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Illuminati in Movies

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posted on Jun, 30 2002 @ 02:23 PM
Has anyone seen any movies revolving around the Illuminati?

I can only think of two films right now.
Eyes Wide Shut & Tomb Raider
(Can anyone remember what was the deal with them in Tomb Raider? )

Last week i watched Eyes Wide Shut with Tom Cruise and Kidman, i expected a sleazy sexual drama but was shocked by what it turned out to be.
By the way Kubrick directed it so that explains alot(Stanley Kubrick, 1928 - 1999). (Fair play to Cruise too, hes a mint actor)
Kubrick may have been playing a part in ushering in the New World Order of The Illuminati, but to his own misfortune revealed "too much, too soon", thus a possible reason for his sudden passing.
(He died the same year that movie was reliased )

Anyway, there was a scene in a 19 century palace somewhere up state NY. The castle was full of people wearing black suites, with hoods and masks. And the leader was wearing red.

He performed a very impressive ritual in a circle of 12 (possibly 11 or 13) females who also wore black suites with hoods and mask. Later they undressed and everything turned into one mass orgy.

The ritual he performed was amazing and the singing was great.
They never put any direct reference to who those people were (ie they didnt say it was the illuminati but trust me it was them) But they did give a number of hints such as "If i told you some of the names of those people you wouldnt sleep well at night"

Anyone else watched it?

Heres an interesting interpetation by Adam Gorightly

Early on in Eyes Wide Shut --while at a lavish party hosted by a rich bigwig named Ziegler (played by Sydney Pollack)--star Tom Cruise's character, Dr. Bill, is seduced by two beautiful "models" who take him by either arm, leading him toward an apparent menage a trois. When Dr. Bill asks where exactly they're taking him, the two lovelies reply: "Where the rainbow ends." When taken into context with what transpires later on in Eyes Wide Shut, this snatch of dialog appears to be an allusion to Monarch programming, as The Wizard of Oz has been long acknowledged by Monarch insiders as a common programming matrix, which uses Wizard of Oz themes and imagery as a tool to program minds. (It has been rumored that Judy Garland herself was the subject of just this sort of Monarch-styled mind control.) Later, Dr. Bill rents a cloak and mask from "Rainbow Costumes", which just happens to be located above another shop called "Under The Rainbow". In the first scene at the costume shop, the owner catches his underage daughter in a state of undress with two apparent drag queens, and understandably becomes quite upset. In a later scene, the shop owner does an about-face and appears not only to be pimping out his nubile daughter to these very same drag queens, but tries to interest Dr. Bill in her pert young bod, as well. This is all very telling, as most Wizard of Oz programming I've heard about allegedly deals with the programming of boys and girl--at a very early age--in their roles as Monarch slaves, through sexual molestation and other related trauma such as SRA, as part of pact between the parents of the abused children and their Monarch "handlers". (In many instances--it has been alleged--the parent will also perform the role of "handler". The "handler, in essence, is the "programmer", as well as a sort of go-between with the higher ups in the Monarch organization.) Whatever the case, something drastically "transformed" the costume shop owner's way of thinking, between the first and the second scenes, in a space of less than 24 hours. The inference here is that the Illuminati-styled cult that Dr. Bill stumbles upon is somehow responsible for this "trance-formation" of father to pimp and daughter to prostitute. This is part of the symbolism of Monarch, one of transformation, of caterpillar into butterfly; free-will into mental slavery. The term Monarch is deceptive in this sense, due to its identification with the Monarch butterfly, a creature of transformational beauty. This appears to be part of the deception of this programming; to delude its victims into believing they've been transformed into something magical, and full of wonder. Follow the yellow brick road. Although the "trance-formation" of the shop owner's daughter seems unrelated to later events that occur in the film, somehow these two seemingly anecdotal characters--the shop owner and daughter--have been affected by Dr. Bill's Illuminati-sex-ritual experience. The implication here is that anyone who comes within the span of Dr. Bill is, by association, caught up in a similar web of intrigue, often resulting in dire consequences."

