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A trend amongst the more outlandish contactee claims - Time travel and their past/future lives

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posted on May, 17 2012 @ 12:16 PM
Has anyone else noticed that some of the most out there contactee claims almost always include time travel, and their multiple lives in the past and future. The description of these past/future lives always sounds like an exercise in vanity. As in, either they were doing something glorious, ground-breaking or something uniquely spiritual in their other births. Sounds more like a delusional person's desire to impress others, and probably convince their own minds.

I was really disappointed, when John Mack's discussions of Alien abductions also gradually turned into fantasy stories. I remember one lady, who claimed to him that she was some artist working on the pyramids in her previous life. She was not doing any labor work, but the artistic, painting kind of work. Another guy, who had other-worldly sex with some Alien lady, who chose only him. It was sad to see that even though, he came out as an honest person, as an observer he had started to believe these fantastic stories. I remember getting interested in his interviews, and then reading one of his later books, which was just bad fantasy fiction laid out as real life interviews detailing extraordinary circumstances.

I don't remember names, since our mind refuses to remember the details of the ridiculous, but there was some Christian lady, who had quite a following in the Alien abduction field, even though her descriptions sounded vain and self-aggrandizing. Now Eisenhower's grand-grand-daughter is claiming that Obama went to Mars, and how she is in "special" contact with the Aliens.

Has anyone else noticed this?

These kind of claims take a huge dump on the genuine research in the Alien/UFO field. They end up getting quite popular too.

For fun: Even if lots of this stuff is beyond reason and our limited human experience, it is fair to let our imaginations explore. So, if we assume that some of these stories are true:

1) How come Aliens seem to target the vain, not so bright, "prone to delusions" component of the human society?
2) If, in an imaginary scenario, these accounts were true, could it be a part of the deception process, since targeting the slower humans guarantees a more stable dissemination of counter-information? Strong and delusional believers always do a better job of propagating a message, without enough analysis and skepticism. Look at the crazier religious fundies. No matter how much they claim to love God, their stories always have a huge component of being the special, chosen ones. And, they always do a pretty through job of spreading their ideologies, without critically analyzing them. Even political campaigns always target the slower, impulsive voters with quick, simple messages, and fantastic tales of future. All the successful campaigns feed their target audience's ego, and then turn them into believers.
3) How come very few of the contactees come out as genuinely humble? Most few the times, it is just a show, like many of the new age charlatans trying to sell you the new cool spiritual path that they have "humbly" come across. You would think that such an extraordinary experience would make them extremely humble.
4) How come most of these contactees do not really ahve much to add to the human thought process, when such an extra-ordinary experience would surely add to their intelligence and knowledge.
5) How come they never have much to say about the technical aspects of their experience as well as the Aliens, but they have a lots of mumbo-jumbo to say about their spiritual experience, their new connection with the universe etc.

Their accounts are funny to read, but extremely detrimental to the Alien/UFO field. The contactee accounts have added most to the ridicule that this field often comes across. Though, to be honest, their are few accounts here and there, which are a good read, even if they are total fiction. Usually written in a humble manner, focusing more on the Aliens, than the "special" self of the abductee/contactee.

posted on May, 17 2012 @ 12:19 PM
Time travel, no, lost time, most definitely, yes.

I personally believe most contactee stories are bogus, there may be a few genuine ones but not many imo. Lost time is a definite symptom of alien contact.
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posted on May, 17 2012 @ 01:02 PM
reply to post by mcrath2012

Great thread. And this doesnt just go for extraterrestrial abductions, but really any bizzarre experience with urban legends, mythical creatures, or other beings. The grandiose stories from abductees are never fought or denyied, or even approached with skepticism as you said. But then again, neither are the probing experimental abductions people have spoken about. It is a good point to point out how many have been abducted and have refuted their experience with alternative explanations. It is probably none. Too many are quick to identify an experience with premature information, and then having no inclination to extract more.

posted on May, 17 2012 @ 01:22 PM
reply to post by mcrath2012

When I was a kid I had an imaginary friend that I can still remember a partial image of.

Maybe these people use a part of their mind that most of us have stopped using since childhood, and because of that, they are able to experience things that we can't even imagine.

posted on May, 17 2012 @ 02:00 PM

Originally posted by Bleeeeep
reply to post by mcrath2012

When I was a kid I had an imaginary friend that I can still remember a partial image of.

Maybe these people use a part of their mind that most of us have stopped using since childhood, and because of that, they are able to experience things that we can't even imagine.

Actually.. we CAN imagine it.. as evidenced by your half remembered imaginary friend.

That part of the mind is called the imagination.

posted on May, 17 2012 @ 02:08 PM
I think it is because they are tripping from the prescription drug cocktail they are on and maybe some illegal drugs add to the mix.

posted on May, 17 2012 @ 02:17 PM
reply to post by Bleeeeep

I grew up without toys and cable TV, so as a bored kid, I had to rely a lot on my imagination. I can still imagine a lot, keep me going. However, I just cannot see many of these outlandish stories as imaginations mistaken as genuine memories either. Some of them have strong signatures of either:
1) Attention seeking
2) Charlatans seeking money. Funniest one was some lady selling some lame art that she Aliens had helped her create.

If they are genuinely misinterpreting their old memories and their old imaginations, then there are some seriously delusional stories, and may warrant mental help.

