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Illuminati in Movies

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posted on Jan, 21 2004 @ 02:39 AM
I remember the previews for League Of Extraordinaty Gentlemen...

The first run of commercials plainly showed the G, Square and Compass on the door that was opened revealing the movie. Later, the symbols were removed from the clip...(A call for all Masons to support what turned out to be a mediocre film I presume, hehe)

The symbols are in plain view while watching portions of the movie though, mostly covering large doors.

I know Connery is a 33rd so as I said above, I think its more or less something used to call other Masons to support the film.

It wasn'ta bad flick, I bought the DVD (before I saw it) but it wasn't as great as I had hoped.

[Edited on 21-1-2004 by Mogus]

posted on Jan, 21 2004 @ 03:51 AM
I would say Eyes Wide Shut tries to expose but fails to have any impact. After all, Kubrick did enjoy the fruits of Wycombe.

posted on Jan, 21 2004 @ 04:10 AM

Originally posted by echelon
you know you could turn the anarchy symbol into a star...
with a circle alreadly drawn around it...

oh... by any chance... did anyone see 'The Skulls'?

Then why is that the symbol that was recognized for anarchy?

posted on Jan, 23 2004 @ 05:05 AM
im not sure if it exposes illumanti, but the movie drumline definitley exposes something

posted on Jan, 23 2004 @ 05:25 AM
blade1 whoever posted that ealier--yep 13 vampire families, 13 satanic bloodlines of the illumanati,

the tomb raider connection is actually about the race to seize power, eye of horus & the holy grail, between the illumanati and the templar knights,

One tv series that was produced by 33rd degree freemason james cameron-aka titantic & terminator was
"Dark Angel". The genetics, how the U.S. comes under martial law, with zones/sectors guarded by the military.
Manticore the name of the base of orgin--

posted on Jan, 23 2004 @ 05:27 AM
Physically, the manticore was know as having the body of a red lion, human face, ears and blue eyes, three rows of teeth in each jaw. In the Bible it speaks of the Lion men from Moab? i believe it was...

posted on Jan, 23 2004 @ 05:41 AM
seriuosly, most of you are off ya flippling rocker. look at it a different way, maybe these films were written/directed by similar people who post on here, read all the gumph, think they know everything about all the societies secret or otherwise and make a film about it. probably more of a plausable explanation.

posted on Jan, 23 2004 @ 11:22 PM

Originally posted by Dialect
The illuminati and freemasons are in the movie "From Hell" Did you know that Jack The Ripper was a freemason?

How can that be proven when they never caught him?

posted on Jan, 23 2004 @ 11:29 PM
Okay I have seen both 'The Ninth Gate' and 'From Hell' listed here.. and I think it is somewhat noteworthy that Johnny Depp starred in BOTH of those films..
Doesn't he also own that trendy hollywood hotspot 'The ViperRoom'?
I think perhaps we have identified one of those holllywood illuminists in him.

Of course I could be grasping at straws too.

[Edited on 23-1-2004 by NephraTari]

posted on Jan, 31 2004 @ 12:00 PM

Originally posted by jra

the illuminati are the villans in tomb rader. that doesn't really sound like a way to promote ones organization by making yourself look evil.

Perhaps they want to promote themseles that way, so people are afraid of them. People are more likely to submit when they are fearful.

posted on Jan, 31 2004 @ 01:16 PM
ya man, i just saw The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. and it has a reference to the freemasons in it. when sean connory goes into meet the guy whos giving him his mission. when he walks in theres the freemasonry symbol of the compass and rule all along the doors!

posted on Jan, 31 2004 @ 01:18 PM
lol. oh sorry Mogus, i didnt realize u wrote the same thing.

posted on Jan, 31 2004 @ 02:43 PM
Theres two games i can think of Deus ex and Deus Ex Invisible war, they have the illuminati and the templars in it.

[Edited on 31-1-2004 by Reed]

posted on Feb, 1 2004 @ 12:43 AM

Originally posted by pacman
Fight Club: I love Brad Pitt and Ed Norton, and this
film is a nod at the covert military buildup going on that the
average person doesn't realize. Also, Ed is dissociative in the
film, as Pitt's character takes over (notice that the cult-creating
military figure is the "stronger" one in the story?).

that would make Chuck Pulanc(or however you spell it) an Illuminati

Any movies with an occult viewpoint, or that
show supernatural psychic phenomena, astral travel, or contact
with the spirit world are guaranteed to be part of this agenda.

hmmm...does that mean I'm a member of the illumintai? I'm an independant film maker, and i write scripts with "psychic phenomena" and "contact with the spirit world". And I know of other people who do things along this line too, and they have nothing to do with the illuminati

personally, i think what this guy said is a load of rubbish. Some of the films, i have no doubt, and sponsered by the Illuminati, but only a very small amount.

posted on Feb, 1 2004 @ 01:37 AM
I think that upstate NY mansion where eyes wide shut had the ceremony was a representation of the Rockefellers.

posted on Feb, 1 2004 @ 02:32 AM
it's not a movie, but Gargoyles the cartoon has large elements of symbolism...

xzanatos is a member, even showed him with his cloak, on a couple of episodes, as well his 'ring'...

posted on Mar, 7 2004 @ 11:23 AM

I think that upstate NY mansion where eyes wide shut had the ceremony was a representation of the Rockefellers.

who are the rockefellers??

genie wrote:

what about swordsfish displaying the 11/9 scenario?

Can you refresh my memory? Doesn't a helicopter crash into the building or something?

posted on Mar, 7 2004 @ 04:06 PM
Anyone See The Life of David Gayle (Check SP)? Anyway if you let the previews run a few times before playing the DVD, you will see the David charachter lying in the grass in a comfortable position. Also I believe the Floors are black and white in the courhouse. Not overly symbolic but noteworthy. Maybe someone else will watch it and catch more symbolism.

posted on Apr, 29 2004 @ 12:16 PM
Hi . this is an interesting thread to me . almost every time i see a movie i see symbology which is suspect to me. especially movies from the Disney (miramax, touchstone) and Columbia studios.

i'm surprised no one has mentioned "The Manchurian Candidate" which explicitly goes into trauma based mind control experiements going on during the cold war. a really great (and largely truth filled) movie.
also "They Live" is john carpenter's nod to conspiracy theory in general. best fight scene and one liner ever!
also Arnie Shwarzenegger's films are often rich with illuminati symbology. particularly "End of Days" which was terrible but had lots of deeper messages.
I was also glad to read this post:

One tv series that was produced by 33rd degree freemason james cameron-aka titantic & terminator was Dark Angel

I remember enjoying that show even as i was totally spooked out by it. one opening scene of the show was of hooded folks in a circle doing some ritual with a snake! gotta love them reptiles in rituals.

Also "minority report"
PBS's "Dragon Tales"...
Gibson's "Conspiracy Theory"
The Fresh Prince's "Enemy of the State"
"Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind" ???

Fritz Springmeier in his Bloodlines of the illuminati book explicated the mind control techniques used in the movie Fantasia. i had fun following along with his script while watching it. it was pretty trippy.

lately with all the Marvel movies becoming big blockbusters i've started becoming suspect of Stan "the man" Lee and his whole career of "super-human" mutants, genetic hybrids, radioactive whatevers, and evildoers bent on global domination. seems to be insterting certain memes into our thoughtstream. and the movies make them all the more intense.

posted on Apr, 30 2004 @ 07:55 PM
they are also all over that game deus ex

along with all the secret ppls out there, like FEMA, EG&G, ILLuminati, MJ-12 and everything, the game is based on consipericies (did i spell that right:puz

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