Before the two "models" are able to lead Dr. Bill on a journey to "Where the rainbow ends", he is called to the aid of his host, Mr. Ziegler, who is upstairs, trying to revive a naked beauty O.D.-ing in his bathroom. Dr. Bill helps Ziegler revive the sultry junkie from her self-induced speedball funk. As fickle fate would have it, this naked beauty later resurfaces in the film as Dr. Bill's savoir, and is--in my estimation--another of the many Monarch sex slaves who appear throughout the story. From there the film progresses into the previously alluded meeting of a secret order akin to the Illuminati, of which Dr. Bill inadvertently gains knowledge of, and sneaks into, undercover of mask and cloak--as all the other participants are likewise bedecked--in what he soon realizes is some sort Satanic/Freemasonic sex magick rite featuring a whole host of naked hotties engaged in steamy sex scenes right out of an Aleister Crowley freak-out. When it's discovered by this Illuminati-like group that they have a spy in their fold in the form of Dr. Bill, Cruise's character is taken before the High Priest and his mask ceremoniously removed. Just when it looks like curtains for Dr. Bill, a well-proportioned lady--adorned only in mask and high-heeled shoes--steps before the assembly and offers herself up in sacrifice in exchange for Dr. Bill's life. As it turns out, this is the same woman, Mandy, that Dr. Bill rescued earlier from overdose. (Drug addiction is a common modus operandi in the control of Monarch sex slaves.) Long story short, Mandy is apparently sacrificed, although the next day newspaper reports characterize her passing as an apparent O.D. The deeper meaning here is that all Monarch sex slaves are expendable if they cross the line, and many of these victims reportedly have been "discarded" in just such a manner after they become a certain age and are no longer desirable as prostitute/sex slaves, or if they in someway break free of their programming and are considered a "risk".

Well, the deeper implication here is that Dr. Bill has become not only an unwitting witness to a sex orgy of Hell Fire Club-like proportions, but more importantly, a witness to Monarch sex programming, and ostensibly a potential threat to National Security if he were to reveal these dire, dreaded secrets, that even he himself doesn't quite know what to make of."

Anyone knows other movies with illuminati presence?

posted on Jun, 30 2002 @ 03:27 PM
I too only just watched Eyes Wide Shut the other day (after downloading it off KaZaA
) and was really surprised by this part of the movie.

It was by far the most disturbing but incredibly interesting. This scene captures remarkably what goes on at meetings of secret societies.

P.S. Tyler, I edited down the size of the large image by using HTML code instead of BB code. I hope you don't mind.

posted on Jun, 30 2002 @ 04:51 PM
What about Blade I?? Doesnt the seen when all the vampires are drinking the blood near the end of the movie and they are all gathered similar to the Black Coats Dudes in the first pic. And then they wait for the blood to drip down out of crevaces and strait into their mouths. Does this sound close to Illuminati??

posted on Jun, 30 2002 @ 06:52 PM
But that is an imaginary (as far as I know) council of true-blood vampires.

The Illuminati are a real organisation if you could use that word.

posted on Jun, 30 2002 @ 08:49 PM
this is probably going off topic a little but i thought i'd mention an illuminati visual reference in the movie 'buffy the vampire slayer'.

it comes during the basketball game. when a substitution is made or timeout called you see the famous pyramid and eye symbol on the coach's clipboard.

its probably completely insignificant but its still interesting how far illuminati symbolism sometimes stretches.

posted on Jul, 1 2002 @ 04:43 AM
I've seen Eyes Wide Shut and I thought it was a great and interesting movie.

posted on Jul, 2 2002 @ 01:36 PM
Do some reverse speeking magic on the operasong when the ceremony starts...listen to the words sung..kinda like nanana but it is not, it is an russian opera piece played BACKWARDS
a friend of mine pointed it out to me. anybody speeks russian?

what about swordsfish displaying the 11/9 scenario? in lara croft the iliminati was after the time mashine..

while waching telly i see lots of movies displaying the ilumies even MIB is one of them, independence day,

posted on Jul, 2 2002 @ 05:52 PM
I think that in EWS there are a lot of references to different secret socities.

One of them being the Church of Scientology, apart from having Tom Cruise as the leading actor his characters wife has an affair with a Naval Officer and as you pointed out above the many references to rainbows.

The Hungarian man at the party who talks to Alice has the same name as the founder of the Church of Satan, Anton LaVeys middle name, Szandor.

And on a quick note when Bill returns home from the orgy play the scene in slow motion and you will see an overseeing eye appear on his back. This could be a technical fault on behalf of Kubrick, but this is from a director who made Scatman Crothers slam a car door 75 times to find the best take.

I'm sure there are many more things if you look in to the film, but are these just coincidence or was he making subtle hints at different organizations.