I think it is just that deep down we all seek answers. Some may start viewing themselves as the special ones, who deserve these answers more so than others, and start creating fairy-tales. That is what I have noticed about almost all of the contactee and many abductee stories - a strong appeal to their own "special" existence. The strong sense of vanity and ego that comes out of these stories, even if they are relayed in the perfect, superficially humble Gandhian language.

p.s. Contactee stories definitely have a different character from the abductee stories. More fantastic, more self-driven.

posted on May, 17 2012 @ 02:21 PM
reply to post by juveous

You are right. A very few go back and re-evaluate their stories/fantasies. Infact with time, they get deeper into their delusions. Many stories got even more elaborate, once they start getting public attention.

We all build our little myths to convince our own minds, and some go a little too deep, I guess. I am pretty sure that a good number of them are well aware of their deceit and attention seeking. Some stories are just too outlandish to owe them to misinterpreted memories or dreams.

posted on May, 17 2012 @ 02:24 PM
I am sure that there are people out there that come up with contact stories for attention and there are plenty more that 100% believe their abduction or contact stories, however I would say that probably more than 95% of those people who are not faking can be debunked by phenomena such as matrixing (complete and incomplete) and sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis especially is something that is very culturally influenced and has differed from time to time and place to place by this fact, see the almighty Wikipedia:

As for things such as lost time and time travel it's hard for me to say. Maybe these people are naturally suggestive or slightly delusion or completely sain and are having these experiences. I still think that there are some of these experiences that cannot be explained but we have to sort through the others to get to those.
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posted on May, 17 2012 @ 02:48 PM
reply to post by mcrath2012
It does appear that many Contactees indicate the traits of various psychological profiles. We all do to some extent.

In the case of Contactess, these traits are more pronounced and they've blurred the lines between the imaginal world and the world everyone else lives in. Fantasy-proneness, narcissism, paranoia, passive egocentrism and feelings of powerlessness run through their accounts.

These traits are usually considered negative, but can be harnessed to positive outcomes if focused on ambitions and self-fulfilment. Wanting to be in the best band, running huge corporations or getting into politics require these characteristics.

With the Contactees, they tend to come from fractured upbringings, poor areas and haven't achieved success in any way that surpasses the average bench-marks. They're outsiders amongst outsiders and turn inwards to create fantasy worlds that place them central to imaginary events on a grand scale. Quite often, they were drifters before their stories drew attention.

posted on May, 17 2012 @ 03:30 PM
reply to post by Furbs

I'm not referring to the ordinary imagination. What I'm referring to is the ability and inability to see things that the average person can not see - because they cannot fathom such a thing to be real.

I'm sure someone like you would consider an imaginary friend, ghost, alien sighting, etc. to be a hallucination, but I think there is something more to it than that.

Whether or not some of these visualizations are manifested from the mind or not, I do not know, but I do believe some of the people have actually seen something - they're all not just pretending they saw something.

ETA: Oh to clarify - the inability to see things, as I was referring to, is called perceptual blindness. It can be described sort of like I said, an inability to see things they cannot imagine or perceive. I've heard legends about the Natives unable to see ships because they couldn't fathom their existence but Idk if that story is real.

And you can read a little about perceptual blindness here.

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posted on May, 17 2012 @ 11:23 PM
Do you think that it is happenstance that the stories that the abductees bring back with them are sometimes senseless and causes almost universal doubt upon their encounter, and on the other hand, the government adamently denies and debunks UFO sightings altogather in a senseless fashion? (And has in the past literally called people crazy because they simply had a decent sighting of a UFO?) Do you see the connection?

Marshall McLuhan called the media of TV as a "wasteland." He said that the medium of TV didn't carry the message but that the medium was the message. In our topic here, the message is the UFO themselves, and for the most part, the stories that the abductees spout are the wasteland. In both instances, of TV and UFOs, the medium is the important element that gets assimilated and the greater forces that must reckoned with.

Regardless of your stance on the reality of UFOs, ETs, etc, the topic has your attention. You are a functional part of the inner realm as is everyone that has had contact with the term "UFO." The myth has been created, allowed to grow, fester and discussed endlessly but yet contained by the powers that be. A particular of time of readiness is necessary for disclosure. It seems to me that we are finally in that final, anticipatory stage of almost being ready to accept the news.The UFOs are the medium and the crazy abductees stories will be the wasteland, mine along with the rest.

posted on May, 18 2012 @ 08:24 AM
Where your discussion fell apart was the word most. Certainly in what you read most seemed vain perhaps but this cannot be extended to the rest of those whom have had experiences. In fact I would suggest that "most" of the experiencers don't talk about it and certainly are in fact humble. I and my wife pretty much keep to ourselves as well as her sister and I know of a few others in our small area, all keeping quiet and seeking no attention.

I like you am suspect of those whom get the ego into the mix and come up with fanciful backgrounds. I do remember three lives, none of them outstanding, in ancient times an old woman going into the woods to die, a roman or such soldier whom hated killing others and lately dieing as a young man in what seemed to be ww 1, nothing worth writing a story about.

posted on May, 18 2012 @ 09:11 AM
The only thing going FOR this issue is:

If I wanted to study a sentient race up close and personal, and did not want the CHANCE of being outed, I'd study the crazies and homeless first, then work my way outwards.

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