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I need some help with prepping(guns)

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posted on Jun, 4 2012 @ 02:49 AM
reply to post by Nucleardiver

Yes, there's a category which does not need permits(impossible to get if you are no friends with members of the high echelon)
But those are only muzzleloaders which cannot be modified to shoot modern ammo(virtually every muzzleloader can be modified for these purposes. you change the firing mechanism, and modify the barrel and there's a modern gun)
but I do not give about them damn laws anymore. Laws that restrict my right to live and defend myself are no laws of mine.
If you could u2u me some links where I can find this 89 dollar rifle, please do so, it would be of great help(also, preferably a gun which is in parts, so I will not get caught up with the post office(they routinely search most bags, and steal the money and such.
No information is too much for me(I am an information junkie, collecting every bit of knowledge I can lay my hands on)
But a 89 dollars I can afford. As for bullets, I can not really get any here. They forbid trading of everything even remotely related to firearms(although guys around the border have some, they are willing to sell, so not really a problem). Our politicians are very afraid of the population. At least the fact that they bought around three hundred armored cars for themselves, on the money of the taxpayers(in a country already bankrupt by their choices) indicates this.
But I really need a place which ships into my country, and directly to me.(there are no FLFs in this country. there's not really an opportunity for civilian gun possession.)

posted on Jun, 20 2012 @ 09:32 AM
reply to post by Narcissous

You could always build a "zip" gun. Google it. Not an ideal choice, but if you really wanted one...

I'd be wary of obtaining a gun in a nation where it is so strict. You need to really be aware of the penalties if discovered, and decide if its worth it.

I'd wager if you really thought about it, you could think of SOMEONE you know who might know a guy, who knows a guy, etc. Especially if there are any other "illegal" items you partake of.

for tanks I'd rather evade(if not possible, a molotov cocktail can always heck them up).

Yes, they fiercely leave a burn mark on the tank's paint job... Unless you can get it in an open tank, no real damage there. When you are on foot, there is only one thing to do when facing a and hide (in the opposite direction it is heading).

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