Any thoughts on these or other theories about the film are much appreciated

posted on Jul, 2 2002 @ 08:52 PM
anouther film From Hell
the eye appers on the carrige in one sceen and numorus signs and stuff

posted on Jul, 3 2002 @ 10:47 AM

posted on Jul, 3 2002 @ 08:43 PM
poor Estragon thought The Illuminati in Movies were jusst the gaffer and lighting crews on spaghetti westerns.

posted on Jul, 4 2002 @ 07:01 AM
I remember an older thread which was quite similiar to this, heres the link.
Click Here
Pacman listed heaps of sites with refrences to the Masons Illuminati etc in other movies.

posted on Jul, 6 2002 @ 01:09 PM
Angelina Named U.N. Ambassador

Baby trade scandal ensnares stars

I also heard shes got a tattoo of the all seeing eye, or was that just in the tomb raider movie?

posted on Jul, 8 2002 @ 01:18 AM

Q: I would think that California would be one of the major 'turfs'
of the Illuminati, and I'm thinking specifically Hollywood.
What's your inside on this, in regards to film making, symbology,
subliminals, the whole scene in general?

A: Oh, boy, do you have a few hours? I'll try to be brief.
The Illuminati believethat to control the media is to control
the public. This is one of their stated agendas. Remember,
finances, media, law, government and education are the areas
they targeted as being the best to dominate society.

How do they do this? They don't go to a film producer and say,
"Oh, by the way, we're Illuminati members and we want you to
make a movie that promotes our agenda". (Remember, they aren't
stupid, either). Instead, they will form a small investment
corporation that funds movies with ideas that they like. They
quietly hire actors and producers and directors and scripts, but
they never mention their affiliation publicly or why they are
doing this.

Money talks, and especially in Hollywood. If you have money,
you can get about anything made, and they know this. They can
also channel money intoadvertising campaigns, etc. for their
films (how many Christian films have had major ad campaigns in
the past twenty years? Very few. How many occult movies have?
I rest my case).

This has been a slow, subtle process because they are patient.
They have been working behind the scenes for hundreds of years,
and they know that the public is slow to accept new ideas, that
it has to be done gradually. (They call it leading in the "sheep"
which is one of their terms for the "unenlightened"). And it has
been. The number of occult films that has come out in the past
ten years alone should make anyone pause and think.

Why so many films with this theme? Why the desensitization of
America's youth to the occult and magic? Just look at Saturday
morning cartoons. I don't allow my children to watch them, except
for "animaniacs" and Bugs Bunny at times. Instead, we rent old
classics with Audrey Hepburn and John Wayne. I can send you some
articles that did an excellent job of investigating Walt Disney
(he was an Illuminist, and Fantasia was used to program children).

Some films that blatantly portray the Illuminist agenda: The Matrix.
You could have peeled me off the ceiling when I saw that one.
The references to conditioning and the core were so blatant, it
wasn't funny. Fight Club: I love Brad Pitt and Ed Norton, and this
film is a nod at the covert military buildup going on that the
average person doesn't realize. Also, Ed is dissociative in the
film, as Pitt's character takes over (notice that the cult-creating
military figure is the "stronger" one in the story?).

The Labyrinth: I haven't seen this, but my husband did, and
everything he mentioned is pure Illuminati programming stories
used with children. Any movies with an occult viewpoint, or that
show supernatural psychic phenomena, astral travel, or contact
with the spirit world are guaranteed to be part of this agenda.
I don't watch them, myself. Saw enough of the real thing to last
me this lifetime.

The sensationalization of rituals and other occult insignia on
television is another example. Ghost stories. Witch stories.
Children's books about Wizards and their training that are
extremely popular.

Oh, yes, Starship Trooper. This one had so many cult symbols
(the Illumnists have a strong Aryan ideology going, too) that
I almost laughed outright when I saw it. I counted at least
100 in it. Someone had fun going tongue-in-cheek with the
Illuminist agenda in that one.

Many fine actors and actresses are being used in films funded
by these people. Some may know the agenda, most probably do not,
as long as they receive a pay check. Some are also Illuminists
as well, although I don't know who is. I do know a few, but I
don't want to risk a libel suit here.

Anyway, I was too busy training and going to meetings and learning
the effects of drugs on people to pay much attention to that part
of the group when I was in it, sorry, I don't have lots of famous
names in my memories. I lived a very relatively boring life as a
teacher and head trainer, and we rarely discussed the media except
the fact that it, too, was another tool to bring in "The New Order",
which is the motivation for all Illuminists.

