"

- how we can use our consciousness to co-create ourselves; - new approaches to stress, psychotherapy, and the healing arts; - a new bridge between the arts, humanities, science and spirit.

The Psychobiology of Gene Expression: Neuroscience and Neurogenesis in ...

Are there people that have known about how this works?

“It's clearly a crisis of two things: Of consciousness and conditioning. We have the technological power, the engineering skills to save our planet, to cure disease, to feed the hungry, to end war; But we lack the intellectual vision, the ability to change our minds. We must decondition ourselves from 10,000 years of bad behavior. And, it's not easy.”

~ Terence McKenna

posted on May, 24 2012 @ 06:10 PM
You are about to witness the greatest moments in the history of Humanity. This is the greatest of cusps between the greatest of Ages. This is an event and moment in time in which all previous inhabitants of Earth only dreamed of. We are the souls, and yes... we have been chosen.

The events that we have witnessed, and the history of humanity that has lead to this point over time, that is dictated by time. Will produce the evolution of Consciousness that we have all been waiting for, and mildly discussing. It is up to you to be involved and help further develop this.

Simply by your observance and interaction. This is inevitable, and not avoidable... so join hands, and bring in the new age. This is our time to shine. Be the light, you are the wave... now lets experience some change.

For further explanation, and details of the provided articles please click the link in my signature. The intent of that article is aimed at proving another corresponding theory. This is something new, this is why I created a new thread. Please visit other thread for more.
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posted on May, 24 2012 @ 06:36 PM
You know what..... I believe you. Been doing a little research of my own into conciousness and i dont think iv ever felt as relaxed and at peace with myself untill i looked into it.

Maby thier is somthing to it, maby not. Either way, i find it a powerfull tool to exercise the mind.

Keep up the good work buddy.

posted on May, 24 2012 @ 06:46 PM
All you really need to know:

"Sharing others' emotional states provides the observers a somatosensory and neural framework that facilitates understanding others' intentions and actions and allows to 'tune in' or 'sync' with them. Such automatic tuning facilitates social interaction and group processes," says Adjunct Professor Lauri Nummenmaa from the Aalto University, Finland.

"The results have major implications for current neural models of human emotions and group behavior. It also deepens our understanding of mental disorders involving abnormal socioemotional processing," Nummenmaa says.

"The strongest selection for larger, more intelligent brains, occurred when the social groups were first beginning to start cooperating, which then kicked off an evolutionary Machiavellian arms race of one individual trying to outsmart the other by investing in a larger brain. Our digital organisms typically start to evolve more complex 'brains' when their societies first begin to develop cooperation." explained Dr Andrew Jackson.

Human emotions are highly contagious. Seeing others' emotional expressions such as smiles triggers often the corresponding emotional response in the observer. Such synchronization of emotional states across individuals may support social interaction: When all group members share a common emotional state, their brains and bodies process the environment in a similar fashion.

"According to terror management theory, people deal with their awareness of mortality by upholding cultural beliefs and seeking to become part of something larger and more enduring than themselves, such as nations or religions," said Jamie Arndt, study co-author and professor of psychological sciences. "Depending on how that manifests itself, positive outcomes can be the result."

One major implication of this body of work, Vail says, is that we should "turn attention and research efforts toward better understanding of how the motivations triggered by death awareness can actually improve people's lives, rather than how it can cause malady and social strife." Write the authors: "The dance with death can be a delicate but potentially elegant stride toward living the good life."

Now to quote from the greatest and lamest videos of all time....KRYMATICA, this is the one part he got right:

Evolution is a term to define only one organism,
and that's the self.
The self is the Universe, the self is the Alpha and Omega,
God, and Infinity,
and that's the only thing that evolves, because we're all part of the self.
Nothing goes through an evolutionary process alone
or without direct benefit to the whole.
So when you begin to think that there's this controlling elite,
this controlling hand behind the curtain leading the planet to destruction,
when you think the end is near, the Apocalypse, Armageddon,
and when you think we as a species are doomed...
It is not THEY, it is YOU that brought this about.
And for a very good reason...
You are evolving.

Do you get it yet? No? ok refer to link in my signature lol.

posted on May, 24 2012 @ 11:34 PM

We are static in particle form while the entire Universe is kinetic in nature. Information/consciousness grants us the control to manifest (assemble/reassemble) reality.

Becoming aware of this concept allows you to generate less resistance through the vortices passing bits of information/consciousness (such realities are in constant cycle). If we were to "link up" and work together, information/consciousness is passed on a more robust scale (creating even less resistance), and "cycling" understanding at far greater rates. And that's all Life is... Understanding.

Path to higher consciousness begins with childlike innocence.
Promote action to gain various types of understanding.
Condense units of such understanding to council.
Integrate this council into a single director.
Utilize director to reach out to others.
Reach out to others via sacrifice.
Become sacrifice to expand.
Expand to unite as "One."

Wash, rinse, repeat...

One: Meaning of Life

(Definitions) >


Awareness: cognizance, knowledge, acknowledging, realization, spectrum,

Possibility: chance, substance, thing, choice, option, result, capability,



Infinite Awareness of Possibility...

Example: The awareness of balance.

Example: The awareness we are similar.

Infinite Possibilities of Awareness...


Example: The possibility we are similar, and can relate to each other as such.

So on and so forth...


Through Infinite Possibilities and Infinite Awareness...

We are unique. We are similar. [We are one | All at once.] "Time being relative"


In Existence we have Infinite Awareness and Infinite Possibility through enlightening experiences.

Example: This World (Life) is an enlightening experience.

The World (Life) is not Limited. Disappear Limitations... Existence is Infinite.

Fear is a Limitation. Disappear Fear... Existence is never Threatened.

Example: The death of this World (Life) is simply Fear.

Possibilities for being: Passionate, compassionate, structuring, transcendent, intimate, vulnerable, expressive, fulfilling, loving, unconditional, expansive, transforming,

So on and so forth...

Being: Infinite possibilities.

Existence: Infinite Awareness of Being in Infinite Reality.

Example: One comprehends Everything One can render while passing through Every occasion of the Universe.

Through the Existence of God with Infinite Awareness of Being in an Infinite Universe we are One. Let it be in an Infinite Universe One Exists as Infinity. The Infinity is God. Embrace God as One. [We are all One.]


posted on May, 25 2012 @ 06:17 AM
Brilliant thread, and thanks for posting so many links! Will be checking back on this and reading up on it later on.

posted on Jun, 8 2012 @ 04:58 PM
I can't believe this thread isn't pages long yet!
Awesome, thank you for the much to read! (Right up my

posted on Jun, 8 2012 @ 05:27 PM
My mommy always told me that there is no such thing as a stupid question.
Please do not take offense to what I am about to say.
It comes from a loving place in my heart,


WHAT IN THE HELL are you talking about???
The title of the thread has me intrigued but I'll be damned if I could make heads or tails out of ANY thing else.
You may as well have typed it in Mandarin Chineese.
If it is just me then I guess I am just stupid but I don't mind admitting,
I have absolutely NO CLUE what you just said in your op.
Absolutely NONE of it made ANY sense to me whatsoever!!
Not only that but none of it seemed to be related to any other part.

Like I said, I admit I am not the sharpest tool in the drawer so if it just me I don't mind admitting that I am
functionally retarded.

Can you put ANY of that into kindergarten leve English for the functionally retarded like myself?

Thanks in advance.

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