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Dreams | SP/LD

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posted on May, 14 2012 @ 11:08 AM
Didn't know where to put this thread, so i thought I would put it in the gray area.
Got loads of stuff to ask
. It's basically about everything: Dreams, Sleep paralysis, Lucid Dreaming,..

1) I'm into Lucid dreaming. And Last night I was falling asleep slowly. But suddenly some parts of my body started vibrating and I also felt this electric energy (it's hard to describe it) but it didn't hurt, I just felt it. After this was happening to me I got scared, I turned around and all these things just stopped. So what was it? Was it the beginning of astral projection/out of body experience/sleep paralysis? I was laying still on my back.

2) Apperently we dream several times during the night. But I can only remember 1 dream per night. I have a dream journal though, but how do you remember more dreams per night?

3) I only remember a small part of my dream, I never know how I get there in the first place. I always remember myself in the middle of the dream, is that normal or can you also remember your entire dream and how you got there?

4)Some people say Sleep paralysis is needed to achieve lucid dreaming. Other people say you don't need it for lucid dreaming. I'm not sure wich one is true :L. But there must be a technique that doesn't involve SP to start lucid dreaming? If there is one pls let me know!! I just wanna start lucid dreaming without have SP. Is that possible?

Thanks for reading :]


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posted on May, 14 2012 @ 12:19 PM
Can anyone help me? (:

posted on May, 14 2012 @ 04:22 PM
reply to post by Crashyy

Hello OP, it's nice to know that you're into Lucid Dreaming, so am I. It's a fun way to explore your subconscious and get to know yourself better. I think the electrical sensations that you experienced could have been the beginning of a OBE. Next time just go with the flow and don't be afraid. You have to realize that if your willing to explore the other side of the reality, then you must face your fears with SP or any obstacle that may stop you from reaching your goal. I have never heard that SP is needed to LD, it mostly occurs with OBE when your body goes to sleep first while your conscious is still awake. For a better dream recall I recommend writing down your dreams as detailed as you can upon waking in the morning. I know from first hand that's how I remember 3-5 dreams every night and usually with much clarity. It's common to find yourself in the middle of the dream and not remember how you got there unless you do the WILD technique which enables you to enter a LD directly from a waking state. I was doing the WILD technique from the age of 5 without realizing this lol.

I would also recommend listening to binaural beats, specifically theta waves which is the state of REM sleep, OBE, LD, Hypnosis. Listen before you go to sleep with headphones.

Research more for LD induction techniques. Have fun on your journey and don't get too excited when you finally have control of your dream or else you will wake up. Travel safe

posted on May, 15 2012 @ 04:07 AM
reply to post by Crashyy

As someone who dreams for what seems like hours each night, and who remembers all his dreams, I can assure you it is much better not to remember them all. You wake up confused and tired!

Recently I experienced some crazy stuff, which you might find interesting as it bears some minor similarities to what you describe A night of Hell, a dream of Heaven -this experience represented the turning point from eight months of depression and nightmares, and I was essentially set free from it all the following morning.

Since that experience, my eight months of nightmares (remembering all your nightmares is a terrible thing) have stopped, and I am in fact having nights where I dream well but don't recall the details - a real blessing; just to wake up with the sense that something positive took place, without having to fuss over the details. Refreshing.

I've also been having very specific 'guidance' dreams, which are giving me pointers about actual things that are taking place in my life. I believe that God has basically lifted me from a time of demonic oppression and placed me in a wide open space of positivity and joy.

All the best and don't worry too much about controlling your dream life!

posted on May, 15 2012 @ 04:51 AM
Do you have to lay on your back to start lucid dreaming?
Or can you just lay on your left/right side? :L

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