I want to address another misconception. That is, the one that the
Illuminists know that they are evil. When I was in the group, I
and those around me were idealogically committed to the agenda
as being GOOD. I thought I was helping others reach their full
potential when I was a trainer.

I believed that after years of sweat and hard work, that my
intelligence won out, and that I made an excellent leader. I
fought Jonathan and others on the council when I thought they
were unfair, and stood up for the people beneath me. Others did
the same. They honestly think they are doing a GOOD thing, and
if you told them it was wrong, or evil, they would look confused.

It took a LOT of therapy and deprogramming myself, doing reality
checks with noncult people to realize that it was all a lie.
I was devastated. I had dedicated my life to helping others bring
in the glorious new order, and then found out it was EVIL and
abusive. I went through a period of intense grieving/mourning over

Most Illuminists I knew weren't evil, they were deceived. Only the
top leadership perhaps were consciously being hurtful.

Click here^for C.ounter I.lluminati A.genda


posted on Jul, 8 2002 @ 12:51 PM
hmmm. are you sure that just because a movie might be using symbols from the illuminati or other cult and organizations, means that it's funded by them or they some how control the content in the movie? i mean. how do we know the writer just didn't put them in there for fun? maybe they just wanted some group of people that seem mysterious and they just used the illuminati insted of making one up for the movie.

the illuminati are the villans in tomb rader. that doesn't really sound like a way to promote ones organization by making yourself look evil.

in that simpsons episode with the stonecutters. they're making fun of organizations like that as far as i can tell.

i just think some of you people get a little worked up just because you saw something to do with the illuminati in a movie, but whatever.

posted on Jul, 8 2002 @ 09:09 PM

Originally posted by pacman

The Labyrinth: I haven't seen this, but my husband did, and
everything he mentioned is pure Illuminati programming stories
used with children. Any movies with an occult viewpoint, or that
show supernatural psychic phenomena, astral travel, or contact
with the spirit world are guaranteed to be part of this agenda.
I don't watch them, myself. Saw enough of the real thing to last
me this lifetime.

The sensationalization of rituals and other occult insignia on
television is another example. Ghost stories. Witch stories.
Children's books about Wizards and their training that are
extremely popular.

OH MY GOD....Does this mean that cartoons like SCOOBY DOO have illuminati involvement...My childhood...RUINED!! Seriously though jra may have a point..Producers like to get crazy sometimes..and maybe they just put illuminati references in their movies to create discussion threads like this one.

posted on Jul, 9 2002 @ 02:40 AM
Many, many movies and media production throughout time has symbolised the illuminati, but almost none of it has been accurate.

posted on Jul, 22 2002 @ 10:02 AM
The illuminati and freemasons are in the movie "From Hell" Did you know that Jack The Ripper was a freemason?

posted on Jul, 27 2002 @ 11:07 AM
Dialect, heres something for you

Kubrick On Fluoridation
From Dr. Strangelove (thanks to Elements of Persuasion in the Films of Stanley Kubrick for the following transcript.)


[with his arm around Mandrake]

"Mandrake, have you ever seen a commie drink a glass of water?"


"No, Jack. I can't say that I have."


"Vodka. That's what they drink, isn't it? Never water?"


"Well, I believe that's what they drink, Jack. Yes."


"On no account will a commie drink water? And not without good reason?"


"I don't quite see what you're getting at, Jack."


"Water. That's what I'm getting at. Water, Mandrake. Water is the source of all life. Seven-tenths of the earth's surface is water. Why, do you realize that 70% of you is water?"


[nervously, beginning to suspect that Ripper really has flipped his noggin]



"And as human beings, you and I need fresh, pure water to replenish our precious bodily fluids."




"Are you beginning to understand?"


[laughing pathetically]



"Mandrake. [hugs him closer] Mandrake, have you ever wondered why I drink only distilled water, or rain water, and only pure grain alcohol?"


"Well, it did occur to me, Jack, yes."


"Have you ever heard of a thing called fluoridation, fluoridation of water?"


"Yes, I have heard of that, Jack, yes."


"Well, do you know what it is?"




"Do you realize that fluoridation is the most monstrously conceived and dangerous commie plot we have ever had to face?"

[Edited on 16-11-2002 by Tyler]

posted on Jul, 27 2002 @ 03:52 PM
what pacman said about influencing movie production is depicted quite eerie in Mullholand Drive, David Lynch

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