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Can someone plz debunk this.. MUST WATCH~! Ghost? Angel?

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posted on May, 19 2012 @ 02:44 AM
I debunk it: It's obvious bull----.
That's some SyFy channel quality CG (and not in a good way.)
It's not an ANGEL or ANGELIC BEING (in my opinion, there aren't any to begin with so we aren't going to find footage of one.)... This is pure CG. Period.

Rest easy.

posted on May, 19 2012 @ 02:48 AM

Originally posted by NullVoid
Ok, here I'm playing debunker

Angel Light come down and flew back....what is wrong...

Human Factor
1.Angel Light come down and flew back....4 people saw and suddenly running to the spot, shine on the floor, "its somewhere here, its angel", "yeah" .... ..... .... "ok lets go have a drink, I'm buying", everyone walk to cafe. Wrong!
2.Angel Light come down and flew guard shine on the floor, looking for amulet, then walk away with the other bystanders - Wrong!
3.Angel Light come down and flew back....everyone running to the spot at the same time - Wrong!
4.Angel Light come down and flew back....everyone looking for something on the floor - Wrong!

Technical factor
1.Angel Light come down and flew back....lights from him doesnt shine on the left palm tree - Why ?
2.Angel Light come down and flew back....lights from him doesnt shine on the dark triangle - Why ?
3.Angel Light come down and flew back....lights from him doesnt cast shadow, there should be shadow of the nearest tree, where is it ? - Weird
4.5.Angel Light come down and flew back....the left palm tree base is lighten up (only that ?) and it doesnt match "before" and "after" lighting, you either will get the dimension wrong or lights misplaced. - Why ?
5.Angel Light come down and flew back....the glass pane doesnt reflect the light ? It just overcome by lights but doesnt reflect ? - Why
6.Angel Light come down and flew back....the ATM machine inside seems never to notice it, no shadow, no reflection, nothing, the strong light merely penetrate the scene just few feet ? Wow.

What should happen
Angel Light come down and flew back....the entire area will cast quick moving shadows, reflections everywhere because of the glass pane. 4 people from different directions will come near the spot but afraid being to near it, security guard will shine to where the angel went, then shine to the spot, 2 others talking and waving hands up and down-discussing. Security guard and probably 1 other will approach the spot, shine on the floor/area, then up again. Then security guard will chat a bit while shining to where the angel went and back to the area. The 2 witness then now will brave them self to approach the area and start chatting. The chat will last for more than a minute, hands and direction of the event is primary focus. After 3 or more minutes, everyone will go their separate ways with security guard optionally stay or shine everywhere dark.

That is normal human response to such incident.
You dont run to the spot, might be dangerous!
You will stay until "everything is OK", then you approach the spot.
You will stall around discussing things, not a mere 5 second stay, its a huge event after all!.
You dont go to same direction after discussion, you back on your doing/journey.
You dont look for something might drop there, you look to where "that thing" went!

Staged, acted, then later CGI addition, Things go toooooo smooth, bad.
No such story in Indonesia, even an Indonesian here on ATS never heard about it. Big giveway!
edit on 17-5-2012 by NullVoid because: (no reason given)

Brilliant analysis. thank you.
I'm disheartened to see how many people think this is in any way real.

I'm always a bit suspect of "foreign" videos (not ALL, but stuff like ghosts in Japan, etc. Seems maybe this stuff fools them better than "us"? Maybe I'm wrong though. Seems to have fooled plenty on ATS by a quciker perusal of the replies. SMH

posted on May, 21 2012 @ 06:00 AM
I've studied the paranormal quite a bit. And see bugs and stuff on the pictures and what not but this. THIS blows my mind I Have shifted more towards other things now days but Angels still catch my attention when thinking about them. This is rather Awesome!

posted on May, 25 2012 @ 12:25 AM
reply to post by Savagetilley

In the comments, people are saying that it was actually kids throwing fireworks in the mall, and that was them running up to it afterwards to make sure nothing got burned.

posted on May, 25 2012 @ 02:31 AM
I don't know whether it's real or not...and honestly, I'm not even interested in trying to debunk it. It is what it is. But, it just kills me that people are always saying "pics or it didn't happen" or "video or it didn't happen" and then when any sort of evidence IS presented to get the standard "it's cgi for sure, man" or "dude, it's just a bug." etc...etc..etc...

I just find that very irritating. Is it so wrong to enjoy the video for what it is? A possibility...that's all. There's nothing scary about that, so why try to squash it so thoroughly? I mean, in the grand scheme of things, is your life going to improve from sitting around debunking videos? I highly doubt it.

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