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Bugout bag / 7-day / 90 day supply list

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posted on Aug, 20 2012 @ 11:02 AM
I agree about the camping!

Bags are great and I hope that whatever happens in an emergency I have enough time to grab one, and if you don't then what? Knowledge is always more useful. I do encourage you to make a few for your car and family but make sure you brush up on some skills!

I have spent most of this summer with 2 books an old Boy Scouts handbook(forgot how much I missed being a scout!) and the SAS Survival guide. Both taught me some things about a survival situation.

1. You will never have enough supplies (meaning you cannot pack your house up)
2. Water, water, water
3. It is freak’n hard to make fire without matches or a lighter!
4. Old muscles move slower when it is cold lol
5. I forgot many skills (but some of it comes back to you)
6. Don't get overly emotional or frustrated...

Camping allows you to (re)learn these skills and gives you time to work with your family (without seeming like you are overly worried).

Try out some survival strategies in your area, like how & where to acquire a clean (or make a clean) source of water (most important!), what kind of food is edible around you, make a camp fire with minimal supplies and no matches or lighter.

And this is the hardest thing for me…keeping a cool head in a stressful situation or an emergency will if anything help you find what you need.
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posted on Aug, 20 2012 @ 02:40 PM
Don't forget the most overlooked item, quality first-aid/medical care. And I'm not talking about a big first-aid kit, shell out the money to get yourself trained as a paramedic. One of the best preparatory actions you can take. If paramedic is out of the budget then at least Emergency Medical Tech, EMT.

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